The moon in all its phases!

Written by Absent

The Moon represents sensitivity, humor, receptivity, and moods... It goes through the zodiac in a little less than 28 days, playing the barometer on the sensitivity of each of us and nuancing our daily reactions.

The full Moon indicates that, seen from Earth, the Moon and the Sun are face to face and, therefore, in opposite signs. The energies symbolized by these two luminaries express themselves in all their ardor, their complementarities, but also their conflicts.

The new Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in the same place, this configuration, whatever the sign concerned, pushes retreat, introspection, and pushes our level of emotional energy up a notch.In general, the transits of the Moon are more active in women. But men (and there are many) who have a powerful Moon in their natal chart also feel the effects.

The influence of the Moon is, therefore, temporary, and for two days, it colors the climate, the atmosphere, and the type of relationship between people. But the displacement of the Moon can also coincides with a larger, more lasting planetary movement, and the Moon acts as a catalyst, generally amplifying the current transit.

Full moon in Aries: action!
Full moon in Aries on your sign will be a confrontation between oneself and others, action and independence
Moon in Taurus: passion!
The arrival of the full moon in Taurus: an explosion of sensual passions and subtle, yet vigorous, power struggles
Moon in Gemini: lightheartedness!
Full moon in Gemini means a lighthearted, dynamic, slightly casual, and very mobile atmosphere.
Full moon in Cancer: romance!
Moon in Cancer: this is a romantic and creative full moon, but one that could put some people under pressure...
Full moon in Leo
Full moon's arrival in leo: enthusiasm, solid intuition, confidence, and creativity for the taking for your astrological sign

Full moon in Virgo: tidying up
The full moon in Virgo is in general a sign of tidying up but also of nervous tension for some...
Full moon in Libra: collaboration
The full moon in Libra is a powerful energy that pushes all of us to be more individualistic...
Full moon in Scorpio: emotions!
Greed, investments, and emotional expense, this climate is subtly charged for many of us with this moon in scorpio
Full moon in Sagittarius: mobility!
The sun in the sign of travel, with the moon in the sign of movement, makes for an enriching day!
Full moon in Capricorn: free fall
Check out your sign's forecast for this day where the moon is in free fall, and in Capricorn
Full moon in aquarius: Freedom!
Moon in Aquarius is a very creative moon, one that is focused on friends and brings a climate of freedom.
Full moon in Pisces: confusion!
Horoscope for the transit of the full moon in Pisces: confusion, disorder, even chaos for your sign !