Transit of the planet Mars

Written by Susan

In a map of the sky, Mars represents energy, the power of action, the will and the expression of sexual desire in each of us.

It can nuance and even completely modify the elements induced by the sun (the sign) and allow a more precise and fair approach to the functioning of someone. Mars in a strong sign induces courage and dynamism, while Mars placed in a more unstable sign suggests actions that are more measured and more fearful but also better thought out and prepared.

The position of Mars must always be considered globally, in a way that takes into account the other planets. Thus if Mars in Leo means authority and bravery, it does not however, make a Pisces or a Virgo warlike, it will simply tend to bring them a higher energy. In the same way, that Mars drowned in the water of Pisces could soften the personality, but will not fundamentally change the whole and voluntary character, of an Aries.

Without further ado, peruse the movements of Mars in each astrological sign:

Mars enters in Aries
Discover our precious advice to live this energetic transit of Mars in Aries serenely, which leads us to new conquests
Mars transits into Taurus
Did you know that Mars coming into Taurus brings a lot of determination, tenacity and the ability to endure huge workloads?
Mars in Gemini
Mars enters in Gemini: the energy circulates, we are in the movement!
Mars arrives in Cancer
Mars, the warrior, invites himself into the sign of Cancer and it is the shock of iron in contact with water.
Mars arrives in Leo
Discover the powerful transit of Mars in Leo: more personal and prestigious achievements!

Mars in Virgo
Mars leaves the flamboyant sign of Leo to enter Virgo: learn everything about this new transit!
Mars transits into Libra
Mars enters Libra and helps to build social and sentimental relationships
Mars transits in Scorpio
Did you know Mars enters Scorpio, intensifies emotions and encourages us to be more active and conquering?
Mars enters in Sagittarius
For you, fair play, challenges, energy and the spirit of decision.
The transit of Mars in Capricorn
Did you know that the transit of Mars in Capricorn brings ambition, perseverance, a fighting spirit and stamina?
Mars transits in Aquarius
The transit of Mars in Aquarius pushes us to stand out from others but the actions can be as unpredictable! Discover everything here!
Mars in Pisces
Mars leaves the sign of Aquarius to enter Pisces: get to know the effect of this transit on your sign better
Mars in retrograde
Mars is in retrograde for about 80 days every two years. What is going on during this period when Mars is in retrograde?