What are the effects of the Full Moon October 31, 2020 ?

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Full Moon October 31, 2020

It is the feast of Samhain (to be pronounced Saowinn), which in the Celtic tradition symbolizes death and rebirth but also the cycle of life. During this period, it is necessary to work on oneself through meditation and introspection. The Celtic tradition celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of another, which begins on November 1st. Thus, the old energies must regenerate and return to us in full youth so that we can start a new cycle. Like the "Wheel of Fortune" in the tarot, warns us against the Eternal Return of events in our existence, when the lesson has not been understood, this Full Moon proposes to us to renounce the useless, to settle down and reflect. This will allow us to integrate the necessary evolution into our journey.

Finally, we know this holiday better as Halloween. During this night, the veil between the worlds fades and wormholes open. A whole initiatory and magical field is offered to the living by cultivating memory.
As for the Full Moon on October 31st, it is called the Blood Moon, because of the red-orange colour, it takes on at this time of year. It is the Moon of new goals, protection, and good resolutions. The night of the Full Moon in October is perfect for chasing away the negative energies that surround us and purify our environment with plants or rituals. The MoonMoon's rays will help us renounce all the bad habits we would like to get rid of.
Thus, how will celestial influxes impact both the psychology and the feelings of the natives? Active on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, the opposition is coupled with a strong presence of the planet Uranus, which is found together with the Moon. This position has the effect of raising its share of questions and reflections that are sometimes a little abrupt as well as an undeniable penchant for novelty. Fortunately, this tendency does not go as far as improvisation, as Taurus's sign obliges analysis and (deep) reflection. Where will this Full Moon go to draw its energy from? What particularities will it bring to the front of the stage?

In connection with perseverance, the desire for realization and concretization, this Full Moon on October 31st perfectly echoes the symbolism of the end of the month and the Sun in Scorpio. Indeed, every life cycle occurs in two main phases: the first one to accept or renounce, a second one to build or rebuild. First, we must recognize that our method or environment is not favourable for reaching one's goals. Then we must find the right means or the adequate tools to relaunch one's projects. Here, the planet Uranus, which symbolizes ingenuity, independence of spirit or idea, authorizes the Moon to take action. The natives are under the influence of the two planets: the water signs and Aquarius, in particular, but also Taurus, which shelters us from the state of affairs. They will be the first to feel the effects. This period will give them a "blank check" by protecting their backs. It will be necessary to take advantage of these Full Moon days to lay the first milestones or the first stone of an organization or a family project. One feels "on the attack" to break the preconceived ideas or complications, whether technical, material, and/or organizational.

One of the effects of Venus in the sign of Libra is bringing people together who are entirely at ease in relationships and most competent in networks. Moreover, it is from Libra or from the one particularly marked by the planet Venus that solutions will come. They will slip us the right business card at the right time or know-how to send us back to the correct address. Thus, one thing leading to another, the knots come undone, and we begin to see more clearly. Mercury, in opposition to the Black Moon, clears the way by keeping the "fakes" at a distance and by "heating up" communication to test learning and/or legality. Natives who are unsure of their skills in a particular area or need a "helping hand": training, useful information, contacts, will quickly find a way out. The signs of Air, of course, are concerned (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra), but also the sign of Capricorn, which will see an opening where only an endless tunnel seemed to exist!

Moreover, the Black Moon also impacts the emotional sphere. In a natal theme, it is one of the markers of karma. It traces elements of our past lives, our unconsumed emotions, and our inner blockages. The Black Moon in Taurus will appreciate our relationship to femininity, sexuality, and sensuality. It speaks to us here of witchcraft, magic, the past, and our ability to feel comfortable in Lillith's dimension, the great witch, the other facet of the Moon, our Great Mother.

So the atmosphere will be creative. It will be necessary to find and to make exist in reality the forms of life which correspond to our particular individuality and to the values which we carried in the past: those in connection with our heredity and our present culture, but also those coming from a life where we have no more precise memories, if not character or personality traits. This will mean analyzing our own behaviour concerning material goods, our roots, our history, and our obstacles so that we can be part of a future that will enable us to write a new page.
The Sun/Moon opposition that forms on the Taurus-Scorpio axis underpins our ability to assimilate and eliminate all that is not indispensable to us. Under this influence, we may keep all of our routine activities (Taurus). Still, we will need to manifest our true identity by freeing ourselves, as much as possible, from the automatisms conditioned by the outside world.

