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Written by Daisy

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2020 begins with the shock of the titans! Saturn and Pluto who have come close, searched, and titillated throughout 2019, continually putting pressure on us to accept (willingly and often by force) confronting reality and working on the merits (especially the evolution of our societies and our world). It's finally found! Point of the exact impact of the meeting between the two stars? January 12th, 2020! The inevitable conclusion of a situation, the culmination of an evolution (revolution) could well confront us pronto, and in 2020; the need to take concrete measures to change the world! Let's hope ... for better!

If the sky hits hard in January, then some planetary aspects this year could encourage goodwill, boost our creativity, and our desire to pull ourselves up from a particular slump with concrete measures, and why not, some genius ideas to advance sensitive issues. So around April 5th, June 30th, and November 12th, we will be able to count on the alliance between Jupiter and Pluto to move the lines! This shocking duo could, indeed, encourage the emergence of creative and sometimes radical solutions likely to renew the social landscape. Provided, however, that these forces are not used to impose excessive, abusive actions taken without appeal.

Fortunately, we will be able to count on the recurring sextile (February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th) between Jupiter and Neptune to raise the debates and guide them in ways more inspired by the common good, a concern for justice, even altruism that could then help smooth things over and soften the exchanges! The year ends on a constructive note. So in December 2020, Jupiter joins Saturn (the 21st) to seal lasting agreements made in good conscience! That is to say? Let's hope that for a year that starts strong and should evolve with a particularly intense cosmic flux, we find a balance between laxity and abuse of authority, sterile status quo and prodigious advances, smug idealism and real concern for collective happiness!

A difficult bet but not impossible to meet if, beforehand, we accept (and a priori from January) to draw a line on the past together! It is probably time to give the future and humanity a chance to turn the world and its faults into a human society worthy of the name. Able to evolve while also taking into account the realities that surround us (social, economic, ecological) without denying our essential and legitimate desire to transcend its limits and to move quickly and adequately towards a world where everyone will have their right in its place and in the sun! A utopia? Maybe just a goal to keep in mind in 2020 to avoid any authoritarian drift as well as any drift too disconnected from what's real!

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