What are the effects of the New Moon on October 16, 2020 ?

Written by Evie

The New moon of October 16, 2020 is expressed this month in the sign of Libra. Certainly, reluctant to push the decision, it shows a strong tendency to opt for expectation. Why not? Without really knowing what tomorrow will bring, the New Moon period will highlight all the decisions that are not good to make. A bit like in a theater of shadows.

There will be to observe but also to guess which path to take, to avoid as many pitfalls as possible.
Fundamentally, in the face of interpersonal relations, contracts already signed or to come, and the commitments that result from them, what will be the true share of free will? Libra coloring will keep at a distance the temptation to give in to the easy way out. It will be out of the question to be overwhelmed by XXL emotions or feelings,which would result in a certain sloppiness. However, the equilibrium of the sign will not be enough to stabilize the conjunction of the sun and the moon. Indeed, the luminaries are shaken by the planets in Capricorn which induce the need to empty, restructure and redistribute the social game. But for Libra "Rules are rules", which will have the effect of hardening situations: the natives who fall into the nets of the stars will certainly have to take note of this.

If most of the time we will have to deal with the constable who issues a ticket or with registered mail for non-payment of an invoice, there will also be disputes that can be a little more tense: lawsuits, difficulty in finding common ground. Delays and annoyances that are highly disabling could declare an open war on the natives concerned. In short, the blockages are being felt under this New Moon and it will be necessary, sometimes, to wait a few days for the situation to be completely freed. Finally, we must consider that the influxes will also permeate the social climate: a feeling of stagnation, difficult progress on recurring problems and "crank returns" or inappropriate reiterations, could make us see the full picture. Conflicting regulations could muddy the waters, or important laws could be "forced through" or not at all; only well "tied up" or very innovative projects will have a chance of reaching a consensus. Indeed, the New Moon in Libra, somewhat "bogged down" in its prerogatives and conventions, will have some difficulty in showing flexibility. Unless inventiveness and originality "push it in the back", in which case there will be some nice surprises.

What then? Or rather who? Who will be concerned by the lottery of the stars? The cardinal signs of course (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn), but also to a lesser extent, the mutables, the sign of Virgo in particular. The presence of lights in Libra, associated with the still very vivid aspects of the slow planets in Capricorn, may well set the record straight for the natives of Libra, Libra ascendant, or having the sign in a strong position.
Indeed, both will consider that it is time to reorganize themselves to face the novelty, or the great questions, that these bring to their set. Either they are confronted with unforeseen events or recent or unprecedented situations, or major events that have been expected for a few months, and which require them to make new arrangements. They will then discover unexpected resources or reveal their many talents, with the aim of responding to the demands of life. The alarm bells that life or their entourage has been ringing for a long time will take on their full dimension. In short, the clock strikes, and they become aware of it. It is in one form or another, that they take the step forward that goes well and that becomes smoothly, their lifeline. They evaluate their chances, evolve, and adapt as best they can to their new skin.

As for the Capricorns, they cushion the last bursts of their flights: those they have enjoyed over the last few years or the others. Things are put in place, more or less. Anyway, they know where they are going, and their path is lit up with a new glow. The situations finally cleaned up are put in place and the pieces of the puzzle come together to give them new impetus. The New Moon in Libra and Jupiter still in their camp accentuate their certainties and the energy of Mars in Aries is balanced. In short, nothing can destabilize the natives of Capricorn anymore. The goat of the zodiac finally sees the summit!

Cancer and Aries will find, under the current economic climate, enough to fuel their appetite for risk. Indeed, sportsmen and women, business leaders and all those whose profession requires responsiveness will feel the effects. Numerous opportunities will be seized on the fly and will require them to aim quickly and accurately. Doubt and hesitation will be bad advisers, but caution will remain the order of the day: instinct will guide the action, without prevarication.

The natives of Virgo sensitive to the opposition of Venus to Neptune, could feel, without apparent reason, unloved or uncomfortable in front of a given situation or meeting. Perhaps they will have to redouble their efforts to prove their value or to fight against the jealousy, felt or undergone. They will simply have to accept to turn a page or to accept a defeat or a simple disappointment of short duration. It will not be the simplest thing, but they will progress on the road to serenity.

