2018 horoscope for Cancer

Written by Absent


Love : It’s Your Turn !
Since October 10th, 2017, Jupiter has invested in the field of your theme dedicated to love. Enough to rejoice and expect to experience great moments, to make important encounters and intensely light or rekindle the flame, in 2018. In Scorpio, the giant planet of the zodiac is not likely to exercise its powers lukewarmly but intensely, in accordance with the passion often tied to the tumultuous loves experienced by this sign. So prepare to be a little shaken up and subjected to some inevitable turmoil. If you have made a turning point in your life in the past year, this year, you will be pressed to take this new direction and invest in it. But do not expect to live stories without flavor. Your emotional life is definitely favored in 2018.

You will certainly have the opportunity to transform and evolve your emotional life but not without accepting to be somewhat jostled and to give up some form of emotional comfort. Some (1st decan) will have to deal with Saturn, which will oblige them to study their relationships closely and to determine if it really meets their expectations. Engaged or not in a story, then there is no question of zapping what is wrong but of asking yourself about how you comprehend love in order to see if your original expectations are respected. The 3rd decan will receive the influence of Pluto and will be required to transform what needs to be changed so that the link evolves. The relationship must transform itself in order to last but also your way of connecting to the world around you. Only the 2nd decan will seem to make no waves (or almost) and should enjoy conditions rather anticyclonic to unfold the year 2018 in beauty and in love!

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st) : Relationships in Question !
Jupiter visits you this fall? Let us hope that you have known how to take advantage of his passage in the astrological house devoted to your love in order to reinforce yours or seize some good opportunities to find your soulmate. Since December 20th, Saturn has placed your relationships (old or recent) under control and does not allow you to frolic or flirt any more. Place a close scrutiny of the relationship you have with your other half (and others in general)! You are summoned to survey your heart in order to determine if it finds its account and if the relationship still corresponds to what you expect. If it answers in part (and sufficiently) to your expectations, this autopsy will prove useful and beneficial, ultimately strengthening your choices. If you are not (at least) satisfied with the exchange, then your rapport could seriously cool off and suffer from the austere presence of Saturn, which will not give you (or the other) any gifts. In fact you really need the opportunity to redefine this, to restructure your relationship according to your evolution and to start on a better foundation. If you think your duo has done its job, you might be tempted to break the process. A year that pushes you to sort and make choices, to privilege the essential. However, in 2018, you can count on Uranus, which, between the 15th of May and the 6th of November, will be able to reinforce your plans for the future and allow you to open the hatches, perhaps with your significant other? Notably this summer when in close tandem with Saturn it could well offer you some ideal ways to tighten the ranks around a common vision of the future that inspires you and makes you want to continue on the road together! Venus will also be your ally in February (between the 10th and the 18th) where she will invite you to broaden your horizons, in late March and early April, she will relay your plans tenderly in May (between the 19th and 27th) where she will reinforce your brilliance and in July when she will allow you to pass your messages smoothly. Between the 6th and the 17th of August, a desire to move, to improve your conditions and living environment titillate you and in September your heart skips a beat? You should end the year in full effervescence of your senses, reconciled with love and determined to create sparks. Saturn abandons the game and finally leaves the field free to your loves (presumably revised and corrected)!

In a Relationship, it is now time for deep questioning. If Jupiter illuminated the relationship last fall, gave back its color and meaning, you will probably cross the saturnian filter without damage. On the other hand, if you have doubts for a while, if you are less sure of your feelings and commitments, expect this year to be tested, destabilized and fragile. Bet on the summer to plunge into the breach that will offer the duo of Uranus and Saturn, which could propose a loophole to your couple, an unexpected, unedited issue likely to give back color. If at the end of the year you know how to renew yourself and approach honestly what moved you from one to the other, you should leave again more beautiful, on to other adventures together. If not? You might be tempted to turn the page indefinitely!

Single, if you come to discover that special someone (under the influence of Jupiter this autumn), in 2018, Saturn risks testing your idyll immediately. You will search for the point of weakness, you will show yourself to be very demanding and will certainly want to engage only knowingly and conscientiously. You are definitely right to do so even if in fact this mistrust forces you to lift the veil and express your feelings only with the utmost caution. Beginning in mid-May, Uranus could allow you to tackle the future differently and this summer, companionship with Saturn will make you want to open this new page with the other. At the end of the year, Saturn will have accomplished his task and will leave you as sole master on board and sufficiently aware of what you now want, to continue the story and make it evolve or move on but much more in phase with your essential needs!

