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Written by Evie

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Your guardian angel: Vasariah

written by David, published the 17/08/2019 - Guardian Angels News

If you were born between August 29th and September 2nd, your guardian angel is called Vasariah. The keyword of his energy is "rejoicing". People born under his protection are generally loving, generous, selfless, helpful and kind. Vasariah stimulates the benevolence and joy of his protected; he gives a gift for speaking, which is found in lawyers or anyone pursuing a career in the judiciary. He invites the natives to rejoice, to marvel at every piece of the world, putting aside ugly or repulsive things. When this feeling of happiness comes to inhabit the individual, that it leaves the burst to express it through something that makes him happy. Vasariah asks to go back to find some good memories to cultivate it. The natives sometimes benefit from lucky phenomena and a lenient justice. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel .

The personality of digit 8 in numerology

written by David, published the 16/08/2019 - Numerology News

Calculate your destiny figure by adding all the digits of your day of birth: day, month, and year, and then reducing this total between 1 and 9 (sometimes 11, 22, or 33). Example: 18/08/1980 = 1 + 8 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 = 35, 3 + 5 = 8). The way of life 8 characterizes people who are rather materialistic and ambitious but who give themselves the means to reach their objectives. The 8 symbolizes the work, the strategy, the intelligence and the audacity necessary to gain a good material security. The person marked by the 8 knows perfectly assert himself but can sometimes seem cold or distant. But this financial success does not guarantee a fulfilling love life, 8 tends to neglect this area to focus on his personal interests. However, the feelings are powerful and the 8 can be very jealous in love, confusing his material and sentimental gains in the same search for possession. A person 8 is likely to end up in a position of power or, in any case, of responsibilities...

Mary, the woman, the mother...

written by David, published the 15/08/2019 - Names News

Mary comes from Miryam, of Hebrew origin, which means "drop of the sea". Also, should we remember that today is also the festival of the sea? At first glance, Mary's personality seems quite reserved, but as soon as she feels comfortable, she begins to affirm herself and show vitality and enthusiasm. She likes to stand out from others and show originality in her attitude, even if it overflows with some strong emotions that give her an aura of sometimes exuberant actress. On the other hand, she is generous and appreciates giving herself so that her friends receive the best. Finally, it is not very attached to kinship ties or the values that derive from them, her individualism is stronger than the traditional. If you know a Mary, you probably never get bored with her.

Your guardian angel: Reiyel

written by David, published the 14/08/2019 - Guardian Angels News

If you were born between August 13th and 17th, your guardian angel is called Reiyel. The keyword of his energy is "happiness". He invites you to aim for small things of everyday life that make you happy, to really appreciate them in conscience to nourish your heart and your body. If you share this feeling with others, it will only grow in you because you have communicated it and what you give back to you a hundredfold. Reiyel helps to get rid of the black clouds that sail over the shoulders of the natives, so they should not hesitate to ask him for help to come off a lead screed that weighs directly on their head. In addition, it also gives the faculty to speak in public and speak with ease and talent to be convincing. The very fact of wanting to decide to increase your employer is possible thanks to the help of this guardian angel, as well as to ask any other favor. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel .

The 'afformations' can change a life

written by David, published the 13/08/2019 - Astro Mindset News

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), we learn that it is the quality of the questions we ask that will constantly determine the quality of our lives. Noah Saint John, the author of the book "The Code of Success" explains that he prefers to override the claims that some still recommend in personal development. He explains having created "afformations" which are the combination of affirmations and interrogations, of a phenomenal power for the brain. Instead of saying to oneself or repeating to oneself "I am in good health", "I am more and more fulfilled" to convince myself of this, you will use the interrogative form: "Why am I more and more creative? Why is money coming to me more and more easily? Why do I meet more and more people? ". This method makes it possible to mobilize our fruitful resources and activate our spirit in order to create more motivated ideas and to put ourselves in a dynamic of success.

A new astrology from the depths of time!

written by David, published the 12/08/2019 - World News

Are you interested in Aztec astrology? It has been increasingly popular with the public in recent years. This civilization possessed great knowledge of the cosmos and nature. It even drew the astral chart of the baby who had just been born in the community! Each day corresponds to a deity and the Aztec gods were represented by sculptures carved in stone. Among them, there are animals such as the agile rabbit, the golden eagle, the majestic ocelot or the malignant monkey and many more. Nature or elements of life occupy an important place in these ancestral beliefs. You can discover through their astrological principles new facets of your personality that are recognized most often to be just. We will return to it very soon with the Monkey deity and others, afterwards.

International Day of Cats

written by David, published the 11/08/2019 - Animals News

Happy holiday, cats! It's not for nothing if felines have invaded the Web; we find it all over the web with hilarious videos, images, gifs... simply because they are cuddly balls, great tireless players burlesque improvisers, unparalleled comedians, in short, celebrities who are frisky with all genres; they are even recovered to be associated with human behavior in order to convey societal, political and humorous messages. As for people, they are not left out since Karl Lagerfeld has even created an Instagram account specifically dedicated to his feline muse: Choupette. For her part, Katy Perry said that she wrote her tubes inspired by her trio of cats. For the most mystical, cats would be energy wizards in their own right. They would go so far as to protect a house by repelling negative energies as well as evil spirits... Chat, then!

When Leo faces change

written by David, published the 10/08/2019 - Astrological Signs News

In a good sign, you tend to oppose any change that does not come from you, especially in your private life. But you can, at the public level, be a leader of change. Indeed, you have a certain gift to organize and convince, coupled with a good spirit of decision... Still must you choose the right fight and the right opponent because it is the sky that dictates its rules this time. You have to acquire a certain humility that is not spontaneous to you in front of the forces that are beyond us. The foil, gilding and vanity must disappear to give way to higher aspirations, a more open mindset on the world and on others and humanitarian objectives rather than profitable.

Your guardian angel: Seheiah

written by David, published the 09/08/2019 - Guardian Angels News

If you were born between August 7th and 12th, your guardian angel is called Seheiah. The keyword of his energy is "wealth". The natives are generally wise, forward thinking, humble and dynamic. Seheiah is at their side to provide support and protection when accidental events sometimes occur. If you ever travel in the company of a person living under the aegis of this guardian angel, he will also provide you with protection. The rich hearts of natives spread around those they frequent and if they appeal to the generosity of the protected, they eventually realize that they must also find in them the wealth of the heart. It is a quality that is communicated. The prosperity of the people protected by Seheiah comes from the fact that the more they share their love, the more they enrich themselves, internally and materially. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel .

Do you know Dominica?

written by David, published the 08/08/2019 - Names News

The etymology of "Dominica" comes from "dominicus" which means "teacher". Dominica has a rich character because she can jump from one emotion to another, like a little monkey that passes from one branch to another. One can find in it, at the same time, a lateral girl, endowed with a feminine softness, like a more mature slope that would make her daring, intrepid, seductive and conquering. Her personality is balanced between emotional dependence and her opposite when she decides to be more reckless. She also has a sense of friendship and a gift of listening that allows her to be a good counselor, which provides excellent analysis and encouragement to those who need it. Beyond her phases of psychological oscillation, she is not lacking in humor, which she does not hesitate to use to deactivate tense situations, even when she is in the nervous tension phase. Alert-minded, Dominica also likes to read and talk a lot.

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