We will be sensitive to the different forms in which renewal can manifest itself. The creative forces, the intuitive and inspired capacities of the element water (Scorpio), will push this Full Moon to make our new "I" spring forth.

Full Moon October 1st, 2020

It is under the influence of the Full Moon with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries that we will experience October 1st. Although it's optimal as we approach midnight, the Moon's aspects will impact us from the morning and will last throughout this weekend. How can we respond to the call of this Full Moon, which brings, on this axis Libra/Aries? With a lot of readjustments! But most of the time they should be very welcome?
How to integrate it into our psyche? The opposition is related to our feelings in the face of actions and undertakings that we can implement in the relationship sphere. In any case, we must feel in harmony with ourselves.

The Sun, from sign to sign over the year, follows a cycle that functions as a regulator of living forces that pass through us. In the same way, the lunar cycle is a barometer of our impressions and feelings. Sensitive to the different phases of the Moon, we need two lights: one fixed and warm, the other cold and moving. The Sun represents our conscious and mental part. The Moon represents our unconscious and intuitive part. The light of the Moon, which grows and decreases with the sunlight, provides for us on earth. It represents the part of inner change and evolution that we go through over the months and years. The other aspects that are applied to it draw from the phases of the Moon the extra energy we need or, on the contrary, underline our lack of energy.

Thus, the Moon is a mediator. It satisfies our organic needs and distributes solar potential (psychic and spiritual force). At the time of the Full Moon, the separation of the Moon and the Sun is established. The rays of the setting Sun will be reflected in the lunar mirror. The Moon has become the equal of the Sun. Thus, in Chinese philosophy, the black and white symbol of Yin and Yang carries both the reunion and opposition of opposites.

This Full Moon that is inscribed from Libra to Aries seeks to preserve its integrity. Indeed, the Moon in Aries is instinctive and explosive. It refuses to bend to reason that the Sun in Libra sends back to it. The Moon in Aries supports this conflict. The aspects have something overwhelming in front of the desire of the Sun in Libra. How does this translate for the natives having these signs as dominant? Whatever the pattern, one must accept to integrate once and for all the right reasons to find a compromise.

Libra and Aries are the cardinal signs, those with which a season begins. They have the peculiarity of giving impulse to start and remain on their prerogatives. The alliance of Mars and Venus, respective masters of their signs, or on the contrary, their antagonism, indicates in a theme the relationship of the native to the loving relationship. Here, the Sun and the Moon function as another facet of this relationship. Now Venus, benevolent at the trigon of Mars, insists on the means available to the natives concerned: Libra and Aries, of course, but also Taurus and Scorpio. The latter will regulate toxic relationships, either with themselves or others. Whether it is a question of a negative personal image or destructive relationship, sometimes confused by the law or having to find appeasement within the legal framework, one must bring the proof of one's good faith so that the warlike aspect of Martian values finds the means to sign a peace treaty in the private or professional domain.

The natives of Cancer must grin and bear it when facing the Moon in Aries. Indeed, uncomfortable with this Moon of fire and barely supported by the collateral aspects, they tolerate their pain. Globally, this Full Moon confirms the lesson that the planets have been sending them from Capricorn for several months already. The crab of the zodiac is preparing for winter by meditating on the past to prepare for a bright future. The rebirth takes all its meaning if we accept the descent into the meanders of the unconscious.

The mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces) retain a specific free will. This period allows them more peace and quiet. Their usual flexibility will be better exploited. In any case, the Fire energy generated by the Moon on this axis Libra/Aries brings an additional spontaneity to Libra as well as will, independence, and decisiveness to help them adopt firmer, more involved postures. The Sun-Libra function in a way that colours the house of their birth, it will be less influenced there. This sign will express their needs, expectations, and vision of existence without necessarily running away from conflict situations.

Nevertheless, this "balancing" between Air and Fire creates a climate of hesitation in the context of the Full Moon. Important questions may stagnate because they are unresolved. The inflexible desire to be conciliatory can be counterproductive. We must choose between waiting passively or taking action while being afraid of unintentionally offending those around us. Natives of the Leo-Aquarius axis or those marked by these two signs will rely on the quincunx from the Sun to Uranus, which leaves them the option of waiting.

Thus, positively integrating an aspect of the planetary function of the Full Moon on October 1st will be equivalent to positioning oneself with the positive values it concentrates. The atmosphere of energetic gentleness and awareness in a given and perfectly organized setting will allow most of us to get started or at least prepare a "roadmap." It will then be time to project oneself into the next New Moon with a triggering role, without excluding pure objectivity.

