2018 horoscope for Gemini

Written by Absent


Love: Other Priorities?
In 2017, Jupiter was able to give relief to your emotional life. Whether through a meeting, a break-up, a flashback or a birth, you must not have been bored! In 2018, you may find your year a little studious, indeed the sky invites you to work to develop your potential, your talents and to personally transform, Ami Gemini, it does not mobilize you to sow your wild oats or make sparks in love. So expect to anchor and improve on a daily basis what you asked last year rather than live strong moments. Although?

If the climate in which you evolve does not favor outpourings and romantic getaways in 2018, count on Venus however, from the beginning of August to enter the dance. This delicious planet should offer you (by early December) many opportunities to reconnect with the vertigo of love. Finally, from November 8th, Jupiter will allow you to get closer to your partner, Ami Gemini, and rekindle the desire to commit, to re-engage and reach out to your other half. In the meantime, you will certainly have a lot of work to do and interior transformations to work on that you will not see the time pass. Including the first decan who, under the thumb of Saturn, could restrain somewhat their expansion and their means, this decanate will struggle to play their cards right and wait until November to take another step towards each other and find a little of the lightness that they lacked!

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st) : An Obligatory passage!
If 2017 left you relatively free from your movements and allowed you to experience what you wanted, the atmosphere in 2018 will probably seem a little more austere and you will not always appreciate the challenges it launches. A temporary restriction of your finances or those of your partner, a structure of life that ends or must evolve otherwise, the end of a cycle is coming? You will sometimes feel that you have to endure loads that are too heavy for you, but you will have the moral strength to change what needs to be! Especially between mid-May and early November (and especially in the summer) where your increased intuition will help you see more clearly in your moods and draw constructive lessons from the past! The fall of 2017 has challenged you on a daily basis, proposing to jump on the bandwagon (professionally) and to manage events that have intensified your pace of work (often for the better). You will have little time to give to your partner who, in 2018, will be content to see you even without taking the necessary time. Fortunately, starting in November, Jupiter will put you in phase with each other. An opportunity by the end of the year to formalize a link, to commit yourself (or for some of you to disengage amicably from an unsatisfactory relationship). Venus will also be your ally in January (between the 18th and the 26th) where she will sharpen your sentimental ambitions and make you want to transcend your limits. This delicious planet will reinforce your imagination and restore sparkle to your tender projects between March 6th and 15th and will accentuate your power of seduction between April 24th and May 2nd. You will communicate with ease and know how to convince whoever you want between June 13th and 22nd. You will be attentive to the needs of the clan between July 10th and 19th. Venus should enchant your love between August 6th and 17th until Jupiter lifts you up from November 8th and invites you to turn a corner!

In a Relationship, if last year you enjoyed a turbulent-free zone where your loves flourished without difficulty, in 2018 Saturn may tarnish the landscape a little. Since December 20th, 2017 indeed, this austere planet certainly bridles your desires and urges you to lower your expenses and your expectations for your desires and structure your life to cope with the potential hazards. You, who appreciate so much lightness, you will be forced to take into account contingencies that are a little frustrating and could alter your privacy and cast a shadow on your couple. Saturn asks you to turn a page and integrate the lessons (and trials) of the past. Do not pray too much and take advantage of this passage to understand in depth your mode of operation. Uranus slipping into the shade of your decan between mid-May and early November will help you. It will be the moment to find what still and always will reach your heart and soul. It is now a story of approaching what comes and rebuilding in the most serene way possible. From early November, Jupiter should crown your efforts and push you into the arms of your partner, finally rid of your ghosts. It will not come soon enough!

