Numerology 2016: a number 9 year!

Written by Alison

Numerology: 2016, Year 9

2016 will be a year marked by reflection and growing awareness, which will encourage all of us to develop a broader and more immediate vision of the world's problems.

Year 9 encourages us to evaluate past experiences, especially those of the previous 8 years.

This is a fundamental phase and the final step in the conclusion of what has been set in motion and is now nearing its end, with the aim of better preparation for a new cycle.

This period won't be without powerful emotional tension, as it will involve a great clear-out on a number of fronts.

On a global scale, the vibrations of number 9 herald less materialistic ideals and are heading towards a more collective approach with more humanitarian and universal ideas. This will clearly augur well for spiritual openness, revolutionary trains of thought, and scientific and medical research and discoveries. There is also the possibility of a crash of financial systems, a brutal collapse of anything founded on unstable and unsuitable bases, with new policy decisions being taken in the social sectors and a new destiny for the European Union.

Despite these upheavals, sacrifices and efforts to adapt to new circumstances, 2016 will be filled with lessons of all kinds. A new page will be turned in a reflection of openness, inviting us to be less self-centred and show greater solidarity, constructing a better world beyond social and racial barriers.

Your Personal Year
The number of your personal year can be obtained by adding the day and month of your birth date to the year in question.
Example : 11 july 1957 = 11 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 27 -> 2 + 7 = 9

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