Learn about the different types of astrology in the world

Written by Daisy

World astrology looks at the great movements of planets, civilizations, societies, and social, political, and collective happenings. It's sort of the astrology of mankind that we offer here for you to look at in this section.

Transits of slow-moving planets!
Discover every potential planetary duo that could form, along with their last conjunction dates and the symbolic keywords!
Principle of world astrology
World astrology reveals the events of life, the evolution of nations, the challenges humanity faces.
The planets in world astrology
Find out about the planets used in world astrology and their various impacts.
Planetary cycles
Through world astrology, discover the cycles and conjunctions that have marked the past and those that are to come.
Astrological Retrospective in the twentieth century
All about the planetary transits associated with the great world events of the twentieth century.

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