Single, In 2017, you enjoyed a turbulent-free zone that may have allowed you to live idylls, to fully enjoy the present moment and to spend happy days, pleasantly accompanied even intermittently? In 2018, there is no longer a question of too much frolicing or of grazing over the state of affairs that could well remind you to order. Indeed, Saturn mixes in, in order to restrict a little your room for maneuver. You are accountable, you must turn a page and endure a test (family, financial) that requires all your attention and your mobilization. You will not necessarily have the heart to party and have a good time. Take advantage of this austere period to internalize yourself and determine what you really want to do with your life and build on love. One part of life ends and another must be reborn and you will have to give of yourself in order to face the situation and build now on solid bases. Count on Uranus (between mid-May and early November) to understand the modes of operation and the parts of the past that need to be given up so you can grow and evolve and count on Jupiter (from November 8th) to finally exit the state of limbo and create a sustainable story.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th) : Under High Cosmic Pressure!
In 2017, Jupiter exposed you to sometimes tense and often passionate moments of love. You went through the year enjoying moments of exaltation and toughing out the turmoil? In 2018, Jupiter will take care of strengthening your daily life more than your sensuality but you will not complain. In fact, you really will not have the time! Until January 21st and between April 25th and September 19th, you will live at a frenzied pace and will have to take advantage of infinitely profitable currents to transform what must be, to concretize an ideal and to steer your existence decisively in the right direction. A whole program that will leave you little space and leisure to love? Venus will however boost your sensual appetites at the beginning of the year (between the 2nd and 10th of January), a blessed period between all to create sparks and powerfully express your desires and invite your partner to embark for the land of love between January 26th and February 2nd. Make way for exciting projects between March 15th and March 23rd when your powerful imagination will push you to build tender castles in the sky. You will shine brightly between May 2nd and May 11th and have no trouble attracting (and holding) the attention of whomever you want. Bet on Venus again between June 22nd and July 1st to get your messages across and between July 19th and July 28th to bring harmony to the family. Between August 17th and 27th, your charm will wreak havoc and you will use it to round the corners and make peace reign in everyday life from the end of September. However, prepare yourself in early October to support debates that will prove constructive and confirm the positive effect (from mid-November) on your entourage of your goodwill and your ability to turn lead into gold. You should then close out the year in style and well surrounded. Until Jupiter (end of December) comes to confirm your good fortune!

In a Relationship, In 2018, you will benefit from a global economic climate favorable to your development in order to smooth out the year. Certainly, you will have a lot (too much) to do and not enough time to devote to your lover. But they will not complain because they will understand that you work for the community, to improve the daily life and living conditions of the clan. You will not be afraid to keep your loved ones safe, roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work. You will be rewarded several times (mid-January, late May, mid-August and mid-September) and you can then hope to enjoy the recognition (deserved) of your loved ones. Venus however will often be by your side (see dates above) to spice up your flings a little and give some pep to your loves. Jupiter at the end of the year will take over and will make you want, from the 23rd of December and 2019, to continue your momentum and further strengthen your bonds!

Single, you have a lot of thrills and perhaps experienced some strong emotions in 2017? By 2018, you will probably devote more time to your social and professional life than to your love life. You are hungry to turn your life into better, to devote yourself to a mission, to realize a dream. The sky may well allow you to achieve this in 2018 when some big planetary meetings will help you jump on the bandwagon and realize what inspires you. And love in all this? It will not necessarily be in the forefront of 2018. You will have better (and especially other things) to do but you can however enjoy the graces of Venus (see dates above) to distract you in pleasant company, attract (and retain) in your nets someone who could seduce you and with whom you may want to build something sustainable. A meeting then at the end of the year (from December 23rd): Jupiter will seal (from the end of December) what will really be worth keeping and living together!

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th) : Other Priorities?
Pluto will visit you between February 6th and July 19th and will settle in the space of your theme dedicated to major transformations of life from December 13th, 2018! It will undoubtedly be a question of upsetting the order of things and, above all, undertaking an inner quest that should allow you to evolve, to know yourself better and to fully exploit your resources, be they material, spiritual or intimate. Transformations on the merits to consider but which should this year benefit from a rather active climate to unfold in a constructive way. Uranus, until March 6th and between November 6th, 2018 and March 6th, 2019, will put an end to projects long cherished and could therefore materialize this year. Jupiter who has supported your love, strengthened your desires and favored meetings in 2017 temporarily abandons the emotional playground to facilitate your social expansion and give you the opportunity to boost your accounts, improve your social status and deploy your wings on the daily. Count on Venus to grant you, from time to time, the opportunity to have a good time and reconnect with the vertigo of love. Especially in January, between the 10th and the 18th, where a hypersensitive sensuality could even push you to excesses and between the 3rd and the 10th of February, where you will have the heart to take off, plan and expand together, your horizons. You will mobilize between March 23rd and 31st to realize your desires and projects and will be irresistible between May 11th and 19th when this delicious planet, present in your sign, will enhance your brilliance. You will know what to say to put everyone in your pocket between July 1st and 10th, to create harmony in the family between July 28th and August 6th. The most sensual festivities will take place between August 27th and September 9th. But be careful from October 31st: problems of stewardship will have to be discussed and resolved, if possible smoothly. You will see more clearly from mid-November where you will agree with your partner and then hope to end the year in harmony with the whole world!

