New Year's: a festive New Year's Eve

Written by Olivia

It's New Year's! So no question of denying your pleasure. It is important to mark this symbolic passage from one year to the next. But it must also be done according to your sensitivity, your desires and therefore your astrological sign!

Aries:No need to ask what you have planned for D-Day a week before, because you are waiting for the last moment to decide. The New Year will be as you want, with whom you want! When it comes to what you're wearing, take out the big guns, red and black leather, for example. And as you are an extroverted sign of fire, you are waiting for the fireworks of the 31st.

Taurus:After Christmas, there's no question of going to New Year's Eve without a treat. The best option: a chalet in the mountains, dear friends, good food and a warm and cozy atmosphere.The artist who slumbers in you will reveal itself. For example, during a karaoke.

Gemini:There is fiesta in the air! On New Year's Eve, you do not stay in one place. Besides, why be confined to a single party? The need for you is to vary the moods. A family start, just to say a quick hello to the cousins, then you go to party where it moves the most, often jeans, T-shirt and sneakers to be comfortable. You can even improvise as a DJ until the early morning!

Cancer:It's with a touch of nostalgia or emotion that you look one last time at the past year, where you have already made so many memories to join those you cherish so much in your lost moments ... But no question of falling into lethargy, shake things up. Put on an elegant but comfortable outfit to see the show that will channel your tears and laughter.

Leo:What's more trendy this year? You know it better than others! In any case, no question of staying locked at home or between friends for the big night. You have already carefully thought about your outfit that must be dazzling or at least very chic. Makeup and hair, primed, you go out and you'll be in the front row for the final countdown. Champagne!

Virgo:New Year, why make it a big deal? Deep within you, a little voice whispers that it's a day like any other. However, take it upon yourself, the others party and you will not stay in your corner. On the contrary, you have to learn how to let go and leave behind your complexities and anguish. For starters, focus on the outfit you want to be flawless.

Libra:If you like Christmas, then New Year's Eve is even more likely to excite you. On the program, there is everything you like: meetings, unexpected things and seduction. Getting all dressed up is without doubt a Libra expression. Ideally, you will go to the theater, for a fashionable play, then dine after midnight in your most beautiful outfit.

Scorpio:You want a different New Year's Eve, far from superficiality. No question of doing a funky dance with the crowd! Which does not mean that you are not necessarily wild. You can even enjoy meeting unusual people, perfect strangers with whom to exchange an intense moment.

Sagittarius:For you, two options. The simplest is to party in a supercharged atmosphere until the wee hours of the night. Eat, drink, sing, dance, and start again. Or, you are planning a big trip. Since forever, you dream to turn this corner in a tent in the desert or on a beach at the end of the world in a safari outfit or swimsuit.

Capricorn:Time is always fascinating. But this time, it is in groups that you will count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. You see it almost like a formality, which allows you to formalize the entry into a new year, rich in ambitions. But just before, do not forget to drink and party!

Aquarius:With you, New Year's Eve can be a little disjointed or completely crazy. Because you have no prejudices or limits. If you are the organizer, you happily mix genres and people. Neighbors are warned: at home, it will swing until dawn. But you can also go on an adventure with new friends.

Pisces:On the eve of the New Year, you can not help but have tender and hopeful thoughts for your loved ones and for the entire Earth. Empathy, empathy ... At home, the wishes are not formulated lightly: it may be confusing, but in any case, you hope all the best. And you will dance until the end of the night.

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