2020 horoscope for Gemini

Written by Absent


At the start of the year, you will have to get used to an atmosphere of discipline, which will bring about frustration as well as quite a bit of self-questioning. To get through this period in the best way possible, it would behoove you to clearly identify what you need, what you want, and which path you would like to take to improve your everyday life. Starting in the spring, you will feel more free to act as you please. You will regain your autonomy and put all of your enthusiasm and energy into deeply transforming what you have to, taking off once again, and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise. At the end of the year, you will at last be able to bring stability and longevity to your undertakings.


Newly in love, you will rethink your outlook on life in a relationship, and, if you are convinced you've met your soulmate, will make solid plans over the months, decide to start living under the same roof, and make a long-term commitment. If you are already in a relationship, you will bring stability to your duo by dedicating more of yourself to your better half and your family, whose balance you hope to maintain.

Social Life

If the atmosphere seems a little too restrictive and annoying at times, you will have every chance of reaching your goals as long as you are more attentive to details, more meticulous, and more focused and organized. Great possibility is open before you. It's up to you to be more demanding on yourself and to not rush things. Keep the mood around you light and pleasant, and take advantage of the support that is offered you.


It is of the utmost importance that you realize that it is time to ease up and plan to take concrete measures to not strain yourself or else you will jeopardize your ever-important health. With the goal of feeling better and keeping up the pace in mind, practicing a sport and leading a more healthy lifestyle will meet your expectations.

My advice:

Slow and steady wins the race! Don't spread your action and energy to thin, and follow this saying by being more patient, to the point, and insightful.

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