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This week starts with the Full Moon in Pisces on the 21st and strongly awakens your sensitivity. Neptune and Pluto in beautiful aspect to this energy announce both an essential opening towards healthy awareness but also a very compelling force of regeneration. If your intuition was on fire, the time is right to accept and experience it (especially the last decan of Pisces and Virgo).

The Sun slips into Libra on the 23rd (happy birthday!) joining Mercury and Mars: this planetary cluster favors diplomatic relationships, social events of all kinds, and the life of the couple. Notice to singles: keep your eyes open, the universe could help you have a promising and sensual encounter. The sulphurous Venus, still in Scorpio, in appearance to Uranus, accentuates her ardent passion but also a touch of jealousy or the unexpected: stay calm in your love affairs. It's an intense week!

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