Finally, for the fixed signs. On the one hand, Scorpio and Taurus will manage the unexpected in the best possible way by finding the right arguments to move the questionable issues forward. The listening that will emerge from long discussions will have the beneficial effect of releasing their emotions. On the other hand, Aquarius natives will find the tools, or the means, to settle an old quarrel or to move forward on issues that have been slow to settle. A sudden stroke of luck, which must be seized immediately, will allow them to skillfully stabilize the situation. As for the Leos, the command from heaven will be to separate "the wheat from the chaff": take a step back without throwing away everything from the past and project themselves into the future by ensuring their equilibrium.

This beautiful New Moon, inscribed in the course of the stars, gives us the opportunity to take our destiny into our own hands. On the one hand by assessing the risks that may arise at the turning point, and on the other hand by integrating a hint of unpredictability.

The New Moon on September 17, 2020

It is in the sign of Virgo that the new moon of September 17 is formed. Faced with the mysterious luminosity of Neptune, still in Pisces, the new moon expresses itself in all discretion. What can we expect from it? The time will certainly come for method, for a constructive spirit, we will have to be inventive because instinct, lacking organization, will have little room. Indeed, in the face of thorny issues, it will be time to oppose practicality, of course, but also innovation, whether social or otherwise. Unfortunately, the new moon in September may well serve us up our "reheated dishes" again, highlighting the indispensable need to adapt and rewrite our old scenarios.

Indeed, we should observe how the conjunction of the sun and the moon finds its extension in the collateral aspects. Clearly, the opposition to Neptune provides it with a choice environment. The most ambiguous planet in our solar system makes the situation harder to read. It may be necessary to rewrite all the principles laid down so far in the face of the current crisis, without however, obliterating prior conclusions. It will be consistent to approach the situation from a different angle, as "prefabricated" solutions will not help us. It will be necessary to lift the veil of illusions and to bring innovative and totally new elements. In short, the new moon in Virgo will push to correct the shot and/or to pull the alarm siren in the face of disordered or destructive behavior.

The general comfort and well-being will be a bit of a challenge. It will be a good omen to cultivate a sense of security by addressing or assessing real problems. Observing what tomorrow will bring should encourage us to consolidate our present. Indeed, all the cards will be right to play in order to promote serenity, moderate judgment and above all human relations. Who will come out the winner of this little exercise in style? The natives of Capricorn, of course. Not only are they skilled at this game, but they are always supported by the presence of their master Saturn and its companion Jupiter. Reflection, expansion, and appropriate judgement will be of great help, but more importantly, will lead to action. As the great cleansing that has been wanted (or undergone) in recent years comes to an end, there will be results after adversity.

The other earth signs and water signs will also have to learn aspects of these few days. Taurus and Virgo will pay great attention to what is happening in their immediate environment. Revolts, quarrels, all the negative energies that at one time or another have manifested themselves in their private or professional circle will finally find a form of status quo. The new moon will pose things meticulously, promising a future more in keeping with their inner wishes. They may well settle, once and for all, any disputes about a way of life or a place to live, or how to approach a business.

A situation could prove the Cancer natives right. The proof of their phenomenal intuition will finally be laid out for all to see. Some questions come to the forefront for the Scorpions. Flexibility in communication and the easing of tensions will be helpful. Indeed, the failed actions they face from a loved one will need to be clarified. Aspects somewhat disturb their investigative skills but provide them with effective tools to delve into the new situation they are facing: change of life, residence, training, employment. This evolution will lead them to success because they will not hesitate to free themselves from obsolete constraints, thanks to a strong intuition.

The signs of Air will oscillate from the emotional to the mental, without really knowing on which foot to dance. Mercury in Libra gives the direction. It suggests to the natives born or influenced by this element to draw positive lessons from their experiences, whatever they may be. It is not without hiccups, but the objective will remain to progress on one level or another. A whole range of sensations and emotions will then be offered to them.