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th) : Mind Your Back!
Since the beginning of December 2017, you have the ideal conditions to have a good time and enjoy the present moment. Jupiter is actually working on your love affairs since last November 25th and in 2018 only wants what is good for you. Loves that will live up to your expectations, inspiring stories to experience fully, beautiful flights and embarkations for the land of love to be expected throughout a year that you should unfold beautifully and that you would do well to explore and enjoy, unleash a long-term idyll, give breath to your couple, bring a child into the world and develop your talents and your ability to radiate in all directions. If you have been confronted with turmoil and interrogations for a while, which have made you doubt your commitments, yourself or the other, you should in 2018, find the right answers. Those that will allow you to go restart more beautifully and whole or to find that special someone and either way to turn your sentimental life for the better! Jupiter will often play with you in 2018. Notably in January (around the 16th) where your relationships with your other half and others could evolve at high speed, in May (around the 25th) where you will have the clear impression of bringing yourself closer to an ideal of life to which you aspire; in August (around the 19th) where you will want to push the boundaries of the possible with your other half and in September where you will undoubtedly have the opportunity precisely to move the lines in the right direction or commit yourself if not already done. Also count on Venus to boost your tender initiatives in January when this delicious planet will facilitate outpourings and will make you want to turn a corner, together. Venus will also be your ally in February (between the 18th and the 26th) in case you did not believe you are totally invincible! A head and a heart full of projects between April 8th and April 16th and an irresistible charm that should mark minds and hearts between May 27th and June 5th! The current will pass well between you and your entourage between the 19th and the 28th of July and between the 17th and the 27th of August you will think to push back the walls. To house your little family or start a home? If from the end of September you aspire to live your loves intensely, agree from the beginning of October, to primarily take care of the clan. In order to be able to devote yourself to your passions without more reserve in December and then to end the year perhaps ... on a small cloud!

In a Relationship, it is hard to see what in 2018 could prevent you from fully loving, rekindling or maintaining the flame, conceiving a child and surfing with delight on the vertigo of love. A torrid sensuality that burns to express itself. You will have many occasions (see the dates above) and should unfold the year enchanted and fulfilled. May this joyful and probable bliss not prevent you from keeping your feet on the ground (at least one). A story of preparing yourself for the Saturnian test, which awaits you from December 20th, 2018!

Single, if 2017 has shaken you in every way and exposed you to notorious turmoil on the emotional front, you should begin to resurface in early December 2017 when Jupiter mixes in, in order to strengthen your sensuality and your loves. Expect to get out of confinement and embark on an adventure. You will have many opportunities to hit the bull’s eye (see dates above). Expect to experience your feelings a little/a lot and most of the time passionately. A one night idyll? Not only. You benefit this year from a cosmic state of affairs conducive to meaningful encounters, initiators and (for some) they are not very far from your ideal. You will not hesitate to throw yourself into the adventure with the assurance of experiencing moments in good company. Then boldly surf, in 2018, on these beautiful waves that carry you, in order to turn a page and open another, to bring yourself closer to your essential desires and possibly find that special someone. Starting in late December 2018, Saturn will test your new ties. So take advantage of this current protection to make the right choices!

