Uranus in Taurus

Written by Mary

Uranus in Taurus, signifies the rooting of new habits and a certain steadfastness in change, assuming the unavoidable adaptations can be difficult.But it is also the installation of new life conditions, a challenge for everyone, more or less difficult depending on your sign ...

Aries:For all decans, changes must be made and activities will be geared towards material gains, money, investments, and expenses. Surprises, good or bad, will be relevant in this area. Some changes may run up against very conventional or stubborn behaviors and generate a variety of disorder.

Taurus:The passage of Uranus in the natal sun is a real event in someone's life and it does not happen to everyone because Uranus takes 84 years to go through all the signs. Uranus in your home is the heavenly obligation to free yourself from your shackles, even if you must go through a bit of breakage. The time has come to change the lines, to use this Uranium switch to make yourself more free, more autonomous or more productive. In any case, think carefully about the decisions you make: they will probably have an impact far greater than your expectations and you will have committed to your individual responsibility!

Gemini:This transit brings some material changes in your personal life. You are more motivated to undertake long-term work or to focus on difficult topics. During this transit, you are more attentive to your finances and more inclined to relax in solitude and that is a good thing.

Cancer:You discover new possibilities, you are curious and communicative but your obligations weigh on you and you yearn for freedom. This transit represents the beginning of an expansion toward independence and autonomy. Things change,so understand what you want to see evolve, in order to prepare yourself for the right way out. For nearly a year for each decan, the circumstances, meetings and lucky chances, will mark your life with a multitude of opportunities, novelties and occasions to change course smoothly and safely. You have the opportunity and the ability to individualize yourself, become independent or more independent. It is a true metamorphosis in the balance between you and the others.

Leo:Uranus will, for 7 years, disrupt the life of many Leos by inducing excessive behavior in many areas. Your will and your aspiration for autonomy, may run up against other wills or different desires, in an atmosphere of confrontation, conflict or tension. Your excessive side risks, on this occasion, to externalize yourself and cause all kinds of unpleasant incidents due to your outrageous behavior, your vanity or your intolerance. You have a hard time disciplining yourself and keeping a sense of reality, dead losses could be the consequence.

Virgo:The transits of Uranus in trine with the natal sun are very stimulating. Something changes in your situation or in your way of perceiving it. You will be able to envision new, previously unknown perspectives and apply them to the concrete reality of your existence. During this transit, all kinds of external events will help you change your life smoothly, successfully and without tears or regrets. For this transit to be profitable for you, it is important, however, that you act without waiting for miracles to fall from the sky. Circumstances are favorable to you, yet they must be exploited. You are full of charm and you have the opportunity to experience unknown delights, dare to express your desires!

Libra:Daily life, routine, work. Things change in this area because you seek your independence, your autonomy and your freedom of action ... You change your methods, you try new therapies and you make new friends. But all these upheavals will only be positive if you invest your energy and your achievements with measure and common sense.

Scorpio:You risk being excessively impatient, intolerant, and annoyed by obstacles in the way of your freedom. You are ready to do anything to find yourself and your behavior can cause disturbances, as well as unexpected changes in your life and your personality. There is no point in hanging on to your habits, your achievements, or your past. A door has opened, it must be discerned, in order to understand what new freedom is offered to you. You risk working in tense conditions by accumulating stress, you have neither the time nor the desire to relax and you can become systematically annoying, hostile to constraints, authority, regulations and routine. There is a break between you and the hierarchy, and breaks of friendship due to self-love during what is ultimately a struggle for your independence ...

Sagittarius:Some material changes in your personal life are provoked. You are more motivated to undertake long-term work or to focus on difficult topics.

Capricorn:When Uranus is in trine with the natal sun, the notions of independence and creative dynamism, the desire for novelty and the availability of all changes are reinforced. Metamorphoses take place smoothly, without excess, opportunities pass, you have to seize them. You paused, you start again, you are prompted to become interested in new areas, life becomes more exciting, with less depression. Your mentality evolves with new, more humanistic, progressive or scientific conceptions. Your mind awakens with a new freedom, you feel solidarity with your surroundings and a spirit of mutual help, more sociable and more understanding, attentive to the problems of others. It's a good time to make new friends who will be of great value.

Aquarius:While crossing taurus, Uranus risks causing some collateral damage for Aquarius. You fight fiercely to maintain your independence but the sky seems to focus on your existence by constantly putting sticks in the wheels, making you nervous, irascible and very awkward in your social exchanges. Your flashes do little to advance the situation, you must understand the implications of recent or imminent changes to discover what freedom you could obtain. Thinking is much more beneficial to you than revolting...

Pisces:When Uranus is in trine with the natal sun, you discover the sudden need to improve things. Your social position is strengthened, you manage passing on your ideas very well and you deploy your talents; your personality is highlighted. Changes in look or attitude make you more likeable and attractive, it's a great opportunity to refresh your wardrobe or reconsider your motives. The emphasis is on your ability to individualize yourself while remaining in harmony with your environment, your family or your loved ones. The changes will be positive and rather well lived.

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