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Written by Evie

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Cats stroking, a job for you?

written by David, published the 29/02/2020 - Animals News

Do you like tomcats? Open the eyes now to Dublin where a veterinary clinic offered a full-time position for cat lover a few months ago. Who knows if other posts of this type will bloom again! Because it is a very serious profession, consisting of having the soft and warm paw to paralyze and cuddle cats for hours. The goal is to talk to them and reassure them before their medical appointment because they are of course considered as any other patient. The future employee must also understand what each meow, each cry and the different feline cries mean. This dream job went to a candidate who had to answer a series of questions where he won a series of yes: Are you crazy about cats? Do you count cats before falling asleep? Does caressing cats make you happy? Do you offer food to stray cats?

Do you know a Romeo?

written by David, published the 28/02/2020 - Names News

The Romeos are mature and responsible people. As they are worried about the next day, they dedicate themselves body and soul to their work to ensure their future and are meticulous. They do not like to leave space for the fortuitous nature of things, let alone waste time. With great brain potential, they can turn to intellectual careers such as linguistics, literature, philosophy. Relatively discrete, they tend to stay in the frame and do not make too much fuss. Even if they have a developed sense of justice, they can be more forgiving if they are friends because friendly links are essential for them. The Romeos are very attentive and do not hesitate to play a role of advice for people in difficulty; they will not hesitate to take the reins and resolutions and even cut the heart if necessary. With the female sex, they are polite and romantic, never rough or harsh. Very sensitive, they can be vulnerable in love but it gives them a delicacy and empathy that allows them to put themselves in their place.

Know your guardian angel!

written by David, published the 27/02/2020 - Guardian Angels News

If you were born between February 25th and 29th, your guardian angel is called HABUHIAH. The keyword of his energy is "friendship". People born under his protection are receptive, curious, meticulous, sometimes obstinate and certainly endowed with great sensitivity. The energy from the heart builds sincere friendships and if they realize that their friend is so different from them, their bond can elevate them nevertheless to something very harmonious and reciprocal. One of the strengths of the natives is to be able to understand the children who appreciate their company in return. In addition, HABUHIAH gives the gift to his protected to be able to make grow any type of project, especially if they are concentrated in the sectors of the breeding or agriculture. The angel also helps to encourage births, fight against infertility and helps cure diseases. However, the lesson of life of the natives is to understand that nothing is imposed on them and that there is nothing to impose on others: to accept others in their difference is highly spiritual, ultimately. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel .

Pisces solutions

written by David, published the 26/02/2020 - Astrological Signs News

Pisces is intuitively connected to the invisible worlds, interested in occultism, subject to presentiments or premonitory dreams. It is an ideal ground for the development of spirituality but an excess of sensitivity can push some Pisces towards fanaticism or defeatism. It is through the exercise of an art or a craft that he will be able to synthesize his nebulous aspirations with his material needs.

Astrological houses of your sky chart!

written by David, published the 25/02/2020 - AstrologY News

The house 2 in your sky chart is in analogy with the sign of Taurus and it represents your relation to the material goods, your capacities of acquisition, the money gained by your profitability, your possibilities of gains but not only: the House 2 is also related to your gifts or achievements, in other words, the value you have of yourself, and as this value is most often rewarded in our hard cash way, you are rewarded for your specific talents. If you have planets in this house, money does not necessarily count (even if it's a high probability); it may be a desire for material security. On the other hand, since this Earth House evokes the energy of Taurus, we often find people who like to recharge their batteries in contact with nature. If you do not have planets in this House, it means that the material aspects are not a major subject of concern.

Multiply your chances

written by David, published the 24/02/2020 - Luck News

The author of the book "Making a Difference" has been studying the phenomena of luck and bad luck for more than 10 years. He found that each person is hardly more favored than another; to tell the truth, each lucky subject receives as many opportunities as the unlucky subject. The difference comes from their way of apprehending the events of their life. Lucky people use an area of ??the brain that scientists are constantly looking at. It is called the "activating reticular function of the brain"; this name, a little too scholarly, covers an astonishing attitude: we draw to ourselves what we pay attention to. You become pregnant and only see pregnant women. You want a red race car and you see almost every corner. It's the same with luck or goals. Your "networked function" takes you to what is important to you. Brain science considers that this function in us acts as a mental radar. Also, chance opportunities, surprising encounters can happen provided we stimulate our thoughts in one direction... Experiment!

All about your guardian angel!

written by David, published the 23/02/2020 - Guardian Angels News

If you were born between February 20th and 24th, your guardian angel is called EIAEL. The keyword of his energy is “imagination”. Those born under his protection are a little lonely and interested in science and philosophy. But, absorbed by their thoughts, they sometimes lack confidence in responsibilities or maintain a pessimism used. EIAEL consoles in adversity and reveals the truth to researchers. This consoling angel helps them to rediscover the joy of life, the enthusiasm and certain innocence from childhood. EIAEL shows what is most beautiful in life and the best in oneself. These natives can then use their brilliant imagination to communicate positively with others. Beautiful companies can emerge from these privileged exchanges. They are creative natives who do not support a routine without surprise, even if they aspire to stability. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel .

Is your name Isabel?

written by David, published the 22/02/2020 - Names News

Do you know Isabel? Of Hebrew origin, Isabel is a derivative of Elizabeth that comes from Elijah and Sheva meaning "God is sworn." Isabel has encouragement and energy to save so much that she can accept big projects. In her eyes, laziness is a disease and it can happen that her jealousy and her personal investment shame those who do not feel up to it. But she does not care because her philosophy of life is based on what should take her forward, which gives her the pleasure of progressing in an adventurous way. She is very demanding both socially and emotionally and, if she gives a lot, she also likes to receive back, she takes care of those who remain warm. At least she is sincere in expressing her feelings and is also what makes her charismatic. However, she has a sensitive heart and uses strategies to avoid feeling victimized by the attacks that would attack her. She is a great romantic.

Your animal-totem: the Wolf

written by David, published the 21/02/2020 - World News

If you were born between February 20th and March 20th, your animal-totem in Native American astrology is the Wolf. Our modern civilization is not very tender with this animal, attributing a certain number of evils to it and that does not date from today since the tales already described it as a dangerous and aggressive creature. The Amerindians see in the Wolf a benevolent, generous and loving creature that his reputation suggests. The natives of this sign know how to protect the members of their clan with pugnacity and love, like a wolf mother. Receptive to the energies that circulate around, the Wolves are endowed with a great sensibility that can enrich them internally as well as intoxicating them, also according to their frequentations. In a positive environment, the Wolf is affectionate, tender, passionate. If he feels rejected, he can become savage, withdrawn into himself. His duality pack / isolation is the sign that he must appeal to a leader confident of him and inspires serenity to channel it.

How does Pisces work?

written by Zagon, published the 20/02/2020 - Names News

You are intuitively connected to invisible worlds, interested in the occult, subject to forebodings or premonitory dreams. It is an ideal base for the development of spirituality, but an excess of sensitivity can push you towards systematic defeatism.

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