Your daily horoscope for Gemini on the 18th of February 2018

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Good news is coming your way and you reap what you have sown among those around you. You're now feeling more fit and ready to focus on what matters to you. The main thing will be to stop before you reach exhaustion.



You're going to be confused about something, and it will hinder your efficiency. You need peace and quiet more than ever in order to concentrate.



You'll be pleased with yourself for showing your credentials to your partner. You're developing your ideas without sacrificing anything good. Now's the time to reconcile opposing forces.



An unexpected gain or a rise are coming your way. You're going to reap the efforts you have sown regarding past projects.



A promising deal is within your grasp if you want to move forward in your work today.

Horoscope for tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Pisces, in position 23 degres, 35 minutes: Muddled atmosphere, disorganised, very emotional reactions, vulnerability, little common-sense.

First decan

(21st May to 31st May)

Your enjoy mental jousting and deep friendships. Your partner has to share your passions while respecting your freedom. Today, you will clean up your act and answer for what you've done.

Second decan

(1st June to 10th June)

With a gentle touch as light as air, you will know how to sway and convince with your words. You often get down to brass tacks without quibbling with details. Except if you run into a technical matter: then you are very precise.

Third decan

(11th June to 20th June)

A little white lie doesn't bother you one bit, and you always know how to come up with excuses. Slight problem: your victim keeps their wits about them, so the whole thing could blow up in your face.

Horoscope for tomorrow

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