Your Christmas Meal

Written by Olivia

Tic-toc, tic-toc, Christmas is fast approaching. This year, it might be your turn to organize the festive meal. Whatever form you want to give it or the type of guests, it is better to think a little bit ahead.Luckily, you can help yourself by taking inspiration from the typical features of your zodiac sign. The important thing is to please your loved ones, putting all the assets on your side. So, you too will be able to enjoy it better!

Aries:As a sign of fire, you are happy to be in the kitchen. But be careful, do not go full of innocent enthusiasm into recipes that are too complicated. You're more like a quick shot than a twelve-hour marinade. So be assured: today, it is quite possible to treat your guests by shortening the stages of the main course. Order a nice piece of beef from your favorite butcher. Rely on your personal arrangements, such as to accompany a flambé sauce with cognac or even easier, seasoning it with a pinch of Espelette pepper.

Taurus:As for the Christmas meal, let's just say you see big. Your guests are warned: they will not eat the day before, just to honor your talents. You are planning a festive aperitif with champagne and crispy appetizers, two entrées, which highlight your bestsellers, such as foie gras or salmon (or both). You opt for a beautiful capon filled with a homemade stuffing, followed by a cheese platter and finally, a homemade creamy praline log and vanilla mousse. All will obviously be washed down by a great Bordeaux.

Gemini:As you want to please everyone, opt for a buffet. You will be more comfortable to flutter between your guests and there will be something for everyone. Choose a theme that emphasizes lightness and lively flavors. It's up to you to use it in the drinks you serve, perfect for highlighting your element, the air. Also think of delicate bites like a pulled wasabi crab, vegetable aspics, or a salmon gravlax. For dessert, do the same: pineapple carpaccio, brownies, aerial mousse and some fondants will do the trick.

Cancer:Tradition, when you host! When it's your turn to organize the Christmas meal, you take the opportunity to revisit your childhood memories. You welcome your guests with a good eggnog, then you opt for a typical entrée, like oysters or scallops, a little nod to your sign. For the main dish, it will be poultry and to take no risks, you bring out the recipe of your grandmother. Desserts are essential, especially for children, whom you love to spoil: a chocolate and praline Christmas log, with its marzipan decorations, of course.

Leo:Be careful because you put your reputation at stake! In your head, you want to dazzle your family with a Christmas meal as grandiose as unforgettable. The occasion is thus perfect to bring out the most noble products: caviar, salmon, foie gras, it is a festival. The champagne will flow and you proudly display your best vintage bottles. For the centerpiece, you stay classic, with a beautiful honey roasted goose, which will be golden like your favorite color. You conclude with a dessert from Ladurée.

Virgo:First of all a tip: take a deep breath and do not worry about the details: no one will blame you if one of your dishes is not absolutely perfect. Or rather, mark the field: your shopping list will be accurate and you will have done some tests before, so as not to be taken aback. You will succeed with falsely modest entrées, such as mushroom soup and foie gras toasts, or a celery tartare with truffle and parmesan cheese. A Christmas turkey with whatever vegetables you have also sounds good to you.

Libra:Refined down to your toes, that's how your Christmas meal should be! In other words, you place the bar rather high. You want to be all at once delicate, sophisticated and fashionable. You will start with a velvety pumpkin soup with spices, foie gras and gingerbread mousse, followed by a lobster navarin, a veal roast with lemon and ginger. The dessert stays in the same vein: it is inspired by Cyril Lignac!

Scorpio:By agreeing to organize the Christmas meal, you want to surprise your friends and family. The dishes will be bold or not! Without a qualm, you dive a live lobster into a pot of boiling water: after all, it's completely Scorpio. If it can even be sauteed with yellow wine and morels, it will be perfect. This mushroom is strong in taste and exactly what you are looking for. Then, according to your preferences, you serve: noble fish or rare meat. Bet on a blue cheese platter, to distinguish yourself.

Sagittarius:The Christmas meal is an excellent opportunity to open up your taste buds to the pleasures of world cuisine. In other words, your plates travel the globe! Lobster with mango, coconut capon with lemongrass and coconut milk, you will delight your guests who may not dare to attempt such a meal. You, you are afraid of nothing, in terms of culinary borders. Plus, this can be a good opportunity to share the story of how you dreamed up your pie clafoutis with mango and lime.

Capricorn:Relax yourself first. The Christmas meal is not a job, at most a tradition to respect. So that it feels like you, bet on a concept that is not bling-bling. Three dishes under control corresponds to your rather reasonable approach. For the entrée, you have the opportunity to dress with the precision of an architect, this salted log "Roquefort and trout". It may be followed by a roast chicken with winter fruits, while a yule-log for dessert seems in order.

Aquarius:Bingo! You're here to shake up the idea of a holiday menu and it starts with the table, since in general you prefer a more casual formula, like a large buffet. You will be able to multiply your guests and test some crazy recipes. It's not in your house that one will find a chestnut turkey, unless it's revisited through molecular cuisine. Wakame caviar, salmon marinated with green tea and Christmas cupcakes are more your way and so is humor.

Pisces:Without stressing you, you can dazzle your guests by betting on the subtle marriages of colors and flavors. The pleasures of the sea are prominent: lobsters, langoustines, oysters, you just have to make your choice. A monkfish casserole or a beautiful salt-crusted sea-bass does not require too much effort and presents little risk of disappointment. Desserts, finally, you like. A frozen nougat or a perfect creamy coffee will finish everything off in beauty.

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