Celebrity Astrology

Written by Evie

You too can be up-to-date in astrology today! Horoscopes and articles everyone's talking about, exclusive writings from our astrologers – a wealth of information that just keeps on coming for you to discover and share around you.

You know the Stars on the screens and in magazines! Facts, gestures, moments of glory, and doubt. In this section, we offer you another look at their lives - an astrologer's look. A look that is not judgmental that gives you facts about their native sky and way of life.

Through these astrological profiles, you will discover celebrities who have the same sign as you and will take a different look at their personality. Did you know that Barack Obama and Daniel Radcliffe are Leos? That Leonardo Di Caprio and David Guetta are Scorpio? That Robert Pattinson is Taurus and Lady Gaga, Aries? Meanwhile, David Bowie is Capricorn and Steve Jobs, a Pisces.

We invite you to discover a wealth of information about them!

Focus on Lady Gaga!
Lady Gaga: browse through the Astro portrait of this star. Pop singer, author, singer-song-writer, interpreter of songs: an Aries artist wor
David Guetta's star profile
Discover the profile of this amazingly talented Scorpio DJ, born on 7th November 1967 in Paris!
The astro portrait of Daniel Radcliffe
Discover the portrait of this actor, who is well-known mainly for his starring role in Harry Potter?
Leonardo DiCaprio's astrological portrait
Scorpio like Leonardo Di Caprio! Discover the astrological portrait of this actor, screen writer and film producer with an amazing talent!
Robert Pattinson revealed!
Find out about the astrological portrait of Robert PATTINSON, his date of birth and his full personality!
We also pay homage to Steve Jobs!
Find out about the astrological portrait of this visionary who changed the world and will remain for a long time in our memories.
The astrological portrait of Barack Obama
Did you know that, with his Moon in Gemini, Barack Obama is a clear-thinking intellectual, with a gift for all forms of communication?