Jupiter: the planet called 'slow'!

Written by Susan

Jupiter, the first of the so-called "slow" planets, opens the ball for the traits of a generation. Indeed, it takes one year to cross a sign and, therefore, gives characteristics common to all people born that year.

Jupiter tells us about our mentality, lifestyle, and how each of us flourishes.

The transits of Jupiter are never evil. At worst, Jupiter encourages excess such as greed, unnecessary expenses, hyperactivity, constant chatter, or dramatized emotions. When the transit is positive, Jupiter brings luck and personal fulfillment. It is a formidable engine of evolution, and its conjunction with the natal Sun generally indicates a tremendous leap in the quality of someone's life. Conjunction transits occur every 12 years, so it's worth staying tuned for a chance. The transits of Jupiter usually lasts 2 or 3 weeks, but in the case of retrograde, the effects are much longer, and the results more durable.

For each of the 12 astrological signs, here is the meaning of Jupiter's position in each sign.

Jupiter in Aries
With Jupiter in Aries, personal initiatives are highlighted for one year. And for you?
Jupiter in Taurus
Jupiter in Taurus: a great opportunity for some for a return to the source!
Jupiter transits in Gemini
Jupiter is in exile in Gemini, a little stuck, he will influence the exchanges and the mobility of proximity.
Jupiter passes in Cancer
The emotions are exalted, the family takes on a lot of importance with the arrival of Jupiter in Cancer
Jupiter enters in Leo
Jupiter in Leo, it is a warm, constructive but powerful climate that can, for some, cause tension.

Jupiter in Virgo
There is room for work and putting order in your life, do not be too manic with the arrival of Jupiter in Virgo!
Jupiter enters in Libra
Jupiter enters Libra: associations to make for your astrological sign
Jupiter enters Scorpio
The planet Jupiter passes in Scorpio, the secrets have only to stand!
Jupiter in Sagittarius
The energies are particularly powerful and tend towards more Justice with the arrival of Jupiter in Sagittarius
Jupiter enters Capricorn
Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn: it is an influence that brings everything back to work or ambitions!
Jupiter arrives in Aquarius
The arrival of Jupiter in Aquarius induces a futuristic atmosphere that encourages all reflections!
Jupiter arrives in Pisces!
Jupiter transits in the sign of Pisces: watch out for excessive sacrifices
Jupiter in retrograde
During a demotion of Jupiter, social values, beliefs and rules are reevaluated ... Learn everything here!