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd) : A renewal is announced !
You have certainly benefited from a sometimes chaotic but ultimately constructive state of affairs in 2017 to lay the groundwork for a new (professional) life that can allow you to express your originality, your thirst for independence and your desire to manage your destiny to your idea. Some may have moved to embody their new concepts and businesses, and in any case have sought to settle (alone or with their family) more at their ease! In 2018, you will have the support of Jupiter from January 21st (and until April 25th) to give a serious (and delicious) boost to your loves that could then be reborn from their ashes and flourish through an intoxicating encounter (for those who are single)! There is no question of living a mediocre story or of unrolling lukewarm passion. Pluto is in fact in charge of making you question (more generally) your vision and version of your relationship and the rapport you have between February 6th and July 19th and definitively more from December 13th, 2018! It is up to you to mobilize to accompany and even initiate the metamorphosis. Pluto invites us to die (symbolically) in order to be reborn? Do not be afraid then to approach this process of a slow transformation into consciousness in order to accomplish what needs to be and live in accordance with your essential discoveries, about yourself, the other and your relationship! An opportunity to experience the bond more authentically but which will not spare you the fundamental questions. You will, however, be able to turn the test to your advantage in 2018! Especially in April (around the 14th) where you will be ready to give everything back to your life. Venus will accompany you on your journey towards the essential in January (between the 10th and 18th) where it will facilitate the exchanges and will invite you to listen to your partner. This tender planet will make you want to push back your previous limitations between the 26th of February and the 6th of March and will inspire you with exhilarating projects between the 16th and 24th of April (a golden period to dare)! It will allow you to communicate harmoniously with the world around you and your relatives between the 28th of July and the 6th of August. If you are tempted to build a cozy nest, to build or expand the family between the end of August and the beginning of September, you will probably be slowed down in your impulses from the beginning of October and will not regain your freedom from mid-November onwards. Take advantage of this inevitable reflection time to determine what you really want and then end the year only focused on your loves and your passions!

In a Relationship, between Jupiter who intensifies the exchanges with your partner and is in charge of rekindling the flame and Pluto who urges you to review your work in order to improve it and transform your look and your approach to the bond, you will not be bored in 2018. If 2017 kept you under pressure on the social level and forced you to concentrate on your professional world, you will not quarrel with your pleasure this year when you should, without further delay, reconnect with the vertigo of love. Then take advantage of the warm and dominant winds to spice up and warm up the relationship without, however, overcoming certain questions about the substance that will sooner or later urge you to transform what must be. Up to you then to ask yourself the right questions pronto so you can soon find the right answers.

Single, you did not really have the time in 2017 to flirt with love and even less so to engage yourself in a long-term story; absorbed by your work and the changes you have to make to your job in order to manage it to your idea, you have a (much) neglected emotional life? You should have no difficulty catching up on lost time in 2018, when Jupiter interferes in order to boost your sensuality and your loves. You will regain a second wind as of January 21st and will enjoy a summery climate until the end of April but also between September 19th and November 8th to make interesting and perhaps striking encounters (especially in April) ! However, you will have to rely on Pluto, who may disrupt a bit of an old world view and your relationship to your partner. Do not zap those grey areas that may take you away from a genuine experience and ask yourself the right questions about yourself and your emotional past (even and especially loaded questions). In the end, a better apprehension and management of your bonds. The game is worth it!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

With Jupiter at the controls of your emotional life, you will not be bored. If you find that the circumstances are not necessarily secure, however, take advantage of this period with it’s opportunities for love to get out of your shell, give breath to your couple or venture into adventure, conquer the world and a story !

Social Life

Social Life : Exalted Creativity
Jupiter should in 2018 greatly boost your creativity and make you want to be noticed. There is no question of going unnoticed under the tutelage of this giant of the zodiac but it is good to do everything to impress the gallery. If you are an artist, you will be particularly inspired and may be published, exposed and somehow recognized. But whatever you do, Ami Cancer, count on Jupiter to exalt your gifts and help you express them openly. At the end of the year (starting November 8th, 2018), Jupiter will promote your professional expansion and could place you on the route to many opportunities to expand your field of action; sometimes through an offer that will seduce you like a promotion.
A year that is generally good for everyone. Only the natives of the first decan will have to deal with demanding interlocutors who will test them their capacities without complacency. So try to meet these demands and respect your commitments if you want to avoid confusion and especially finding yourself a little isolated at work!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
A year that encourages vocations and pushes you to openly express your talents! Some will be tested (1st decan), others are undoubtedly supported by the state of affairs (2nd decan) or on their way to freeing themselves from guardianship that weighed them down and will finally be able to creatively express their differences (3rd decan); but everyone will enjoy creativity and an obvious desire to shine. Jupiter throughout the year will work for your expansion and should, from November 8th, 2018, multiply the occasions for you to take concrete action, seize opportunities and serve a cause that inspires you!


