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Written by Evie

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Know your House 10

written by David, published the 15/10/2019 - AstrologY News

A map of the sky is divided into twelve houses including four "angles ": the Ascendant or house 1 to the east, the bottom of the sky or house 4 to the north, the descendant or house 7 to the west and the middle from the sky or house 10 to the south, to the zenith. House 10 symbolizes social and professional life, ambitions and relationships with all authorities. It is by examining your middle of the sky that you will understand the best for what activity you are doing and what you can expect from your work. Every planet that is there is marked by this theme, for example, Venus in House 10 indicates that you are popular, loved in your work, Saturn, that you are able to shoulder great responsibilities... Even if no planet there, the sign where the house 10 begins gives you a "social portrait ": medical trades with the middle of the sky in Pisces or artistic career with the middle of the sky in Leo. Do not wait, discover your potential pro!

The heart line on your palm

written by David, published the 14/10/2019 - Divinatory Arts News

In chiromancy, the heart line is the one that starts under the little finger and runs to the middle or even the index finger. It reflects your emotional life and your feelings. If the line is badly traced or forms small islands like a chain, this is a sign of dissatisfaction and emotional insecurity; if the line is well drawn, the individual will be confident in his own feelings to the point of being able to act even impulsively. A curved line will reveal strong desires and an enterprising side; a straight line denotes a more reasoned and measured person. If your heart line ends at the root of your index, you know what you want and are very demanding of your partner; if it ends between the index and the middle finger, you are affectionate and loving nature with regard to your loves but also your loved ones. A short-hearted line will be a lover of fleeting and irresponsible adventures. Finally, a line of hearts ending in a fork is favorable because it indicates a romantic soul, warm and balanced. So, did you decrypt your heart line?

What our troubled members tell us

written by David, published the 13/10/2019 - Beauty / Fitness News

To understand what our body and its discomfort tell us, it is important to listen to it; in general, if physical problems reach your legs, arms, eyes, ears, or nose, it means that our actions, thoughts, or words are a drag on us. Distressed legs mean that the future scares us or that a change upsets us, prevents us from moving forward. Same thing for the toes that symbolize small details facing the future. Trouble is looming on the horizon and horns on the toes proclaim that we do not act or think in a way that befits our inner being. If the arms have problems in turn, for example, a sore elbow shows a lack of flexibility to embrace a new experience. Arthritis in the hands, legs, arms or hips, indicates that you need to express who you are and that you do not do enough: your body proclaims that it is high time to assert yourself.

Scrapbooking: the art of tinkering without pretension!

written by David, published the 12/10/2019 - Leisure News

To make a scraps book, amateurs of practical work will find their account because it is very fun, and it calls for free creativity. First, think about gathering some pictures around the same theme (the birth of your baby, a wedding, holidays...). The choice of your papers is very important: printed, plain, acid-free, vellum, mulberry: go hunting at a well-stocked stationer. Then, resize your photos to crop them while highlighting thematic elements, given free rein to your imagination with cuts in square, circle, polygon, rhombus etc. Keep the falls that could serve you further on a creative level. Highlight your photos on pop and fun backgrounds. Comment on your photos with decorative titles, you can use colorful alphabets. You do not have to load your pages but, on the contrary, air them to highlight your photos. Finally, the golden rule is to have fun valuing this slice of life you choose, no matter if it's a bit awkward.

A new answer to the existential question 'who am I?'

written by David, published the 11/10/2019 - Astro Mindset News

At a reception in Beverly Hills, an imitator lent her magnificent voice for a tour of song that was a great success. The mistress of the house exclaimed: "Eleanor, what an extraordinary voice of soprano! I really did not know you could sing and as well. And the imitator replied: "But I cannot, I'm only imitating Callas! Does not this seemingly innocuous story demonstrate how limited we are, or rather what limits we impose on ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, so as not to cross the borders that have often been ours? Spiritual teachers often insist that it is by pretending to be what we become and becoming who we are. Also, it is up to everyone to question his mental images of the idea we have of us to create the one we want to embody.

Stone-paper-scissors-well or the Shifumi

written by David, published the 10/10/2019 - Leisure News

If you are bored with your colleagues or want to have a little fun with your children, the stone-paper-scissors-well does not cost a round because it is played with the hands and created good slices of fun. It can also help make decisions in a flip-flop way, but in a more playful way. The rule is very simple: 2 players use their hand to give it one of four possible forms. The strongest wins the game when he reaches 5 points. Count backwards and three, have the intuitive hand! If you play the stone, you will have closed your fist: the stone beats the scissors but loses against the well or the paper. If you play the paper, it covers the stone and the well but loses against the scissors that cut it. To imitate a pair of scissors, close the fist and extend the forefinger and middle finger away: the scissors cut the paper but fall into the well or break against the stone. To designate a well, the index finger and the thumb will form an O. So, are you ready?

Where does the name Denis come from?

written by David, published the 09/10/2019 - Names News

Denis derives from Dionysius, which means son of God and who was the god of the vine in Greek mythology. The Denis have a strong personality, assertive and voluntary; however, they do not easily express their feelings, which denotes an enigmatic charm that distinguishes them from others. They have a great thirst for adventure, always looking for new experiences and their unlimited imagination leads them to dream of new worlds. They work very hard and a form of pride pushes them to complete their objectives. Wherever they go, they like to leave a trace of their uniqueness, see also these unusual personalities: the basketball player, Dennis Rodman, the director, actor, photographer and painter Dennis Hopper, the philosopher Denis Diderot or the Dutch footballer Dennis Bergkamp.

Feng-Shui cuisine

written by David, published the 08/10/2019 - Gastronomy News

It must be assumed that any food prepared in a kitchen will be invested with the energy that prevails, so always make sure that your food room is always clean. Get rid of all your outdated products lying in the bottom of your closets or your fridge because the freshness of the dishes they contain will be an important vector for the health of your home. Another important point is that the sink and your cooking plates must not cohabit next to each other because the energies of water and fire are very opposite and can create disharmony in your home: you can always arrange a separation with wood (e.g. utensils) or a green plant. Also avoid leaving sharp material because Feng-Shui is not very customer of all these forms angular or sharp. On the other hand, if the worktop is facing the door, turning the back on visitors does not propagate a climate of invitation, so you can place a mirror to cancel this effect or a sparkling casserole. Finally, a good light is a sign of good health and good mood, so be sure to make it clear and relaxing.

Stop thinking conditional

written by David, published the 07/10/2019 - Astro Mindset News

We have become so addicted to thinking that we often think of ideas leading nowhere. The worst can be the everlasting "I should" which is only wind. "I should do sports" will only bring, in all logic, resentment and frustration. Do you think that because they told you? Because a sports fan recommended it to you? Or because you are complexed by your figure? Or simply because you are aiming for a more dynamic health? The reason that leads you to this idea is very important because a goal can be healthy as harmful, it is just the train of thought that led you to want to achieve it. The most important thing in this regard is to set goals that make sense and value to yourself and not listen to your neighbor who will have certified that it makes sense and is good for you. A word to the wise...

Libido of men and woman Libra

written by David, published the 06/10/2019 - Love News

Libra is an extremely refined character, endowed with a sexual temperament of good quality. The key word, to qualify his libido, is "balance" - Balance between sensuality and feelings, between animality and subtlety, between impulses and love games. He rarely lets himself be carried away by his impulses. Of a very sentimental nature, romance is essential to his antics. Libra attaches particular importance to atmospheres and with its highly developed aesthetic sense; it has great difficulty to find fullness in the arms of a partner he does not find to his liking.

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