The transits in Astrology

Written by Susan

The sky is in perpetual movement, and the influences of each of the ten planets on your fates never stop evolving: by the hour, with the moon and Mercury, day by day with the sun and Venus, week to week with Mars, month to month and year to year, or even decade to decade, for the slowest planets.

These movements inform us about our health, mental or otherwise, our emotions, what shape our thoughts take, our commitment to our dreams, and even the ambiance in general in our family, or professional, lives.

An astrologer's job is to observe these movements and interpret what influence they will have using a symbolic system that has been tested over millennia. By examining the transits, we are left with a very precise calendar of what conditions and circumstances we will have to evolve and grow in. Find out all about it here – happy reading!

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Our sky is in perpetual movement. The influences of the ten planets between it and our destiny never cease to evolve. From hour to hour with the Moon and Mercury, day by day with the Sun and Venus, from week to week with Mars, and from month to month, year to year, and even from decade to decade for the slowest planets.The Sun changes sign each month and infuses a particular energy, and this is the basis for everyone's personality who was born at that time.
The Moon changes signs every two days and induces a climate and an atmosphere. It influences moods and reactions. It stimulates imagination and creativity.
Mercury takes an average of three months to go around the zodiac. According to the sign he goes through, he colors the exchanges, intellect, and communication. Mercury is the fluidity or rigidity of thoughts and interactions with others.
Venus crosses the zodiac in eight months, the sign she crosses informs us about the notion of pleasure and the color of feelings and receptivity to the arts as well as the joys of life.
Mars takes two years to go around the zodiac. What sign he crosses indicates the energy that animates us, it represents will, the fighting spirit, and the strength of desires.
Slow planets have a more discrete but more durable action: Jupiter passes approximately by sign and influences personal fulfillment. Saturn stays for two and a half years in each sign and informs us about responsibilities, ambitions, and discipline. Uranus remains seven years in a sign and causes changes. He encourages autonomy and independence. Neptune takes 165 years to go around and is more about spirituality. Finally, Pluto takes more than 20 years to cross a sign and causes metamorphoses and destruction, followed by rebirth.
These movements inform us about our form, our health, our emotions, the color of our reflections, our morale, our commitment to our aspirations, and the atmosphere in our professional or family life.
During their race, these planets interact with each other, for example, the full Moon is nothing more than an opposition between the Moon and the Sun that favors the externalization of personality and emotions, sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. The energy of each planet combines with one or more others, and there emerges a great complexity of harmonic or dissonant influences that must be unraveled with method to understand the global dynamics.
The astrologer's work consists of observing these movements and interpreting their influences through a symbolism that has been proven for millennia. Reviewing the transits gives us a very precise timeline of the conditions in which we operate.
Discover it here...
Happy reading, everyone.