The Aquarians, under the electrifying influx of the square from Venus to Uranus, will experience heightened feelings. The artists of the sign will express themselves without restraint or will go beyond the limits (or boundaries) to find the necessary material for their art. Their trendy sensitivity to affect and intellect will open up a fertile period for them. Libra and Gemini will have some difficulty stabilizing their feelings. The desire to grasp all the details that make up the synthesis of the Whole will push them to connect to others or to larger universes. They will benefit from important sympathies and will take advantage of this to expand their social life. Unexpected encounters, unanticipated reunions are part of the lot of a somewhat eccentric Neptune.

As for the Signs of Fire, not all wars will be good. Luckily, they will find their own, each in turn, having the right reflex at the right time. The new moon of September will endow them with a certain opportunism that will make them react on the razor's edge, but wisely. Their motivations, strongly objectified by a careful but clear analysis of situations and psychologies, will catch the right current. It will then be a matter of stating, without stammering, everything they have understood. A pure fluid of intuitive intelligence will prepare the way for the recognition of their talents or skills. Natives of Leo and/or influenced by the sign (ascendant, moon), will have assets to lay the foundations for the future or erase errors. Sagittarius and Aries will intrinsically understand what is expected of them and will act without delay. They will reap the fruits of the efforts made since May/June and will gain a place that no one will dare to challenge them.

The new moon in September resounds with a strong demand, sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly. It will be a question of not allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by oversized egos and of embracing the full consequences of our actions before we act. The sign of Virgo indeed speaks to us of measure, control, hygiene of life and time management.

The New Moon on August 19, 2020

The New Moon of August, which takes place on August 19 at 4:42 a.m., brings a whole harvest to be weighed and evaluated in its basket. The sign of Leo strongly marks this New Moon. First of all, the luminaries and the planet Mercury meet there. On the other hand, the ascending sign at the time of the New Moon is also Leo. The period of the New Moon is thus unambiguously placed under this powerful sign. It will be a question of taking or leaving one's place, but above all, to put your feet on the ground or to update projects that come back to the forefront of the scene. So much, it is true that this period of the New Moon forces humans to discover their psyche's depths. This means the need to experience one's own capacity to exist in the world, knowing where and how to project one's vital energies. Each one will then evaluate the impact that these inner energies leave on the world in his or her way. The problematic Leo accentuates, in a way, the obligation to take responsibility and to take part in the great theatre of life.

The New Moon in Leo conditions thoughts and actions. The latter must go hand in hand to feel in harmony with oneself. Harmony is not an empty word for the sign of Leo. The notion of organization remains central. One must hold the reins of one's own life by mastering one's contradictions. Impulses emphasize the need for self-control, renunciation of misdirected desires, and misdirected power. In this way, the highest ambitions can be achieved. No area is resistant to Leo, as long as the being's deep expectations are following their behaviour, surroundings, and environment. We will then be able to overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line as a winner.

The other signs of Fire (Aries and Sagittarius) take Leo's lessons head-on. The sign's somewhat cumbersome pedagogy will leave them little choice, and they will have to absorb certain truths without really avoiding them. This will save them a lot of time, and the most reactive will seize opportunities on the fly. By transforming lead into gold, they will capitalize on the future. The natives of Aries who launch into action throughout this period and beyond (until the end of the year) will find the means to achieve their goals. Faced with the impression of not advancing, time will play in their favour, so there will be some opportunities to place assets in sight or a position of strength. The natives of Sagittarius will most certainly open the dialogue; all the unsaid, pretences, and incapacities to really "empty" the abscess will have some chances to get clean in a definitive way. They will gain their freedom or regain their independence without looking back to the past. The game of the planets traces horizons for them to reach.

If the signs of Air feel a little under pressure, it is because they will be looking for the right dosage of the ingredients that this New Moon presents to them. Libra and Aquarius won't be keen to put up with the big projects they might be tempted to embark on. They will return to simplicity and will see all their ambitions lowered. This in no way means that they will have no prospects, but they will do things in their way, refusing to suffer the tyranny of well-meaning people. Aquarius will prefer to impose their law and will not appreciate the unexpected. However, there will be a price to pay: these natives will have to flee from the jealous and envious types who will try to stop them in their tracks.

