Learn about your Descendant!

Written by Daisy

Everyone knows the Ascendant, that point of the ecliptic that falls in a sign, depending on the place and the time of birth (see the article on this subject). There are special tables or applications to save this calculation and to reliably know where to find your Ascendant for a given theme. Be careful, however, because a domification (position of the twelve sectors in the signs on the chart of the sky) needs to know in a precise way the time of birth: every 4 minutes, the point advance of a degree.

The same goes for the Descendant, which is calculated in the same way and falls exactly to the opposite point (180 degrees from the Ascendant). For example, if your Ascendant is Aries, the Descendant is Libra, if the Ascendant is Taurus, the Descendant is Scorpio,if the Ascendant is Gemini, the Descendant is Sagittarius,if the Ascendant is in Cancer, the Descendant is Capricorn,if the Ascendant is Leo, the Descendant is Aquarius,if the Ascendant is Virgo, the Descendant is Pisces,if the Ascendant is Libra, the Descendant is Aries,if the Ascendant is Scorpio, the Descendant is Taurus,if the Ascendant is Sagittarius, the Descendant is Gemini,if the Ascendant is Capricorn, the Descendant is Cancer,if the Ascendant is Aquarius, the Descendant is Leo,if the Ascendant is Pisces, the Descendant is Virgo,In other words, there are 12 possible combinations.

But it is however a less popular notion. Yet the Descendant is one of the four points that give the architecture of a theme, with the Ascendant, the middle of the sky and the bottom of the sky. Located to the west of the theme, the Descendant marks the separation between day and night. Its position in each sign will also give us many very important indications for everything related to the interpretation of the natal chart.

Why Should You Know About Your Descendant?

As the Ascendant relates to the Self, the Descendant will tell us what our relationships are: to sum it up in one word, this point symbolizes the other, with a capital O. It is not just who is around me, but most of all, my partner in love or in business. In traditional astrology, the Descendant therefore represents the spouse or partner. It is also, in the negative sense, the potential enemy, the one who is the opposite of what we are, our values, our identity. In short, the other is the one who completes us, good as well as bad.

To push the comparison between a house and a sign, remember that the Descendant has points in common with Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, since it marks the point of the 7th house (as the Ascendant is the tip of the 1st house, sharing values with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac).

As such, an astral theme tells us that none of us are alone on Earth, the world does not revolve around us. Our existence only makes sense when we build relationships, more or less easily, and when interactions occur. The position of the Descendant will tell us more about it. Then we will see further, sign by sign, what the 12 combinations give us. Next, the presence of the planets in this house will also influence this behavior. We will be able to analyze how the native behaves in front of the world, their way of being in collaboration, what they look for in sharing. Astrologically, the Descendant is also related to our shadow: how we project what makes us uncomfortable, for example what we do not integrate in our Ascendant, by attributing these characteristics to the other. By letting them embody it for us.

The point of knowing your Descendant well is to be able to learn how to live our relationships well. To see what are our strengths and our weaknesses in our couple are, how to succeed in "dosing" the importance of this axis, affirming ourselves (thanks to the Ascendant) and also giving the deserved place to whoever is opposite us (thanks to the Descendant). We will know better how to sign contracts, and with whom, but also how we must engage in a marriage and what to expect, since the Descendant is the home par excellence.

If you don't know your descendant, click on Calculate your descendant entering your date, place and time of birth!

Calculate your descendant
Discover your strengths and weaknesses in your couple and how to give the one in front of you the place they deserve!
You have a Descendant Aries!
You are ruled by Venus and above all else you want to be loved, gracious, delicate and refined.
Your Descendant is Taurus
You fall in love with people who seduce you with their pleasant side, their softness, their sensuality and their physical beauty.
Your descendant is Gemini
You communicate and please, you know what to say and you create interaction with your entourage.
Your descendant is Cancer
With a descendant Cancer and ascendant Capricorn, you are looking for fusion while you are mistaken for a loner.

Your descendant is Leo
You often have an unusual way of creating contact, playing on surprise with a magnetic charm!
Descendant Virgo and Ascendant Pisces
You like to communicate and you need to interact intellectually to feel good in your life.
Your descendant is Libra
You are adaptable: able to flatter or encourage others when you start to build a relationship.
Your descendant is Scorpio
With the contribution of Venus, you are an esthete and a lover of nature and the arts. Did you know ?
Your Descendant is Sagittarius?
Your friendships are growing, your personality is charming and you evolve perfectly in society
Your descendant is Capricorn!
Ruled by the Moon, You are gentle, moody, unpredictable and you show an authoritarian face in some cases.
Descendant Aquarius
You are a mixture of pride and tolerance and you like to proclaim loudly what you want in life.
Descendant Pisces
You show organization, you are methodical and you do not want to impose yourself.