The 5 Chinese elements

Written by Evie

In Chinese astrology, the Chinese sign (which depends on your year of birth) is associated with several factors. These include the 5 elements Wood, Metal, Water, Earth and Fire. The other parameters taken into account by Chinese astrology are the analysis of the 28 constellations, 5 planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus), the seasons, the 5 directions (North, West, South, East and Centre) and 108 stars.
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Chinese element: Metal
Metal, one of the 5 Chinese elements makes you determined and concerned about success! It also symbolises independence.
Chinese element: Wood
Synonymous with harmony and creativity, Wood is an element which will give you great freedom of expression!
Chinese element: Water
Water makes you intuitive and open towards others. It also symbolises communication!
Chinese element: Fire
Fire, one of the 5 Chinese elements makes you ambitious and given to excess! It is also a symbol of tenderness!
Chinese element: Earth
Synonymous with a serious outlook and organisation, the earth element also endows you with great independence of mind!
The five elements of Chinese astrology are forces that complement and nuance the signs. These forces are in constant interaction. The set of Chinese elements is called "Hing," which means to move forward, to act.The last digit of the year of birth determines the element:
Year ending in 0 or 1: Metal
Year ending in 2 or 3: Water
Year ending in 4 or 5: Wood
Year ending in 6 or 7: Fire
Year ending in 8 or 9: Earth
The elements symbolize the succession of seasons.
Metal generates Water by enriching it, but it destroys Wood (Metal cuts Wood).
Water generates Wood by feeding the trees, but it destroys Fire (Water extinguishes Fire).
Wood generates Fire because, while burning, it nourishes it, but it destroys the Earth (the Wood exhausts the ground).
Fire generates Earth because the ashes feed it and make it fertile, but it destroys Metal (Fire melts Metal).Earth generates Metal (the Metal is extracted from the Earth), but it destroys Water (Earth absorbs the Water and becomes mud).
Thus, the Chinese years form cycles of 10 years, two consecutive years are symbolized by one of these five elements.
In Chinese astrology, we associate the Chinese sign (which depends on the year of birth) with several data, including five elements that are Wood, Metal, Water, Earth, and the powers of Fire. The other parameters taken into account in Chinese astrology are the analysis of the 28 constellations and five planets that are Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Venus. The seasons, the five directions (North, West, South, East, and Central) and 108 stars.