Horoscope for May 1st

Written by Alison

It's May 1st: How are you going to enjoy this day?It's May 1st, and it's a holiday! Labor Day can be spent on a thousand things, whether you're a trade unionist at heart or just decide to take it easy. Depending on your zodiac sign, and according to your imperatives and your convictions, here are some ways to spend the day.

Aries:This year, May 1st falls on a Tuesday, your day, since it is under the aegis of Mars, your planet. So, whatever your program, there is no question of taking it easy. But, you need action, day off or not. For you, two options: either you take the head of the procession, and you put your hand on the megaphone. Your slogans will be robust! Or, you take advantage of this day off to put on a good pair of sneakers and workout twice as hard… a question of spring fitness.

Taurus:At this time of year, if the weather is nice, walking in nature is essential! If you are in town, at home or elsewhere, take a look at the botanical gardens. It's not just thrush, you'll see! At each detour, it's an opportunity to discover daffodils or tulip beds. This is also the time when the blooming magnolias would make anyone feel romantic. Finally, sit down on a terrace or have a picnic to mark a deserved break.

Gemini:This May 1st, you cannot do everything. Choose between wanting to distribute leaflets or keep up with all the political speeches of the day. In any case, you are not going to be unemployed. On the program: coffee or brunch on the terrace, to watch the procession go by, why not a little shopping session in the busy shopping sector. To end in style, have a movie session and go to a trendy restaurant!

Cancer:May 1st is an opportunity for an unusual sleep. And all the better! Because you will have prepared for it the day before: you planned the pastries for breakfast as well as a good pile of magazines and newspapers. With this program, the morning will pass like lightning. You will regain awareness of time - and the weather - to decide whether you are going for a stroll or seeing an exhibition. At the end of the day, you will still have time to relax in front of a TV set.

Leo:What you take from having a day off: this is the ideal pretext to take it easy and, above all, to think of yourself and only yourself! And you have a little idea in your head: an appointment with your favorite hairdresser is made - if they are closed - you will go directly to scour the most beautiful shops in the city. You will end up exhausted but happy in front of a tea and its sweets in a luxury hotel. What else?

Virgo:Is this holiday really a holiday for you? As a good worker bee, you may have thought that this was an excellent time to sort through your papers or put your wardrobe in order. Bet on the most relaxed option, all the same ... Because the others are not like you, they take time off! But like in La Fontaine's fable (the cicada and the ant), you will have the satisfaction of having a sparkling and welcoming home on Tuesday.

Libra:On May 1st, you have a big, big program. First, the esthetician, then the hairdresser, then a good manicure-pedicure. Then, as beautiful as a Hollywood star, you will be perfect for a date with the girlfriends or your lover. Enough to receive some compliments in passing! Aperitifs with tapas, an exhibition opening, or an evening at the opera house, the rest of the program should be just as extravagant.

Scorpio:May 1st is the day of demands. Let everyone keep that in mind! If you are unionized, that's perfect, if not, take advantage of the context to release a few files that bother you, including at home. It's now or never to dot your I's with your teenager who sits in front of his computer or with your partner who skips household chores. There! That way, you will not be unemployed.

Sagittarius:You who always go on grand adventures, you will have to frame your ambitions today! That is to say, leaving your routine, but without going too far. Still, try to avoid the traffic jams that would drive you crazy. That said, you can go for a long walk in the forest, away from the crowds, or go and breathe the fresh air by the sea or in the mountains.

Capricorn:You who are sensitive to work and its values, take advantage of May 1st to ease off ... but without pretending. Read a book, watch a documentary, in short, relax but in an academic atmosphere. Another option, devote yourself to solitary leisure and take the time to get into it thoroughly, such as tinkering on your balcony or in your workshop-office.

Aquarius:May 1st, for you, is still a day to commemorate work. Solidarity, in essence, you like to participate in the procession, especially to remake the world or distribute leaflets. This is an opportunity to test your big ideas and make things happen! Aren't you motivated? Above all, do not force yourself. Do whatever you please, the main thing is to have no obligations.

Pisces:This May 1st, you mainly plan to rest. These are the moments when you feel the tiredness of the start of the year catching up with you. So we would be tempted to tell you: don't plan anything. No program, no obligation, no travel. Take things as they come, eat when you are hungry, take a nap, and forget reality!

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