The triumphant march of the New Moon in Leo will push Geminis to self-confidence and confidence in their career or the choice of their holiday destination. They will be tending towards the beautiful light of summer without too much doubt about the success of their projects, whatever they may be. It is up to them to conquer their hearts or reach high peaks! They will know how to express their emotions promptly, and no one will ask them for more.
The water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) will have to fulfill their mission without asking too many questions. Pisces will go through some metaphysical doubts that the moon's energies are not well adapted to, they will have to find a different path away from the esotericism of their native sign. By bringing things back to their real value, they will get their answers in the conscious world. They will openly appreciate being confronted with a reality that suits them, all in all, quite well. This reversal of position will allow them to overcome their fears and assert themselves in their daily lives.

The natives of Cancer and Scorpio will gain by defending their values to counter the oppositions they might encounter in different forms. Cancer with the vague feeling of not being unanimous in their way of seeing things, the natives of Scorpio by undergoing divergent opinions or selfish behaviour from their entourage. It will take a good dose of detachment on both sides to overcome difficulties and put some rationality back into somewhat extreme situations. Carried along by a current which they judge to be contrary, they will eventually find the right direction by rowing on their path without destabilizing themselves. They will then have the satisfaction of seeing their opponents agree with them.

Thus, the New Moon in Leo will encourage them to find their unity and balance the body's living forces with those of the spirit. Renouncing appearances, accepting one's weaknesses, and finding strength from the invisible dimension that we call destiny corresponds to our interiority. For the natives of Capricorn, they have long made this a habit. They will have no difficulty facing the intense light that will fall from the sky, comforting them in their certainties. Natives of Virgo and Taurus, for their part, will open their eyes and accept to fight the battles they had refused until now. They will measure their progress and perceive the added value of not taking all the sacrifices or compromises

Let us take the measure of this New Moon. It will push us to foster our creative thinking, overcome our fears, and adapt our thoughts to move forward. We will be perfectly armed to emerge victorious from our fiercest battles.

New Moon, July 20th, 2020

This strange New Moon on July 20th is on the last degrees of Cancer (28°), at 7:33 p.m. and will illuminate our summer sky with its golden disc. The softness of the Moon in Cancer is in perfect harmony with the atmosphere at the end of July. The nostalgia of the full summer, which already stretches towards August, whispers that everything has a purpose. No matter how hard we try to stop time, no matter how hard we try to control our days' flight, our only way out is to live in the present to the fullest.

The solar fire is on the verge of waking up in the sign of Leo, it's home, but it has not yet crossed the door. Always plunged into the lunar wave, the Sun remains fascinated by the star of the night. It loses its strength, of course, but it regains it gently. We then obtain a mysterious atmosphere, strange lights are revealed and are agitated on the crest of the waves of all our oceans. Natural elements soothe us, of course, with their beneficial presence and also our inner oceans, those that stir and shake up all our lost or forgotten thoughts.

To revive our memory and readjust our thoughts, it will be time, under this New Moon, to take into consideration the opinions that may seem divergent. The advice of those around us or the reflections provoked by reading, social networks, or inspired by encounters or stories from the past are transmitted to us orally. Faced with a metaphysical puzzle for details that might seem trivial, it is a good idea to incorporate into our reflections the opinions of wise people who will distill sound wisdom.

Influxes point out quickly identifiable drifts: if it seems pointless to change anything in one's functioning or character, to take one's reactions and standpoints for granted, this New Moon brings it to light. Indeed, impulsive and spontaneous, the Sun-Moon opposition in the sign of Cancer can be infantile, sometimes stubborn. Its strong magnetism plays the card of charm and charisma, sometimes in an uncontrollable way and catches itself in its nets. Natives under this influence (mainly Cancer, but also Sagittarius and Leo) will have a hard time untangling the truth from the false. In the long run, it will be necessary to introduce something "new" in our behaviour. But, above all, to learn from the past before projecting oneself further.