Full Moon: September 2, 2020

Discreetly inscribed at the end of summer, the opposition of the Sun in Virgo to the Moon in Pisces takes place at 7:23 am this Wednesday, September 2nd. This Full Moon underlines the inner movements that animate the humans seeking to gain their place at the centre of creation. This outstanding spiritual axis connects us to what surrounds us: the imaginary line connecting Virgo with Pisces encompasses all the values of the infinitely small, facing the great ALL. It is then a question of finding one's place, or at least a place, in the framework of society, a community, or solely within a given environment. The Full Moon of Pisces with Virgo asks us to forget about power relationships and to make amends. It is not a question of guilt but of developing the desire to find ecological ways to adapt to the world. This approach must leave a trace, as little penalizing as possible, for the collective future and to build its future.

Now, together with Neptune and the large but active trigon from Venus to Cancer, the Full Moon exalts extrasensory communication and the forces of all original life.
The lunar influx's power targets water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) in connection with the mysterious and archaic dimensions of our life force. The beginning and end are intimately linked. They transfer our desires but also our most irrational fears while upsetting our deepest certainties. This is the childhood of humanity, caught up fear of the dark and fear of being born into the world.
More simply, it engages the natives of the signs concerned, as well as those whose themes are strongly influenced by Neptune and Venus or by the trigon between these two planets. They must face up to finding solutions. This will be the best time to get out of an impasse or a rut. Indeed, far from being improvised, the answers will fall from the sky as if by a miracle. The inspiration channelled by the planets at play will force the doors that refused to open. The Full Moon's radiance, although active for a short period (about two days), is powerful! It is the harvest moon that influences the overflow of energy and the love of others. It is favourable to all positive thoughts turned towards abundance, which is the return of well-directed acts.

This Full Moon mainly spoils the natives of the earth and water signs. The star of the night, together with fortune and Neptune, spreads its benefits widely. The natives concerned will take advantage of these two days to schedule, if they can, essential appointments or moments of intimacy with their loved ones. There will be a real chance to strengthen distended bonds and open up dialogues that are, a priori, inaccessible. Pisces is the symbolic sign of empathy and the ability to understand without discourse. In touch with the emotions of all of humanity, it holds some of the keys to the Universe. It intervenes at the beginning and the end of things, on the surface, and in-depth.

As for the signs of fire, they take advantage of it to calm down. Mars, which advanced in Aries, is square to the planets in Capricorn. It stops the overflow of energy that could be negatively concentrated under the influence of this Full Moon.

Thus, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius will have to calm the tensions due to this re-entry period. In particular, Sagittarius, whose planet, Jupiter, remains sensitive to the exaltation of the Full Moon in Pisces and the square to Mars. Therefore, we will have to land, consider the range of possibilities, and wait for this to pass. The following days will be more lenient. Virgo dominates hidden worlds and unknown territories in our imagination, using connections with the mysteries of life and death. It is whole active mythology. How will it take shape in our immediate environment? Great existential questions that sometimes dot the daily routine will perhaps be topical under this Full Moon: what is just or unjust? What is beneficial or not? Recurrences and unresolved issues dating back to last March will return to the forefront with the unavoidable obligation to provide more imaginative solutions.

It will be a matter of tapping into the collective imagination or history, strengthening collaborations, and advancing research. Well-being, finance, this Full Moon is having an impact on the major sectors of global activity. We will have to connect to large networks, beyond the technical networks represented by Virgo and Uranus, master of technology. This last planet has been in transit with Taurus for several months now, forcing us to return to more down-to-Earth solutions and to become fully aware that we must share the space we occupy while respecting it. We will have to reconsider our oceans, our vast expanses, and favour human networks. The Full Moon in September could help us integrate all the facets of our modernity.

On a personal level, the signs of air will be driven. Mercury being part of the aspects with his presence in Virgo and by conjunction with the Sun. Masters of communication, relationships, and exchanges, the natives of Aquarius, Gemini and

Libra will position themselves while remaining cautious. They will listen a little more to the intuition that warns or pushes them to action without apparent reason. This will bring them openings and give them the impetus for new projects. The natives of Libra will do projects concerning their emotional life and/or their family. The aspects at stake optimize Venus.

In this way, we can all make wishes under this Full Moon. We will formulate them for ourselves, for others, and everything around us. Let's wish for them to be granted!

