2020 horoscope for Leo

Written by Absent


You are coming into a year that will ask you to be disciplined and not leave the beaten path. This climate will bring you a little frustration, as you will be required to question some of your convictions, adapt to setbacks, change, and differences of opinion, or different ways of working. And yet, don't panic! This will be a time for planning, opportunity, and personal development. Starting in the spring, you will find the freedom to dedicate yourself to a new challenge or develop your activity. You will seek to stand out from the crowd, which, through much encouragement, you will succeed in doing.


This year will invite you to put down roots in your emotional life. You will fully devote yourself to your relationship to strengthen and balance it. You will feel ready to make new plans for two for the future. A marriage, moving, a baby? If you choose it, anything will be possible! If you are single, you will have every chance of meeting someone that meets all your expectations - so keep your eye open and be receptive!

Social Life

Though you feel that nothing is going off as well as you like or that people are waiting to trip you up, don't lose your cool, but focus on your goals. Rather than wasting your energy on fighting, accept things as they are and show your good will by being willing and disciplined. It would be too bad to ruin everything and miss out on new prospects.


To make it over the long haul, you will have to save your energy and do away with certain bad habits. No more keeping up a pace from hell and having an unbalanced diet. Play sports in order to blow off some steam and maintain your well-being through relaxation and fun with friends.

My advice:

Self-control and perseverance will guarantee that you will succeed in your goals, so take on your responsibilities without totally scrapping and reworking everything!

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