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Written by Evie

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The Snake in the Astrology of the Native Americans!

written by David, published the 24/10/2020 - World News

The natives of October 23rd to November 22nd are the sign of the Snake in Native American astrology. In this culture, he is the eighth totem animal of the wheel of life, and the Sneak has a very good spiritual symbolism, at least a strong potential to become a leader thanks to his capacities of connection with the invisible world; moreover, most great shamans are born under this sign. His energy is very strong and powerful and his healing skills can lead him into professions related to official or alternative medicine. If some consider him a mysterious figure, it is simply connected to his inner being, and the depth of who we are is not it simply mysterious? However, he can show a lot of humor thanks to his sensitive skin that offers a different perspective on life. Note that he is also passionate, enterprising, persuasive and inspiring.

Your Native American Astrological Sign: The Snake

written by David, published the 23/10/2020 - World News

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you are Snake in the Native American zodiac. The snake, as well as Scorpio and its phases of personal transformation that punctuate his life, represents the mutation and regeneration through his metamorphosis that make him change his skin: it is essential to continue living. In addition, the Sneak has this great power to subjugate others with its penetrating and fascinating gaze and Scorpio is also an irresistible and powerful personality. The Shoshone tribe in America worshiped the Sneak, which they considered the guardian of the great magical secrets of the universe. We can also make a connection with Scorpio, a sign of occultism and esotericism. For the Shamans, the Sneak's personality is sensitive, devoted to others and full of attention. The Sneak is also a vigilant, living, passionate and inspiring being.

What Scorpio are you?

written by David, published the 22/10/2020 - Names News

You are interested in knowledge and self-control, you are attracted to psychoanalysis and the paranormal, you are familiar with the mysteries and you have a deep vision of the answers. You build your convictions about your feelings, your reflections and your instinct, this mix gives you an excellent view of situations, without concessions but without dramatization. Introspection, reflection, meditation are good tools to relativize your passions or obsessions. If the obsessions win, psychotherapy or hypnosis will be a good solution. If you are emotionally fit, you can entertain yourself by analyzing another person, showing you as an excellent confidant and a good counselor.

Your guardian angel Mikael

written by David, published the 21/10/2020 - Guardian Angels News

If you were born between October 19th and 23rd, your guardian angel is called Mikael; the keywords of his energy are "healing" and "organization". The natives are good at putting organization in their minds and in their lives. The more methodical and clear, the more they are favored to climb the ladder of a hierarchy. Their active, studious and hardworking temper opens doors for them. For any type of problem, to call on Mikael is to invite him to come and cut the Gordian knots with his sword of light. Very combative, this angel can put an end to a legal, intellectual or physical battle. It can also give a taste to the natives of politics, social engagement while inspiring them and teaching them to easily spot the tricks of antagonists and intriguers. People born under his protection can become diplomats or politicians. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel .

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Isis

written by David, published the 20/10/2020 - World News

If you were born between October 18 and 29, your Egyptian astrological sign is Isis. Isis personifies patience and gives the natives a great openness, humanistic impulses. If you are betrayed, you will be no less idealistic and will always have faith in human nature. Of a conciliatory temperament, you always consider the positive and you settle in a blooming vibration. You always work in a way that will please your friends and your entourage and your magical good mood accomplishes this goal with ease. Moreover, when you go away, a big void is created in your loved ones. Solidarity, as well as intimate a life united to a partner, is essential to your eyes. The human sciences, psychology, sociology, community life represent areas where you could invest without problem. Determination is also one of your qualities to lead any project fighting against pettiness and hypocrisy.

Is your name Laura?

written by David, published the 19/10/2020 - Names News

Laura is a derivative of Laurent, which comes from the Latin "laurus" which means "laurel". The laurel represented victory and glory in antiquity, which is a good omen. Laura is a determined, dynamic, combative person, not without a certain spirit of contradiction. Her appearance is beautiful, charismatic, distinguished and sophisticated. She has a little theater actress or diva inside who is attracted by the lights of the music room, congratulations, encouragement. In addition to her character traits, she has a personal ethic that allows her to have a fair vision of life and the world. Not really traditionalist, she builds her own laws, beyond the good and the bad. It is also what makes her very independent. Laura's personality wreaks havoc on the hearts of her suitors and she likes to choose a couple as independent as she, yet he will still have to admire her.

Your Aztec astrological sign: Flower

written by David, published the 18/10/2020 - World News

Are you a collector of love adventures? Do you make havoc in love? It may be that you are a sign of the Flower in Aztec astrology. Your propensity to sensuality often leads you to multiply the sentimental stories without attaching yourself to the purely affective dimension of your relationships, at least initially. You are not insensible, but it is your way of being. It may happen, on the occasion of a personal challenge, which you ultimately seek to stabilize yourself. You will then show a lively and fun personality, loving to play in your duet, to the great joy of your partner. It's not for nothing that your planet is called Venus! Besides, you get along very well with the Monkey or the Eagle. Professionally, you will be looking for a more entertaining situation, in keeping with your artistic personality.

The resolutions of Libra.

written by David, published the 17/10/2020 - Names News

Your friends may be there to remind you of your promises when you contradict your own words. However, only promises made to third parties are important to you. Personally, you only aspire to balance yourself with others and care less about your own needs. You do not take the concept of "good resolutions" seriously. You are more likely to invent a pleasure than a restriction. But if you are trained by an assembly, you can make magnificent promises, make sublime resolutions and even feel sincere ardor...

Bring good enough at home

written by David, published the 16/10/2020 - Leisure News

You just broke a mirror into a thousand pieces? Did you enter your house with an open umbrella? Forget the four-leaf clover... Without going to an exorcism session and expelling a green slime on your neighbor, it is recommended to use salt, which is considered a real antidote to bad luck: take a salt bath purifies your body and rids it of negative waves; it's the same for your home by scattering sea salt all over the room. Burning incense like benzoin or sage cleanses your interior and eliminates bad vibrations. If that is enough to make you feel good again, you will at least have acted on your bad beliefs. You can also do it at your office, but we do not guarantee you the best effects: you could pass for a kind of mystic that went wrong!

Know your House 10

written by David, published the 15/10/2020 - AstrologY News

A map of the sky is divided into twelve houses including four "angles ": the Ascendant or house 1 to the east, the bottom of the sky or house 4 to the north, the descendant or house 7 to the west and the middle from the sky or house 10 to the south, to the zenith. House 10 symbolizes social and professional life, ambitions and relationships with all authorities. It is by examining your middle of the sky that you will understand the best for what activity you are doing and what you can expect from your work. Every planet that is there is marked by this theme, for example, Venus in House 10 indicates that you are popular, loved in your work, Saturn, that you are able to shoulder great responsibilities... Even if no planet there, the sign where the house 10 begins gives you a "social portrait ": medical trades with the middle of the sky in Pisces or artistic career with the middle of the sky in Leo. Do not wait, discover your potential pro!