In a Relationship, Pluto somewhat shakes your certainties and asks you to break through your own secrets and shadows. No doubt in order to be reborn, in the end, from your ashes and to approach life knowingly and more open to the necessary changes. Fortunately, in 2018 you will benefit from an astral context, which should help you progress without too much emotion and make the most of the game. Jupiter will offer you, on several occasions, the opportunity to take on the challenges that arise positively and to flourish on my many fronts. If love is not your priority this year, Venus will be very supportive of you most of the time (see dates above) and her tender encouragement will help you wait until 2018 when Jupiter will put love back in the center of the debate!

Single, you will be dealing with Pluto in 2018, who will ask you to study things closely in order to better channel your desires and instincts. It is a question of changing a mode of operation definitively and perhaps of giving up ease. If the task seems disproportionate, do not worry too much. The sky is flying to your rescue and, if it does not spoon-feed you, it should, however, allow you to transform what must be without coming close to danger. You will have so many resources to probe your soul and your grey areas without much self-doubt and your ability to come out the other side. You will also benefit from a favorable environment for your business and your initiatives in terms of material life. Enough to strengthen your confidence but not necessarily your emotional life. Rest assured ! Venus will often give a balm for your heart and will increase your chances of hitting in the bull’s eye in 2018 (see dates above), although you probably have to wait until 2019 to anchor a recent idyll or take a step towards the other!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A year dedicated to personal transformation rather than banter and the sweetness of life. Get on with the task without jerking around because your development depends on it and, if you sometimes find the pill bitter this year, rest assured once the summer starts love gradually resumes its rightful place and fall will crown your efforts and possibly your wishes. In the meantime, accept the deal and (1st decan especially) face the events unflinchingly.

Social Life

Social Life : Beautiful Opportunities !
Jupiter, since last autumn, accelerates the pace of your activities and increases the opportunities to act and react. You must organize yourself well so as not to miss anything important and seize the flight of beautiful opportunities for renewal. Whether it's through interesting proposals or an advantageous extension of your activity, count on this giant planet of the zodiac to help you spread your wings. Not necessarily by making you rise in rank (although?) But by enriching your daily life and in one way or another expanding your horizons. So it's time for hard work, to answer the call and jump on the bandwagon to show what you are capable of. From the beginning of November 2018, to sign a concrete contract (and why not in gold), to impress your partners and to collect the fruits of your effort and the recognition that you deserve. Between an ideal to reach, projects to achieve and a tempo that pulsates, you will have the work ethic and enthusiasm to meet the challenges that will come your way. Only the natives of the 1st decan should deal with some Saturnian restraints that will force them to keep their distance and their budget without always having immediate reward.

Advice from FREE Horoscope

An active year where you will be interested in mobilizing yourself in order to try and broaden your horizons and skills. If the 1st decan drag their feet a little and must bear additional and often irritating loads and restraints, it will eventually incorporate new rules and behaviors that will bear fruit later on. For everyone, promises of getting hired, interesting commitments and perspective (from the 8th of November 2018) and a social role, if not predominant, at least more representative and rewarding than before!


1st decan (May 21st - May 31st) : Save Your Energy !
A year in which reflection is needed and where you will often be kept under pressure. Your weaknesses (physical, psychological) may be accentuated? Consider this rather sensitive climate and, instead of spending your energy willy nilly, learn to manage, channel and save it. That's what you’re asked to do!