1st decan (June 21st - July 1st) : Obstacle Course ?
Make some emotional concessions when you find that your interlocutors challenge you. It will be the best strategy in 2018 to finally prove that you are holding steady without ruffling too many feathers unnecessarily and then approach 2019 in full possession of your means.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th) : A Good Tone… To Keep !
You will probably be carried by the elements in 2018! This is not a reason however to do whatever you want and go too far. But you will be inspired, hopefully on the health front as well and you benefit from these benevolent astral influences to nurture rather than waste your beautiful energy!

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd) : Maintain Your Health !
Do not overlook the small symptoms that could in 2018 alert you to your potential fragilities. Nothing serious to fear but maintain a balance in order to unroll the year without losing heart and finish it in beauty and if possible in shape!

Over the months

1st decan
An early year that makes you face the need to closely analyze your associations of any kind. No need to try and dodge the work that needs to be done because in 2018, Saturn will be in charge of putting you in line with the essentials, one way or another!
2nd decan
A month that should leave you with unforgettable memories. To taste without moderation to start the year in beauty and in a trance!
3rd decan
A month that invites you to disengage a bit and take the time to nurture your relationships. Meet the demands if you aspire to love and be loved in 2018, after working hard for it in 2017!

A month to exploit in order to set milestones and work towards your success. Saturn supports you in February in your efforts and assures you that you have the trust of your interlocutors needed to mark minds on the professional or emotional front!
2nd decan
A month where you might be tempted to take off without a license? Avoid, if possible, disturbing a rather harmonious frequency in 2018, by doing things only your way. It would be a shame and could foolishly undermine your popularity. It's up to you then, to see and know what to do in order to temper your impatience and temporarily reduce the wind in your sails!
3rd decan
A month that blows hot and cold, it pushes you up but does not shelter you from bad weather and excess zeal or abuse of power. To make the most of the forces involved, before you act or speak weigh the pros and cons and really think about it!

1st decan
A month where you will sometimes doubt yourself and the benevolence of an entourage who will not be receptive to your ideas. Fine-tune them to better prepare yourself for defending them from mid-April!
2nd decan
If you enter into important negotiations on the 12th, do not expect them to bear fruit right away. You will definitely have to battle (and especially wait) a little before concluding them to your advantage ... not before the end of April - beginning of May! But take advantage of your popularity to influence your little world without delay.
3rd decan
A month with some nice surprises and highlights in store for you. You will not have to be begged to enjoy this but do not abuse the manna that could run out at the end of the month if you profit from your state of grace to push things too far...

1st decan
A month where you will have little interest in being overly optimistic and even less so in playing the warmonger. Think deeply before starting a losing battle and wait until at least April 15th to restart the debates!
2nd decan
You do not shine by your sense of diplomacy, which is rather at half mast this month. You will happily have many cartridges (influential relationships and seductive projects) in order to try to rally the votes and your entourage to your cause! So bet on your inspired vision to make those you bump into forgive you!
3rd decan
A month where you will deploy the full extent of your talents to go further, even if you force your way a bit, without damage and even with some success! Surf then on a state of affairs favorable to your initiatives and then discover yourself without a complex in April!

1st decan
You thirst for something else? Then bet on time more than warfare and aggressiveness to achieve your goals and above all to convince. You have every right to open up the future to your idea but not necessarily to impose your vision of things on everyone!
2nd decan
A nice month of May where you will probably have the opportunity to do what you like? Do not miss it!
3rd decan
A month that is a bit explosive? Be sure to channel your desire so you do not go into a tailspin if you want to finish by playing your cards right in a game that does not entertain your interlocutors in May!

1st decan
You will not lack imagination or enthusiasm in June. Just a little moderation necessary to win the votes and especially to collect the money you need to carry out your projects without constantly exceeding the limits. ...
2nd decan
A month generally favorable to your advances if you look where you put your feet, consent to channel your overflowing enthusiasm and count your pennies!
3rd decan
In order to create or renew genuinely authentic links, you will have to sift through what has hitherto probably distorted them? Play fair game if you want to clean up your relationships with each other and others and start on better bases!