Besides, the signs of Pisces and Scorpio benefit from the support of the planet Neptune, which gives them flair. Peremptory postures will be avoided "on the razor's edge," thanks to Neptune's friendly aspect to the Sun-Moon conjunction. The right balance between audacity and delicacy will bear fruit.

One of the effects of this New Moon is to be confronted with people who use or abuse an established situation. It will be necessary to open one's eyes and get rid of profiteers from all walks of life, and deal with the complications by simple means: provoke open and frank discussion, or finally deliver the substance of one's thoughts by closing the door once and for all. Betrayals and lies may be underlying the New Moon in Cancer. Skillfully constructed masks are beginning to fall apart, without any real awareness or acceptance of clairvoyance. We will then have to wait for the next full Moon to grasp the irrefutable evidence of duplicity.

Earth signs in particular (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) or natives influenced by these signs, will join the ranks of those who will have to untangle the web of: "who says true"/"who says false." It will then be better to remain within the consensus, at the risk that this will be seen as a wait-and-see attitude. Procrastination will, for the moment, be the best option. In a few days, it will be time to place oneself in the position of choices displayed. Unexpected changes or decisions made too quickly, spread, inconsistency and/or unfortunate alternatives, will be waiting for those who have not had the necessary patience. This can influence both the social and private spheres. Designating one's preferences without stopping them will be the best solution, even if the dilemma remains unresolved.

Fortunately, the influxes are open to cordial understanding and communication through Venus in Gemini. It will be enough to get closer to relatives and friends to regain the joy of life, to have fun and have a good time, simply by a phone call or via the internet. This will keep us from getting depressed.

If the New Moon on the Capricorn-Cancer axis concentrates some nervous impulses, it gives pride of place to wisdom and reflection, thanks to the heavy planets in Capricorn. This cluster, which takes its time while creating stagnant situations, encourages the learning of new rules. Its opposition to the New Moon provides an opportunity to put a stop to thoughtless or unscrupulous behaviour.

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer, accompanied by Mercury, holds the promise of profound intelligence, mature reflection, and memory. These virtues will enable us to give new impetus to our environment. The natives who have this planet in strength in their birth chart (Gemini, Gemini ascendant, Virgo, of course, but also the natives of Cancer) will be the first to find solutions to their problems, whatever they may be. They will be part of the people who will be forces of proposals, either in their family or in their professional environment. In short, they will be initiators by carrying loud, clear, and practical ideas.

An unexpected piece of luck will save the natives of Sagittarius and Aries from impulsivity. The friendly and open dimension serves as an airbag for them and offers proposals that will accompany them on the path of novelty. Particularly beneficial awareness on their part or the part of decision-makers will allow them to recover from situations that were tense or that seemed compromised. In any case, they will have the opportunity to prepare the next step or give up for good by choice or because they will be asked to do so.

In this context, the New Moon offers us the opportunity to support innovation. It will be a matter of learning lessons and not rushing into the unknown, but taking a big step towards the future.

The New Moon on June 21st, 2020

It is under the very early-morning gaze of the Sun-Moon conjunction in the sign of Cancer that we will approach Sunday, June 21st. The solstice and, thus, the change of season has taken place the day before at 11:43 pm. Therefore, we enter the summer through the wide-open door of the New Moon. The New Moon is young, intuitive, and acts on the unconscious. If something of the consciousness manifests itself, it remains very subjective. The primary effect of the conjunction of the Moon is confusion. It often underlines the difficulty of distinguishing dreams from the realities of the world. The obligation to have to confront one's feelings or desires with unavoidable events roughly is revealing. The notions of impulsiveness and new impetus are not absent from the New Moon period, but slight drops in vitality can also manifest themselves.

Sometimes, tensions appear, forcing one to review one's value system and get back in touch with one's surroundings. In this soli-lunar aspect of Cancer, the Moon, fortunately, remains at home and balances the solar failures while bringing a positive side to this conjunction.