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th) : A Winner’s Mind!
A year where not much should succeed in slowing your run forward. Be sure to maintain your balance because, if Jupiter in Scorpio supports and encourages your initiatives, it will not protect you from small, avoidable incidents along your path if you do not take any risks in 2018.

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th) : A Balance to Preserve!
A year when the main risk will be related to an inner turmoil that could end up destabilizing you if you do not take care of yourself and rest when you feel the need. The work that will be done will be slow and profound. So, consider your state of mind as a vehicle necessary to advance and grow, not like an enemy to kill!

Over the months

1st decan
If you can not find January very fun, assume that it is an inevitable and important step to do some soul searching that will eventually pay off and allow you to see and consider life differently!
2nd decan
A month that spoils you and offers you many opportunities to make your mark. Since December, you seem to be reaching an ideal? This is not the time to look elsewhere but to focus on the essentials!
3rd decan
Audacity could pay off if you do not push the limit but it could also be embarrassing if you believe you are allowed everything! To surf the promises of Jupiter, in January (especially from the 21st), agree to reduce the wind in your sails a little and give up extravagant requests!

1st decan
A constructive month where your initiatives will pay off. It's time to make a good impression on those around you. Enough to happily anticipate the tests that Saturn will place on your road in 2018!
2nd decan
It is not because the sky favors your businesses that you must take the opportunity to force your way. You would attract the wrath of your partners (private and social) rather than surfing on influxes that carry you. It would be a shame and moreover absolutely avoidable ... with a touch of tact! Up to you…
3rd decan
A month where you will probably oscillate between your desire to accelerate the movement, the reform to undertake, the initiatives to launch and the temptation to shake up the world around you a little (a lot). To then end February on track rather on the go,lighten up a little, make some concessions and wait until next month to take a stand in full possession of your means!

1st decan
A grumpy month to approach philosophically by telling yourself that after the rain comes good weather and we are in March, the time of showers. Medidate in order to avoid getting sick, unnecessarily.
2nd decan
In March you will find your good mood and enjoy the flow and a great daring to motivate your troops, win votes around your inspirational plans and continue your momentum. Goals and support that should soon bear fruit!
3rd decan
Mars will be conducive to spectacular advances and success of any kind if you give up playing with fire at the end of the month!

1st decan
This month strategic withdrawal is strongly recommended, where your projects are likely to be defeated and derailed if you insist on imposing your plans without taking into account the circumstances and contingencies (especially in matters of finance!
2nd decan
Try to control your impulses and your desire to lead everyone this month where the actions carried out with skill and some restraint will pay off more than acts of bravado or rushed decisions!
3rd decan
A month to exploit without many qualms. Be optimistic in April where the sky should protect and even encourage your initiatives!

1st decan
You may have to deal with a part of yourself that acts in the shadows and plays on the unconscious dimension of your being. Take advantage of this passage to look yourself in the eye and start exploring covert or hidden secrets. In the end you will come out more lucid and more a master of your destiny!
2nd decan
A month of May where you can do what you like if you do not lose sight of the fact that your happiness depends above all on your ability to serve the cause ... Think about it ...
3rd decan
If the Sun guides you into darkness, you will have to deal with parasites more or less unconscious that could disrupt communication and get you into trouble. So in May, whatever route you desire to take, prefer to slow down a little and advance with eyes open rather than go head down into a wall by zapping the realm of judgement! ...

1st decan
A second half of the month that could compromise your previous efforts if you do not agree to hold your horses for now. Your contacts and those you need do not listen. So, prefer to stay quiet rather than make noise for nothing or worse ... at your own risk!
2nd decan
If you are willing to stay grounded in reality, you will be able to take advantage of the streams that definitely reflect your expectations and begin a new cycle of experience and expansion on your anniversary date!
3rd decan
Un mois d’anniversaire où pluton vous cherche des noises, joue avec vos sentiments et appuie sur la corde sensible. Acceptez le deal !
An anniversary month where you are looking for trouble, play with your feelings and press the chord. Accept the deal!