1st decan
A constructive background invites you to build castles in the sky and to do everything possible to convince your other half and the others to participate in your projects. The best way currently to tighten the ranks around a shared vision of the world! To exploit without hesitation and without slipping up on the financial subjects!
2nd decan
A summer month to enjoy without moderation just take care (the 9th?) to keep your feet (at least one) on the ground!
3rd decan
A mixed month where you fight to defend your rights or your desires but will have to deal with (private or social) interlocutors who are not necessarily to your taste. To get the most out of this lukewarm atmosphere, watch what happens before you act or react!

1st decan
You're a bit on edge? Rather than being agitated for nothing or worse, at your own risk, focus on what you want to do with your future and share your ideas rather than imposing your principles and methods too authoritatively!
2nd decan
A month that still promotes your beautiful flights, your love stories, inspiring encounters and enthusiastic creations. At the beginning of the month it is up to you to play and win by taking care to moderate your desires a little and at the end of the month (the 28th) not to abuse your immense powers and your outstanding popularity!
3rd decan
A month which is not necessarily summery, where you will often be on the go. Try to channel your impatience and latent irritability to manage your relationships (whether private or professional) with diplomacy to avoid unnecessary slip ups!

1st decan
A month to manage as conscientiously as possible in order to optimize the promises and channel the fury so that you can make the best things happen!
2nd decan
A promising comeback that completes a series of cosmic aspects that enables you to accomplish a lot this year and for some, even what might have seemed impossible to them recently. Take advantage of this last celestial arc devoted to your cause in order to accomplish what you care about and perhaps even some miracles!
3rd decan
The new school year invites you to turn a corner and reconnect with your desires. A wild sensuality and an irresistible charm? The opportunity to radiate and seduce in all directions!

1st decan
Assets in October when Venus invites you to approach people smoothly but avoid the pitfalls by resisting the temptation to impose your view of the world on others. Certainly it is inspiring but for now it really implies too many changes to make, so it will not give everyone the desire to follow suit without waiting! Thus, in October, please renounce forcing your way!
2nd decan
A month where communication will not be your strong suit? Between the 10th and the 29th, a demanding and probably agressive Mars plays with your nerves. Do not let him get away with it and then try to channel a counterproductive aggressiveness and privilege whatever happens in terms of dialogue!
3rd decan
An autumn month that puts you back on track and invites you to have a good time? Do not be begged to enjoy it!

1st decan
A hint of moderation and patience will help you to turn a corner in November and to gain altitude on a daily routine that will take advantage of Jupiter's current graces to enrich itself for a long time!
2nd decan
A month that begins with good omens and invites you to love and exploit your gifts? If the pace ends up slowing down then, have heart in the face of bad fortune and wait wisely until next month to take matters into your own hands!
3rd decan
A rather active and intense month where, if you manage your ambitions and emotions well, you should be able to get the best out of your family and work!

1st decan
The final month of the year sees a weight lifted and allows you to reconnect with a little lightness. Phew!
2nd decan
Starting on the 23rd, Jupiter comes to put movement into your everyday life and offers you the opportunity to accelerate the pace of your activities. While waiting for January 2019 where you can embark on new adventures, try to hold your horses a bit in December, where you will be charming for some and unbearable for others! It is up to you to see and know if it would not be better to mobilize yourself in a way that is unanimous rather than dividing!
3rd decan
A promising month that could fulfill you on all levels! Take advantage of these influxes to capture a business opportunity and rekindle (or light) the flame in love and end the year warmly!

In 2019
In 2019, Jupiter warms up the atmosphere in love, Saturn has you refocused on the essentials for your relationship and Pluto has pushed you out of your entrenchments in order to urge you to operate the transformations and metamorphoses needed in order to live in adequacy with your true self and what you expect in life, In 2019, you will continue with this momentum and will be able to count on Jupiter to anchor what you posed in 2018, in the everyday! Now will be the time to mobilize in order to improve what can be improved so you can cross 2019 as smoothly and harmoniously as possible!

My advice

The trigon formed (in 2017) between Saturn and Uranus has apparently opened the door to constructive reform. We learned from the lessons of the past and changed our tune. The loop should be completed around November 11th, 2017 when this aspect, conducive to thoughtful but daring transformations, will make its final lap. Then? If the year 2017 has been rather turbulent, sometimes electric, tense and violent but also a source of hope and possibly a harbinger of a way out of the crisis; 2018 should confirm this step forward and propose to us to raise the debates and open the hatches!

