Venus, the love planet

Written by Daisy

Venus, like Mercury, is between the Earth and the Sun and, for mathematical reasons, is never very far from the Sun: either in the same sign or in one of the two adjacent signs. A native of Capricorn, for example, necessarily has Venus in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces.

When Venus is in the same sign as the Sun, she reinforces the characteristics of that sign and gives someone whole, sometimes without nuance in their feelings. When Venus finds herself in another sign, she enriches the love life with different notions. She widens the field of experiences and emotions by completing or fighting the natal temperament.

Venus is associated with feelings, with the way of loving and more generally with relationships. It symbolizes charm and femininity in its seductive aspect. It also manages the need to communicate with others. So, it reveals your behavior or the character you want to show to others.

Venus in transit provokes excess like jealousy and frustrations, when misplaced. However, it brings luck, love, and financial benefits when it is positive. In astrology, it is called "the little benefit." The "great benefit" is Jupiter.Now, discover the transit of Venus, the planet of love, in each of the astrological signs.

Discover now the transit of Venus, planet of love, in each of the astrological signs.

Venus in Aries: Your love
You will find here our astrological advice for making the best profit from the influence of Venus in Aries on your sign.
Venus in Taurus: Your delights
Venus in Taurus entails highly sensual contacts, both in love and finance. Did you know?
Venus in Gemini: Legerity
In the coming days Venus is entering Gemini. Ideas will be discussed more than sensuality…
Venus in Cancer: tenderness
Horoscope for Venus in Cancer: ambience paced by mildness and tenderness!
Venus in Leo: What is thought of you?
You are finally revealed what your partner really thinks of you! The exclusive horoscope for your sign.

Venus in Virgo: moderation!
Sense of moderation, prudence, pragmatism and seriousness with Venus in Virgo!
Venus in Libra: Long live the projects!
Venus is entering Libra: Do not escape your contacts, isolation is not worthy with such a configuration!
Venus in Scorpio: Love in the air !
Venus arrives in the Scorpio sign! Check out your horoscope dedicated to this transit here!
Venus in Sagittarius: Exotics!
Benefit from dainties with moderation upon the arrival of Venus in Sagittarius. Learn all here!
Venus in Capricorn: nuance!
And you, what will you experience during the transit of Venus in Capricorn? Learn all with our exclusive horoscope!
Venus in Aquarius: Air!
For you: original acquaintances, new friends, purified feelings and more interesting relations. To be discovered…
Venus in Pisces: Be creative!
A splendidly romantic and creative period opening with Venus entering in Pisces
Retrograde Venus!
Retrograde Venus: this is a perfect period for ameliorating, embellishing, completing. Learn all about this phenomenon here!