1st decan
A month where you would be well inspired to surf the bridge that Uranus and Saturn offers you in order to flush out what (sometimes since always) short-circuited your exchanges and pushes you to repeat outdated thinking patterns of the past.
2nd decan
Another month that carries you and encourages your audacity. Do not deprive yourself then pushing the boundaries of the possible without forgetting however to take into account the way your loved ones feel and the need to explain to them what is happening deep within you!
3rd decan
Since February, Pluto has stirred you up and urged you to destroy an old world or an outdated system of thought. Do not let yourself be asked twice because under the influence of the "lord of metamorphoses", it is better to evolve by will ... rather than by force!

1st decan
A month (and a year) with no rest? Are you tensed like a bow and ready to explode? Wait without too much tension at the end of the month to act and react in a useful and really constructive way!
2nd decan
A summer month that pushes you forward and up. Do not hesitate a second and surf on this beautiful state of affairs, which raises you to the level of your dreams!
3rd decan
A month in which no major influence occupies your sky! This does not mean that you will rest and will for the most part be somewhat obsessed with fighting on the field of power or finance to move the lines soon on all levels.

1st decan
This month keeps you under pressure and on edge. So bet on your ability to reason and to guide the discussions in the right direction. Otherwise, you will only sow (or maintain) the mess. Up to you !
2nd decan
A golden start of the school year to fully exploit in order to put your businesses on track definitely, improve your living conditions and those around you and fully live the present moment well surrounded and certainly appreciated by all!
3rd decan
A return placed under high voltage? The best remedy. Think deeply and open the dialogue at home (the 21st)!

1st decan
Assets to mark minds and score points and thwart traps that are put in your way. A month to approach and go through, as much as possible in good conscious, in order to not give in to the temptation to take a stand and defend your reputation. In October, just do what needs to be done and ignore what people say about you! Wait for next month when Jupiter comes to your rescue!
2nd decan
A month where you will run a little stressed? Rather than spoil the atmosphere by taking everything against you or by putting oil on the fire at the slightest pretext, prefer to focus on what in you, moves in spite of common sense!
3rd decan
A month conducive to great progress. Nothing currently hinders your desires or your initiatives. The ideal moment to blaze trails and seize the opportunity!

1st decan
A month that allows you to break with a rather austere climate and demanding constraints. You are not yet rid of Saturn (it will be done at the end of December) but count on Jupiter, in November, to put some balm on your heart and reconnect with an enthusiasm that was lacking a little these days!
2nd decan
A month to use to move forward without necessarily causing sparks but getting on with the task! Concentrated and efficient, do not worry if the exchanges slow down and some negotiations drag on from the 17th. They will resume again next month!
3rd decan
A month that pulsates and opens up perspectives. This is the time to act, to aim far and wide, without however, exempting yourself from conscientiously setting the milestones of your affairs!

1st decan
Jupiter illuminates your relationship and Saturn lifts the leaden blanket that has been weighing on your shoulders since the end of December 2017! You will not be sorry to renew with a lightness that you missed by ending the year under the thumb of Jupiter who encourages you to take a step, or two, or three ... toward each other!
2nd decan
A little too sure of yourself and authoritative in December? In order not to risk compromising your previous success, make some concessions and especially listen (at least a little) to what you are told! In the meantime, Jupiter, on the 23rd, is definitely inviting you to no longer go it alone!
3rd decan
An interesting end of year when Pluto (from the 13th) resumes his excavation work. No longer a question of avoiding the work that needs to be done for long and the path to take in order to better know and better channel your instincts and put them at the service of your evolution and ultimately your fulfillment!

In 2019
If you were focused on the opportunities to take off professionally and improve the ordinary in 2018, you should reconnect with the vertigo of love in 2019. Jupiter will then promote union and commitments but also associations of all kinds. The opportunity to reconnect with a rich emotional and social life and to sign exciting and/or advantageous contracts. A year that is not exempt from questioning and some interior turmoil to explore, but that will invite you to take a step towards the light!

My advice

The trigon formed (in 2017) between Saturn and Uranus has apparently opened the door to constructive reform. We learned from the lessons of the past and changed our tune. The loop should be completed around November 11th, 2017 when this aspect, conducive to thoughtful but daring transformations, will make its final lap. Then? If the year 2017 has been rather turbulent, sometimes electric, tense and violent but also a source of hope and possibly a harbinger of a way out of the crisis; 2018 should confirm this step forward and propose to us to raise the debates and open the hatches!