Count already on Pluto who shook us up a bit in 2017, provoked social movements, discontent, deep dissatisfactions, a feeling of injustice and a climate of generalized trickery (so many secrets and affairs revealed in broad daylight). Pluto should in 2018 greatly help us finally get our heads out of the sand! Let us therefore envisage some positive openings in all spheres(economy, reduction of unemployment and public deficits) from January, but also in April and September when everything will not yet be put in place and completed but where a smiling future could begin to point the tip of his nose! However, Pluto, a great "lord of metamorphoses", is acting slowly but surely, and at work in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, he took the time to move the lines, often at a high price!
Neptune has evolved in Pieces since February 2012! In this sign of which he is the master, the deep-sea planet favors awareness, great humanistic impulses and also facilitates ideological and fundamentalist derivatives and great confusion of all kinds. If it can help "drown the fish," Neptune can also light, inspire and raise up.

From the beginning of December 2017 (but also in May 2018 and August 2018), it invites us to broaden our horizons, to move towards a higher, less narrow vision of the path to be taken and perhaps to become a better person. Some limiting barriers or beliefs begin to yield to the evidence that a new paradigm is definitely put in place. Going backwards now seems impossible and undoubtedly undesired by everyone who understands the interest they have in taking this passage, to join the movement in 2018 rather than stick to your guns! Hope may be reborn in the heart of man? Their destiny is to be built, it belongs to them but can now only be inscribed in a perspective of genuine solidarity, participation committed to growth and responsible maturity!
In 2017, Uranus played the role of public agitator but if the planet of great changes in life destabilizes, upsets, provokes, exasperates and breaks our landmarks, it is always for our own good and pushes us out of the woods, to dare for novelty. In 2017, in agreement with Saturn, it played its part and offered us new choices, to reverse our codes (labor in particular) and to take calculated risks! Present in the rather warlike sign of Aries since 2011, it has often sowed chaos and launched many hostilities here and elsewhere in the world but it has finally traced a new path and made us understand that the future belongs to those who love, tolerate and include rather than those who discriminate, criticize and kill in the name of absurd ideologies, based on despair more than on the exalting recognition of our human dignity! Between May 15th and November 6th, 2018, Uranus will point his nose in Taurus before settling on March 6th, 2019 in this sign of land more placid than warlike. What to expect from this incursion in 2018? A more concrete exploitation of the potentials discovered in recent times? Between August and the end of September 2018, Saturn and Uranus will coexist unceasingly. The opportunity to anchor some recent advances? Not without some stirring and friction, but if we manage to lay the groundwork for a more solid, creative and positive world, then it could offer us some sustainable ways of expansion!

Saturn invested, on December 20, 2017, in the sign of Capricorn. It is no longer a matter of embarking on great adventures or opening new doors of consciousness but of anchoring, in 2018, our findings and initiatives in the long term! The changes put in place in previous years must now lead to concrete measures and a new way of life must emerge. If we can count on this austere planet to build on solid and secure bases, do not hope too much that it operates in joy and good humor. There will be concessions to be made, efforts to be made in order to turn lead into gold, but we will probably be well aware that no miracle will happen without having to roll up our sleeves!

Jupiter interfered in Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 and will only leave this demanding sign in November 2018 (the 8th). The new path (sketched in Libra between September 9th, 2016 and October 10th, 2017) is taken and the promised changes are underway. But if the transformation of our society now seems inevitable, let us wager that it will not always be done in gentleness. The scorpio transmutes and encourages the moult, to break the cocoon and open our wings, we must give of ourselves, stop complaining and gather strength and courage to accomplish what needs to be done for the good of everyone and for all! Fortunately in 2018, Jupiter will receive the precious support of Neptune and Pluto, great alliances that should revive the economy, boost the labor market, bailout accounts and give breath and meaning to our lives and facilitate metamorphosis! Starting November 8th, 2018, Jupiter will invest in the sign of Sagittarius, which he controls. At ease and in his (fire) element, let's bet that this giant planet of the zodiac will invite us to respect life, the world, humanity and the divine around us and in us!

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