2020 horoscope for Capricorn

Written by Absent


At the start of the year, the sextile between Jupiter, in your sign, and Neptune in Pisces will allow you to consistently move forward. Cautious and sensible, you won't hesitate to accept new challenges, highlight your potential, and develop original ideas. In the spring, a burst of autonomy will push you to become the master of your own destiny and work your way up the ranks. In this way, you will make an extra special effort to kick things up a notch, pass an important step, and get closer than ever to your dreams.


You have a deep-seated desire to give your emotional life an extra breath of fresh air. This year, you will have every advantage at your disposal to be able to do it! If you are in a relationship, your respective desires will meet, new plans will arise, you will no longer doubt your partner's love, and you will be ready to take the plunge of making your duo official. If you are single, you will take advantage of your independence to put throw yourself 100% into your work. You can almost taste happiness, and a nice encounter is just around the corner.

Social Life

Confidence and optimism are here for you. You will be completely fulfilled and on the right path for giving a nice little pick-me-up to your social and professional life. More relaxed and at ease, you will have enriching and harmonious conversation with others. Your popularity is on the rise, and you will easily manage to make new contacts and become part of a team.


All throughout the year, you won't be lacking in energy or good spirits. Due to your discipline, you will know where your limits lie and will make sure to stay in good health by taking on a more moderate pace and a healthy diet, and by regularly practicing a sport. To stay on course and not be upset by the agitation surrounding you, you have the wisdom to stay on the path to serenity.

My advice:

A period of growth and expansion is presenting itself to you! It's time to unite your ambitions and be consistent as you know how to do.

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