Occupying your children this winter!

Written by Alison

It isn't always easy having our children on our hands during the holidays. Nor is it easy to take your kiddies' temperament into account in your plans. If they are involved in activities which are suited to their temperament, they will have a better time during the holidays and by extension, so will you!

Aries:Arieses children generally get up early. They need to offload a great deal of energy to avoid boredom. They therefore need space, intense physical activity and to be allowed to make a noise. Nurture their enthusiasm for sport in a positive way, with lessons in climbing and archery, or more simply a walking programme for small children or trekking for the older ones. After this kind of adventure, your child will be as gentle as a lamb and fall asleep by the fireside in the evening from a healthy kind of tiredness. After a day filled with activity, the Arieses child will be calm, relaxed and in a good mood.
A suitable present: knights in armour or a small moped!
A special present: a helicopter ride!

Taurus:Taurus children enjoy the simple pleasures in life. They have a calm temperament but are not afraid of hard work. Activities such as cooking or DIY will suit them down to the ground. They will love eating the dishes they have painstakingly prepared or decorating the house. Young Taureans are peaceable, preferring tranquil pleasures, and show a keen interest in nature at an early stage: animals, plants and natural materials. Enrol them on a cookery course if they live in the country, or gardening if they live in town. In either case, they will be delighted to discover these new sensations at their own pace.
A suitable present: a soft toy or a cute piggy-bank!
A special present: give them a pet!

Gemini:Gemini children need to be kept busy with a variety of activities. They will be perfectly happy if they have the chance to enjoy themselves with friends or family. When they aren't outdoors, it's important to organise board-games for them and give them the opportunity to keep busy in your company. Gemini children quickly get bored and unless they have ultra-trendy grandparents, it's probably better to plan more diverse activities than a visit to your parents'. Regular visits to a playground are an excellent choice, in a neighbourhood they like, with children they know by sight and a variety of activities on tap. Have board-games, books and comic books for rainy days...
A suitable present: a bike or construction game!
A special present: a cinema season-ticket!

Cancer:Young Cancerians are often anxious by nature and need to know what they are going to do during the holidays. They hate the unexpected. They enjoy spending time with the family in the warmth and comfort of their own home. If you give them access to fresh air and enable them to let off steam outside, they will probably accept going for a walk in good company. This will also be an opportunity for them to weave their own memories Proust-fashion, by sending them to stay with their grandparents, godmother or a well-loved aunt. Wherever they are, they will need security, warmth and reference points of all kinds.
A suitable present: a souvenir album or a cookery set
A special present: a water-based activity!

Leo:Leo children love to be given responsibility of any kind. For example, let them organise a few aspects of your day and they'll do their best to do it effectively. If they have a chance to take part in a play or a show, they will be over the moon. They really need to be able to express themselves and get recognition. The theatre is particularly appropriate. Find them a platform for comedy, the circus or painting if you can, as they will be delighted to show off their talents and receive compliments. This could considerably improve their self-confidence. Indoor games will suit them just as well as outdoor ones, as long as they get some attention and aren't on the side-lines.
A suitable present: authentic jewellery or a magic set!
A special present: a night at the opera!

Virgo:Virgo children enjoy peaceful and meticulous activities. This is an ideal opportunity to make dolls' clothing or create a photo album by the fireside. They will probably be happy to help you with the housework or with decorating the house. Virgo children are often well-behaved and methodical. They like nothing more than busying their hands and minds with specific activities demanding attention to detail. A pottery course or making a scrapbook will suit their temperament. It's best for them if there aren't too many children, especially younger ones, as this causes them nervous tension, which is incompatible with the concentration they really prefer.
A suitable present: a puzzle or a gardening set
A special present: a stay on a farm!

Libra:Libran children like enjoying themselves with friends or family: the more the merrier! They appreciate all recreational activities, as long as they aren't alone. Let them unwind or sing at the top of their voice. They need to be able to let off steam in a carefree manner. They are often well suited to holiday camp, as long as it is well managed. They love dressing up and taking part in varied and imaginative activities. If they have cousins, it's a good time to plan shared activities together. A music course also has a chance of going down well, as long as the discipline isn't too strict. They need a light-hearted and friendly atmosphere.
A suitable present: karaoke for singing with friends!
A special present: a video-camera for filming friends!

Scorpio:Scorpio children like to formulate their own plans, so let them take the initiative and don't force them to socialise with others, if they prefer to be alone. Don't worry too much if they decide to amuse themselves without others, as this doesn't bother them. Scorpio children are secretive and suspicious, so discuss your plans with them first and take their opinions into account. They are interested in anything that is secret and anything that requires them to excel. Going caving for those who are older, or a complex treasure hunt for the younger ones. Don't try to make them join a group, as this is often not their cup of tea.
A suitable present: a games console or remote-controlled car!
A special present: a deep-sea diving experience!

Sagittarius:Sagittarian children are active and like a challenge. They see games as a competition and appreciate all activities where they can let off steam and forge ahead of the rest. They are dynamic and full of goodwill. All sports should go down well, especially if there is a trophy to be had. Horse-riding and cycling, and more generally anything on two wheels, are associated with this sign. Don't forget about protection as these children are intrepid and sometimes reckless. They will adapt perfectly to the most disparate groups with ease and self-confidence.
A suitable present: roller-blades or horse-riding lessons!
A special present: a hot air balloon ride!

Capricorn:Capricorn children don't really like the unexpected or unknown, as it puts their timid nature to the test. To occupy themselves, Capricorns will probably want to do something constructive, even if they are on their own. If you want to make them happy, take them down a show-cave. They are rather fearful and hate surprises, which unsettle them, so involve them in projects they can relate to. A "science" course has every chance finding fascination with them: research into minerals, studying insects or the principles of chemistry. They are also interested in anything to do with construction or architecture. These children prefer solitude to noisy turbulence. Don't force them to join a group.
A suitable present: a construction game or one that requires reflection!
A special present: a real ants' nest!

Aquarius:Young Aquarians are quite original. They stand out as different and prefer to organise their own games in their own way. It's best not to include them in a group that they won't appreciate. They are willing to experiment and think up new ideas for amusement. Aquarian children are eccentric and rebellious. Holiday camps and other groups won't always suit them because they have an individualistic streak, which is incompatible with a one-fits-all approach to discipline. They need to let off steam and reflect, being fascinated by things new. An internship on a space station building rockets would be perfect for the young Aquarian, as with any such out-of-the-ordinary experience.
A suitable present: a microscope or a chemistry set!
A special present: a day at a theme park!

Pisces:Piscean children are gentle and imaginative. They enjoy the special and magical side of celebrations. They will be content to take photos as souvenirs of their family and friends, and share pleasant moments with those they love. If you can, take them to visit an aquarium, as they will like this very much. Piscean children are gentle dreamers, who will find their comfort zone on their own little world as soon as they can. As the name suggests, they often love water and will be delighted to have swimming lessons, go on a pedal boat or take up sailing. They often show early skills as a photographer and are fascinated by sepia prints. They may develop a real creative talent in this area.
A suitable present: painting materials or puppets!
A special present: an old-fashioned film camera!

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