Full Moon on August 3, 2020

Full Moon ( August 3rd, 2020 ), the opposition of the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius has a prominent place at the beginning of this week. It is a question of not taking things for granted, even if presented in the warm light of the Leonine splendour. Not everything that glitters is gold! This dilemma is underlined for each native differently: depending on whether the aspect emphasizes the personal sphere, hobbies, children, or insists on the capacity we all have to translate our vision of things. This question of interpreting a fact or a word gives relief and color to events or situations that each one will be confronted with. It is essential to face reality and not to be deluded. At the heart of the opposition are the natives whose dominant sign is Leo and/or Aquarius, but also those whose dominant planets are directly linked to this Full Moon.

The Moon in Aquarius acts like a magnet: the planets that are joined to it by transit through Capricorn. This attractive force inflicts a role on them that they are not meant to impose. The cluster that has been in Capricorn for several months is writing a very different score. It undergoes the Uranus (planet of Aquarius), which redistributes the cards in a Trine from Taurus. The natives of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Leo will have to identify or integrate the slightly brutal opening that is proposed to them. Instilled by the square from Mars to Jupiter, this proposal can induce a somewhat sharp turn. Depending on each person's pre-established choices: a change of life, a new encounter, or adaptation to infrastructures dictated by circumstances. This opening is fortunately activated under the benevolent gaze of a trigon at Venus and can prove to be very positive. In short, a panoply of twists and turns and a desire for renewal will give the personal life of these natives another start, and add salt to their existence.

Of course, this aspect plays a global role by imposing the obligation to think before acting. The events of the last few months could find a somewhat irrational dimension. It is a question for decision-makers not to back away from consensus or negotiation and to bring a concrete vision to questions that escape an objective approach: burning social issues, disorganization due to contradictory theories, or the inability to adapt responses to a paralyzing situation. It is really time and necessary to give free rein to fair speech and listening. The aspect from Mars to Jupiter applies in the same way to the natives born under the influence of the God of War. Therefore, one must direct one's desire in the right direction. There is no point in backing away from adversity, and even if a misstep is possible, it does not necessarily mean failure. By relying on the values of loyalty, flawless organization, and being themselves, the natives of Aries and Scorpio, in particular, will tick all the boxes!

This Full Moon of August 3rd on the Leo/Aquarius axis requires the choice of a fair fight. The leonine values, exacerbated by the Sun at home, push all the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio) to surpass themselves. For Taurus and natives marked by the imprint of Venus (Libra) or having Venus in a dominant position, this Full Moon directs perception towards areas that strongly attract them: what's beautiful and good. However, even though a powerful awareness of themselves and their needs invites them to express the palette of their emotions, it results in a particular frustration. Here they are faced with the great dilemma of Universal love versus the ego. The desires of independence do not find an outcome. It is necessary to rebalance one's own energies following the cosmic energy or that of nature. Everyone can respond to a particular call or can apply their own recipes.

The planet Mercury is softly colored in the sign of Cancer and forms a trigonal to the Moon. The Mercurian, always a little dry but skillful and quick to react, feels they have to bring a smoothness to what they say. The words, "too much," which is often their trademark will not cross the limits. Thus, Geminis and Virgos will obtain, by ricochet, the Full Moon as an "airbag". This benefit will pacify strained relationships and will create bonds between people and between cultures. All the more so as Neptune, a planet of overcoming borders, openness to the world, and dreams, sleeping or awake, will arouse the desire to reshape the contours of our exchanges. Some will even find the audacity to tackle innovative concepts or dare to love, sometimes on their own doorstep or, on the contrary, overseas.

If aspects warn us against big, ready-made ideas or misdirected energy, this Full Moon highlights our chances of winning a case. Of course, neon light is sometimes aggressive, it's a bit like the Leo/Aquarius effect, but it opens our eyes. Caught between air and fire, the opposition brings us enlightened and intelligent solutions. However, like the Hanged Man's blade in the tarot, it suggests a change of point of view: we must look at our surroundings differently. The result could open up a personal and original vision of the world.

Linked to our environment and perhaps open to parallel universes, the Full Moon of August 3rd carries within itself seeds for the future: the creative energies of Leo facing the transcendental powers of Aquarius. The latter apply themselves to make us reach for the sky and correct our values: a perfect journey to teach us to savour life in all its reality.

Definition of the Full Moon:
The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun, then it is the Full Moon. Then it shrinks for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position.
During the Full Moon, the star of the night is at its maximum distance from the Sun, thus forming an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the sunlight in a luminous disc.
A Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness, everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear consciousness of situations helps us achieve our fulfilment. Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations.
The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).
People born at the time of the Full Moon are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...

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