2020 horoscope for Aquarius

Written by Absent


Over the months, you will have concrete goals for your career and social life, ambition, but above all, a true desire to make sure your work continues over the long term and restructure your life in a positive way. Even though you might be confronted by setbacks at the start of the year, you won't for all that lose any of your enthusiasm for forging ahead. In the spring, a nice burst of freedom will help you break free and kick things up a notch. At the end of the year, success will be there for the taking in everything you do. The year looks to be under the best of auspices for fulfilling your desires and find stability.


With Jupiter, you won't be able to resist the urge to assert yourself in your emotional life, and so your generosity and good will will know no limits. Your partner will be lavished with attention, which will do your relationship some good and put your partner in a new mood. If you are single, you will be just about to write the most beautiful story of your life - so be attentive and look around you!

Social Life

This year will be full of surprises and newness. You can't say it'll be a boring one! You meet many and enriching new people and take control to hit up the right places and adapt to new situations. Even if things don't seem to be happening as quickly as you'd like them to, don't try to force anything, but instead, continue relying on your discipline.


You are particularly active and driven. Don't overestimate your strength, and think about not overdoing it or else your energy will slowly run out. Make the right resolutions for preserving your well-being and stick to them. Take advantage of your weekends to ease up and don't skip sports to blow off some steam.

My advice:

Don't skip over anything! Keep your sense of reality and foresight, and, to get luck on your side, be cautious and wise.

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