In this particular case, the meeting of the Moon and the Sun in Cancer acts on the level of emotions. A specific power game engages in an unconscious struggle of the "old" against the "new." This confrontation of opposing wills can develop an unhealthy climate. Confronting oneself through a strange fog, one must be wary of a tendency to act according to one's own rules or to row against the current. Natives whose Moon is dominant in their natal chart will be particularly sensitive to these sea mists. They will sometimes be assaulted by the environment's hostility, by inexplicable jealousies or confronted with their shadow. This double negative is to be recognized in all clarity. To change the situation, these natives must evolve. The New Moon consists of a small growth crisis and allows all hopes. On the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the conjunction concentrates the Cancer values. It is a perfect time to solve problems related to motherhood in all its forms: in relationships or the future.

The strength of Cancer is inner strength. Its power deployed out of love or compassion achieves goals. It is necessary to seize the ball and transform the attempt. Perhaps it is a question of giving up unanswered questions, of no longer arguing wrongly, of ceasing to create situations contrary to our serenity. The New Moon is an opportunity to offer to our astonished eyes and the eyes of others, a vade mecum of psychic comfort.

Time, material, or spiritual heritage, past and present, are strong themes of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. The questions come from far away, sometimes from another life of which we have only fragments of memory. The New Moon stirs sensations and impressions, the feeling of "déjà vu" agitates the limbo of the mind; some are confronted with "unexplained" encounters, unscheduled appointments, and fleeting memories. A word on the "tip of the tongue" and the impossibility of putting one's finger on the image could give some natives a hard time.

The influence of Saturn, which approaches Aquarius and sits at the trigon of Venus in Gemini, can be a great help to some people in reuniting. We see old acquaintances again during the weekend or feel a strange feeling in front of strangers!

The Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is the ideal accomplice to the New Moon. It finds an echo that multiplies. As the hours go by, the emotional plethora emanates from the astral climate. It is necessary to rationalize all information before following one's intuition or exposing one's perception of things.

The struggle to force events without clearly defined objectives and a project that does not reach maturity may be a result of the New Moon. Natives engaged in new ventures must consolidate their position before they succeed.

The light scattered by the Moon in Cancer contains the esoteric force of Mother Nature's great movements. She regulates the tides and the passage of souls from the shores of eternity to our earthly world. The Ancient Egyptians represented the sign of Cancer by a scarab beetle known as "the sphere of the soul." Thanks to the humidity of its water, fertilized by the solar rays, life projected there is to be accomplished.

The solar-lunar conjunction is thus positioned by the motivation that animates us and the desires that we express. These desires must be formulated clearly and precisely to be born into the world. First of all, it is necessary to gain objectivity; the rest of the lunar cycle will take care of it. To grow, structure, propose, and finally realize, this is what is recommended by the sign of Capricorn, which, in the face of Cancer, plays its role as regulator. All of the influxes form a backdrop on which our unconscious is imprinted. It is for this reason that it is necessary to remain on standby; the New Moon pushes us back and incites us to act in a sometimes unthinking manner.

The need to apprehend things in all their truth and assimilate them: the lunar function, accompanies a development in our relationship to the world. It is a matter of fulfilling one's truth and making it shine with the Sun's brilliance. The profound identity of the being and their individuality will thus be revealed.

The New Moon in Cancer sows the seed of rebirth; it promises us the coming of better days.

Definition of the New Moon:
The cycle of the Moon lasts about 29 days, starting with the New Moon. We see the Moon grow into the Full Moon. Then it shrinks until the next New Moon.
During the New Moon, the star of the night is invisible, hidden in the Earth's shadow. It is not observable since it is totally dark.
The New Moon is a sign of a new beginning, a moment in life when we start something, such as a project, or even a child, often unconsciously. It is the time of the month when we are most likely to succeed in our goals.
The New Moon is about relationships. It gives great vitality, impulsiveness, and sensitivity.
People born during a New Moon have considerable energy, a bursting impulse, but this conjunction of lights causes confusion and subjectivity induced by an exacerbated sensitivity.

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