Your Astro games are here!

Written by Mary

Here, you can open your Advent calendar, consult the crystal ball, rub Aladdin's lamp and play 8-ball. This is a section to linger over each day, share and spread the word – why not? To take a fun break, the team from offers you its section of astrological games. So do not wait any longer to rub the wonderful Aladdin lamp that will reveal the climate and mood of the day.

Ask the Crystal Ball for an answer to one of your concerns. Or, start the 8-ball to discover the answer to a question that is close to your heart. Whatever your choice, dare to challenge the stars to have an answer finally! A section and games to enjoy, why not every day, to share and to learn about everything around you!

Aladdin's Amazing Lamp!
Rub Aladdin's lamp to find out what the stars have forecast for your day, free of charge
Answers from the Magic 8-ball!
Ask the magic ball, the Magic 8-ball, and get answers to your questions! Simple, recreational and 100% free!
Go for the crystal ball!
1 click = 1 answer to all your questions about love, life and health!