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Written by Evie

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Watering her plants during the holidays

written by David, published the 03/07/2020 - Ecology News

cation is great, but if it's to find your decaying plants on your return, it will have an air of apocalypse that you will have to remedy by a long-term job. For the August vacationers, who leave their plants to their fate, we deliver this trick to save their fiber. Get a plastic bottle that you will pierce the cap with a hot needle, for example. You will fill the water bottle and screw the cap back on; then, you will plant the bottle in the potting soil downwards while taking care to create a ventilation slot on the bottom. This drip will be your D system that will release water during your guilty absence. Of course, you will not forget to stall the bottle with the help of a tutor, or you will keep it with wire or with stones, pebbles.

Recovering sleep

written by David, published the 02/07/2020 - Beauty / Fitness News

Are you one of those people who have trouble sleeping well? When you wake up in the middle of the night, turning around and back to your bed only aggravates the problem, so first, accept being awake. What's more, never consult the time because it would only increase your anxiety of not being able to assume the day that comes by paying you the inevitable big blow of fatigue. By the way, it has been shown that watching your PC screen or TV the hour before you fall asleep - and even reading a book! - is to banish your habits. Consider your bed as the haven of peace it must be exclusively. The only activity that can be tolerated is hugging with your other half. And the ideal for your morning awakening would be one that is caused by a dawn simulator alarm clock. You will wake up gently and your mood will be better!

The love portrait of Cancer

written by David, published the 01/07/2020 - Astrological Signs News

The Cancer woman is probably the most romantic. To seduce her, one must be a gentleman and bring out the poetic side of life. Brands of gallantries will be the most effective to make her succumb. Vanity and selfishness must be avoided if you do not want to see your smile disappear. The Cancer man is affectionate and sensitive under his appearances of boorishness. He does not want to reveal his sensitivity, so avoid seducing him in public if you do not want to start a relationship that will lead nowhere. He will feel safe if you are serious and sweet.

Talking in 3rd person

written by David, published the 30/06/2020 - Astro Mindset News

But no, you will not be a schizo so far: talking in 3rd person is a concept tested and approved by researchers at the University of Michigan who have drawn astonishing and encouraging conclusions. This would reduce stress and keep negative ideas or emotions at a distance. In short, it is a mental tip that gives us a lot of perspective and offers us the opportunity to observe ourselves as we would with a comrade or going to the movies. Thanks to this distance between our personality and our emotions that are sometimes a little too invasive, we can regulate and control them, and this completely new point of view will bring us greater serenity and make us even more creative. From the scientific point of view, electroencephalographic reading has shown that emotional excitement in the brain fades in less than a second thanks to this method. Try it!

Is your name Peter or Paul?

written by David, published the 29/06/2020 - Names News

Peter's Latin root, Petrus, means rock. It goes without saying that he is endowed with a solid character and in search of stability, that he invests body and soul in everything he undertakes. Beneath this sacred shell hides a kind being, sensitive to others, complacent, affable and considerate. In return, he needs to feel loved. Loyal and sincere, he focuses on reliable organizations and little appreciates the approach or lack of clarity in a project: he will inform his relatives or collaborators without detours. In love, look for simplicity, kindness and great loyalty, he goes without saying. Many celebrities are called Pedro, and yet, they do not especially seek light or celebrity. They are rather receptive to expressing their truth or their authentic personality. And do you know Pablo? His name comes from Paulus which means small. Humble or rather fearful at first, he favors his clan or family in which he likes to meet because it generates a sense of security and well-being. Not that he is wild, far from it, but he should feel good withhis shoes to access an environment he does not know. Once launched, he is ready to take on all risks to open his horizons and will do so with discipline, rigor and method, hence his chances of success. Once he has left its mark, he becomes more vivid and his charm is finally shown in all his attitudes.

Manage your problems

written by David, published the 28/06/2020 - Astro Mindset News

If you do not have any problem, write us to know how you do it, we are interested! But if, like most humans, you have some worries and you tend to leave them hanging around, one thing is to be done to start taking them by the throat: lay them on a paper or in a notebook, one by one, in order of importance; number them eventually. And scrolling through your list, you will find a first solution for each of them, then a second solution, a third, etc. Let go, put everything in your head, realistic and even less realistic, do what is called a "brainstorming" and you will see that after, you will already start to see more clearly. Sometimes, strangely enough, some things resolve themselves as soon as you start writing them, but that's only up to you. In any case, it is always good to write them. This is even more beneficial when you imagine solutions because this step prior to action clears your horizon and your eyes to a possible release.

All about the Third House

written by David, published the 27/06/2020 - AstrologY News

The House III of your birth chart is in analogy with the sign of Gemini, so if you have planets in this area, your mental activity, your studies, the exchange of information, your writings and travel occupy an important place. You are favored in activities related to the media, commercial transits, advice, and communication. Native people also have a deep need to communicate with those around them and they usually do so with great naturalness and ease. Through this often-awakening intellectual curiosity, they establish relationships with people from very different backgrounds and this is manifested according to the planets present in House III. The planets influence the way of thinking of the natives; if the planet Uranus is there, it reinforces their mental and nervous activity, their originality in their way of thinking and an inventiveness that could be expressed in new technologies or the media.

Do you know Thelma?

written by Zagon, published the 26/06/2020 - Names News

Thelma comes from Anthelme, of Germanic origin: "ans ans helm " "Ans " is the name of a deity, "helm " means helmet. Thelma is not disciplined or orderly, often pursuing several objectives at the same time and participating passionately in all of her activities. However, she loves comfort and even luxury, and is able to make a great effort to acquire it and then keep it. Thelma loves the game of seduction, but does not join easily and often experiences a tumultuous sentimental life. She seduces very easily, but becomes very selective when it comes to building a real love story. She does not doubt, in this case, to meet authoritatively with her partner.

All about your guardian angel!

written by David, published the 25/06/2020 - Guardian Angels News

If you were born between June 22nd and 26th, your guardian angel is LEUVIAH. The keyword of his energy is "faith", one of the three cardinal virtues. People born under his protection are kind and charming. These natives are sober in their expression and modest in their behavior. They are capable of a great endurance in the event of a test, they are patient and resigned. LEUVIAH is a great help in overcoming challenges by being persistent, having excellent contact with others, and controlling emotions and feelings. LEUVIAH encourages solidarity, sharing and complicity. He develops and maintains an excellent memory. Under his protection, the personality becomes more humble and endearing, stoicism and tenacity pay and trials are better lived, they tend to strengthen the soul and to move to a higher plane of consciousness. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel .

Scorpio in the face of change

written by David, published the 24/06/2020 - Astrological Signs News

The changes are a little your business: you do not fear them, you try to provoke them and, the deeper they are, the more you revel. The sky is very much in the direction of your spontaneous aspirations and, for some of you, the planets can be the triggers for a major role in the course of human events. You have great in-depth analysis skills, often excellent insights and you do not get fooled easily. The only potential danger of this agitated sky would be to deceive you in combat. You could then exhaust your resources and talents in a losing battle.