Count already on Pluto who shook us up a bit in 2017, provoked social movements, discontent, deep dissatisfactions, a feeling of injustice and a climate of generalized trickery (so many secrets and affairs revealed in broad daylight). Pluto should in 2018 greatly help us finally get our heads out of the sand! Let us therefore envisage some positive openings in all spheres(economy, reduction of unemployment and public deficits) from January, but also in April and September when everything will not yet be put in place and completed but where a smiling future could begin to point the tip of his nose! However, Pluto, a great "lord of metamorphoses", is acting slowly but surely, and at work in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, he took the time to move the lines, often at a high price!
Neptune has evolved in Pieces since February 2012! In this sign of which he is the master, the deep-sea planet favors awareness, great humanistic impulses and also facilitates ideological and fundamentalist derivatives and great confusion of all kinds. If it can help "drown the fish," Neptune can also light, inspire and raise up.

From the beginning of December 2017 (but also in May 2018 and August 2018), it invites us to broaden our horizons, to move towards a higher, less narrow vision of the path to be taken and perhaps to become a better person. Some limiting barriers or beliefs begin to yield to the evidence that a new paradigm is definitely put in place. Going backwards now seems impossible and undoubtedly undesired by everyone who understands the interest they have in taking this passage, to join the movement in 2018 rather than stick to your guns! Hope may be reborn in the heart of man? Their destiny is to be built, it belongs to them but can now only be inscribed in a perspective of genuine solidarity, participation committed to growth and responsible maturity!
In 2017, Uranus played the role of public agitator but if the planet of great changes in life destabilizes, upsets, provokes, exasperates and breaks our landmarks, it is always for our own good and pushes us out of the woods, to dare for novelty. In 2017, in agreement with Saturn, it played its part and offered us new choices, to reverse our codes (labor in particular) and to take calculated risks! Present in the rather warlike sign of Aries since 2011, it has often sowed chaos and launched many hostilities here and elsewhere in the world but it has finally traced a new path and made us understand that the future belongs to those who love, tolerate and include rather than those who discriminate, criticize and kill in the name of absurd ideologies, based on despair more than on the exalting recognition of our human dignity! Between May 15th and November 6th, 2018, Uranus will point his nose in Taurus before settling on March 6th, 2019 in this sign of land more placid than warlike. What to expect from this incursion in 2018? A more concrete exploitation of the potentials discovered in recent times? Between August and the end of September 2018, Saturn and Uranus will coexist unceasingly. The opportunity to anchor some recent advances? Not without some stirring and friction, but if we manage to lay the groundwork for a more solid, creative and positive world, then it could offer us some sustainable ways of expansion!

Saturn invested, on December 20, 2017, in the sign of Capricorn. It is no longer a matter of embarking on great adventures or opening new doors of consciousness but of anchoring, in 2018, our findings and initiatives in the long term! The changes put in place in previous years must now lead to concrete measures and a new way of life must emerge. If we can count on this austere planet to build on solid and secure bases, do not hope too much that it operates in joy and good humor. There will be concessions to be made, efforts to be made in order to turn lead into gold, but we will probably be well aware that no miracle will happen without having to roll up our sleeves!

Jupiter interfered in Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 and will only leave this demanding sign in November 2018 (the 8th). The new path (sketched in Libra between September 9th, 2016 and October 10th, 2017) is taken and the promised changes are underway. But if the transformation of our society now seems inevitable, let us wager that it will not always be done in gentleness. The scorpio transmutes and encourages the moult, to break the cocoon and open our wings, we must give of ourselves, stop complaining and gather strength and courage to accomplish what needs to be done for the good of everyone and for all! Fortunately in 2018, Jupiter will receive the precious support of Neptune and Pluto, great alliances that should revive the economy, boost the labor market, bailout accounts and give breath and meaning to our lives and facilitate metamorphosis! Starting November 8th, 2018, Jupiter will invest in the sign of Sagittarius, which he controls. At ease and in his (fire) element, let's bet that this giant planet of the zodiac will invite us to respect life, the world, humanity and the divine around us and in us!

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