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Written by Evie

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Where does the name Amber come from?

written by Zagon, published the 07/12/2019 - Names News

Amber is derived from Ambrosio, of Greek origin: "a-brotos" means "immortal": the ambrosia, food of the gods of Olympus, ensures immortality. Amber is communicative and imposes her ideas by making herself respected. She likes to seduce and be noticed. She values the family and the elderly, does everything possible to make her parents happy and, therefore, becomes an example for her own children. She is an observant woman who analyzes the behavior of those around her before trusting her. She reacts quickly in case of emergency and works hard, does not hesitate to document and question herself to improve. She has no difficulty in occupying a position of responsibility and motivating a team.

Colors and moods

written by David, published the 06/12/2019 - Beauty / Fitness News

Colors exert a subtle action on our emotions by stimulating or soothing them, making us happy or saddening us. It seems that their impact on our psyche comes from their proximity to the natural world, the blue evoking the sky, gold the sun, etc. And among occultists, the reason is esoteric: the seven colors of the spectrum are reminiscent of the number 7. The white, in the West as in the East, by the totality of the colors it encompasses, symbolizes life and its completion. Gold, symbol of the sun and royalty, was among the ancient Greeks, associated with the idea of ??immortality, as the myth of the Golden Fleece tells. Green, in the Irish tradition, is the color of Tir Nan Og, the island of eternal youth. Purple is a mystical color that often serves as a medium for meditation, it unites the energy of red and the sanctity of blue. But it can also evoke sadness as recalled by the nymph Echo, who yearned for Narcissus.

What can frustrate a Sagittarius?

written by David, published the 05/12/2019 - Astrological Signs News

Sagittarius is frustrated with routine and immobility, thirsty for freedom and escape. The force that drives him to continually pursue new goals is so great that he can totally dominate his personality and spoil his current activities. He likes novelty, which makes him opt for changes as far as possible. Sagittarius is a person with a fiery, rebellious personality, while remaining conformist. Bold, with his head on his shoulders, Sagittarius is very open and has the ability to adapt to all situations. So when he is level-headed, it is with hindsight, intelligence and a good dose of humor that he takes up the challenge.

A Feng-Shui room

written by David, published the 04/12/2019 - Beauty / Fitness News

A little wisdom and Zen balance in your room, it can always be useful to sleep well or to maintain your loves. As a first step, make sure the head of your bed is snug against the wall or that your headboard has an upright to create a stable and secure place where your head will have a good protective support. Next, place support elements on the sides, preferably round to avoid the angles that are considered poisonous edges in Feng-Shui. In addition, avoid that your desk or television are near the bed, these sources of distraction should be masked by a veil or a screen because they are considered disruptive. For colors, opt for soothing pastel tones or blue, mauve, pink, green. As your room must be a kind of oasis, eliminate the electrical wires, scent it, diffuse a pleasant and dim lighting. In short, here are some ideas to start.

What Xavier are you?

written by David, published the 03/12/2019 - Names News

Xavier is of Spanish origin and means "new house". Xavier shows an authentic personality who likes to get to the bottom of things and appreciates the simplicity of people and situations. Discreet and sincere, he appreciates his solitude punctually by being in tune with his deep self while he longs for adventures and new sensations. He needs to feel loved to attract the energy that will push him forward and build his life. Although apparently silent, he can enter the mad wrath where he will express a destructive rage in front of his enemies. He likes to live according to his own ethics and is not very adaptable to the strict rules of a society. He has a clear inclination for humanitarianism because he has a big heart and creative works mobilize everyone in view of his great sensitivity for drawing, painting, design or fashion.

Organize your shopping!

written by David, published the 02/12/2019 - Celebrations News

To avoid spoiling your life, it is recommended to do your Christmas shopping no later than the first week of December and again the first rushes begin to appear around December 5 and 6 ... And preferably, do your shopping in week on the occasion of a day off that you ask, at the opening of the store because the shelves are full. You will avoid elbowing in the crowd and you can approach the holidays more serenely. The best way to gain speed is to split your purchases with family or friends, which will save you from ending up with a duplicate toy or running for hours. And now, the case is in the bag: you have succeeded your challenge, stronger than Schwarzy in his toy race, without stress and without anxiety. Thanks WHO? of course!

Your animal totem: the Owl

written by David, published the 01/12/2019 - World News

If your birthday is at this time and until December 21 included, you are, in Native American astrology, the sign of the owl. This animal has particularly attracted Native American masters by its mode of hunting on worms or rodents, to rid these pests who consumed the provisions of winter, which gives it a protective role. On the other hand, his big eyes piercing the darkness of night have been assimilated to clairvoyance. In terms of personality, owls are enthusiastic, free and artists. They have a great ability to listen, which places them among guides, teachers or counselors offering an original worldview. The people of this sign love to go head to head in the adventure of life and feed on its substantive marrow. As their intelligence can embrace the two sides of the same energy, dark or bright, they will have to make a choice: to become a rebel or recalcitrant or a kind of shaman filled with wisdom.

Who is Andrew?

written by David, published the 30/11/2019 - Names News

Andrew originates in the Greek Andros which means "Man". The Andrew have a strong character, they like to take on the most insolent challenges and do not lack fighting spirit in the face of the vicissitudes of life. His temperament is as sensual as he is passionate, he likes the beauty and charm of life as much as falling in love with someone who has caught his attention. He is a competitor that is not cold and that is solidly constituted, both physically and morally. This does not prevent this leader from being born to be adorable, friendly and sociable, but with a selective side, anyway, he does not let anyone in his life because he likes to associate with those who do not seem hypocritical or liars. Basically he is honest with himself and with others, so he is also loyal and faithful to his partner.

Enlarge your interior space

written by David, published the 29/11/2019 - Leisure News

How to trick when you have a small home? Giving a bigger effect to feel better, it's never impossible say the designers and there is always a way to redesign your interior. If you live in a studio and want to separate your living space in two, the thing to do is to let the light through. Example # 1: You could install a pierced library facing your bed to let the day filter through; to acquire this type of library despite a modest budget, buy plywood pine and have it made by a handyman friend. Example 2: A sliding curtain can be a good alternative. On the substrate side, opt for a boat sail stretched by means of a cable attached to the wall, this will offer a nicer look and it will slide as well as a real curtain. We tell you, there are never any problems, there are only solutions.

A bit of Egyptian astrology?

written by Zagon, published the 28/11/2019 - World News

If you were born between November 28th and December 18th, your Egyptian astrological sign is Osiris. He is the god of the dead and the master of the survival of the dead in the underworld. He is represented with a false beard, a butt, a whip and a crown. Osiris taught men to farm the land and fish. These natives are curious, constantly looking for new experiences and developing all their life their multiple knowledge. They are often scientists in their chosen fields. Osiris is open, confident, and sociable; he has no trouble getting relationships and having a good popularity rating. But it can be naive or distracted and then know some disappointments ... It is an idealistic sign that aims the impossible, which is not discouraged by a failure and always finds the strength and courage to bounce back against the adversity.

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