2018 horoscope for Scorpio

Written by Absent


Love : A Breath of Fresh Air!
You have the impression that your initiatives and projects did not take off in 2017 and that, despite a real desire to open yourself to other perspectives, you did not find the necessary energy or the right way to start a new life cycle and begin an adventure. Since autumn 2017, the wind has turned (at least for the1st and 2nd decan). You feel more free to act and express yourself according to your wishes. Ami Scorpio, find the opportunities to do so and do not be afraid (or be less afraid) to turn the page and open another.

Pay attention, because between mid-October 2017 and early November 2018 you will all be brought, one way or another, out of the woods in order to project yourself more visibly in the world! No (longer) a question of vegetating or settling for ... or of continuing to live in the past. Instead incorporate the lessons learned and a desire to live more according to your personal codes! You should benefit in 2018 from a power that will promote a predicted renaissance in 2017, which is in the works right now! Whether you are already a in a relationship or single, you can count on Jupiter and its clique to boost your radiance and make you want to devour life. If some (of the 1st decan) have to deal with slightly darker moods and the need to refound their entourage, rethink their approach to everyday life and their modes of operation, in 2018 everyone should usher in a lifestyle that can reflect their most intimate needs and to release the essential within you!

1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd) : Some Serious Issues?
Since the end of December, Saturn has been involved in probing your habits, attitudes and scrutinizing your way of working day by day. You will not always appreciate this rather austere referee who should, by the end of 2018, force you to explore your mind from top to bottom to remove what no longer serves you and even obscures what you have become. So during this exercise expect to operate the necessary purges and to have to give up some facilities that would allow you to manage without having to think too much or to get involved in the daily grind. Also, prepare yourself for the possibility that your entourage does not necessarily appreciate your new approach to a routine which concerned, a priori, everyone! Saturn urges you to reconnect with the authenticity of your words and actions that could shake up your routine this year but should prove invaluable in redefining your communication, so that it is now in line with what you have become( since 2012-2013?)! If Jupiter opened paths and doors for you last autumn, you will have the heart to exploit them by remaining as sincere as possible with the others and primarily ... with yourself! From mid-May to the beginning of November 2018, Uranus will blow a great wind of change and renewal (especially this summer) on your love life! You will therefore have the opportunity to test the scope and effectiveness of your work (on yourself essentially) accomplished by measuring yourself against a new dimension of the relationship in order to boost, to renew in consciousness and to feel completely accepted as you are and loved ... as you deserve to be! Venus will help you get your messages across smoothly at home between January 18th and 26th, exercising your outstanding charm between February 10th and 18th to seduce whoever you want but also test the scope of your reviewed and corrected communication. On the 31st of March and the 8th of April, open yourselves to your partners and do not be afraid to listen to them, for if you have anything to say to them, then they have what to say to you and it will be useful to face it. In May (between the 19th and the 27th) you will have it at heart to evolve your relationship or find that special someone and aspire to open a future that inspires you through tender projects between the 10th and the 9th of July! Take a step back between August 6th and 17th, evaluate how far you've come and learn from the past to begin to conquer the world and/or your lover between the 9th and 29th of September and if from early October, you have a littel doubt, take the time for reflection. You will then return to your duties, in love or decided to find love in December (between the 2nd and 17th)!

In a Relationship, If the autumn of 2017 has encouraged your fulfillment or made you want to live your existence more fully then you are caught up at the end of December 2017 by Saturn who will reign over your thoughts until the end of the year. There is an opportunity to see if your mind is always in sync with what really makes sense to you and to restructure your expression more in line with what you've become over time! Expect to see some rebellion, regret the past but do not let go. This necessary overhaul of your mode of communication will allow you to finally be more sincere and anchor outside what you have become inside (since 2012?). Uranus could allow you to change the situation in 2018 (between May and November but especially this summer) and put a little rumba in the air. Enough to unfold the story otherwise and break with certain habits?

Single, If last autumn, you felt the need and the desire to go forward, to open yourself to something else and why not to start conquering the world, then Saturn will bring you back to reality this year. This "great teacher of the zodiac" invites you to channel your communication so that it reflects more closely who you are. You will sometimes feel limited in your expression and your exchanges and some people around you will tell you that they do not recognize you anymore? Ignore any criticism and get on with the job! Venus will bring some color to your heart (see dates above) and Uranus could allow you to meet people who can help you accelerate the movement of change (this summer?) and love differently, without forgetting to take yourself into account ever again!

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th) : A Very Good Year!
Jupiter has been lifting you up since the end of November 2017 and will be your ally and present in your decan until January 21st,returning home again between April 25th and September 19th. You will enjoy the grace of this celestial companion who should greatly enchant your existence in 2018! Exciting loves, passionate impulses, an intense relationship and a story that is close to your ideal. Try to stay down to earth a little in order to fully appreciate these flows that carry you and may well allow you to embark for the land of love this year! You will benefit from these excellent waves that will boost your emotional development (on all levels) in January, throughout a promising month whose peak will be around the 16th. Discovery of the soul mate or a reigniting of the flame to be expected in May (around the 25th), exhilarating meetings and a delightful summer is predicted (especially around August 19th). You should also end the season in osmosis, the heart in a trance and the body boiling (around September 12th)! Venus will also be there and sublimate your love in January (between the 2nd and the 10th), between January 26th and February 2nd when it will help you tighten the ranks within your family or improve the living conditions at home. Between February 18th and 26th, if the passion is invited to the program, beware of overflows likely to put a little too much oil on the already intense fire. Bet on dialogue between April 8th and April 16th to decidedly and deliciously get closer to each other. Between May 27th and June 5th, you will be keen to realize your highest ambitions in love and enjoy the summer (between July 19th and 27th) to build soft castles in the sky! Finally, accept withdrawing from the game of love a bit between the 17th and 27th of August. Now might be the time to look back on the past year and to sort out in good conscious the essential from the superfluous. Enough to end the year sure of yourself and your feelings and to surf on Venus in December in order to shine and dazzle your lover and for those who have not yet found one,to seduce in all directions!

In a Relationship, an exceptional year that should leave you with many good memories. You want to live and fully express your feelings in 2018! No more question of concealing or curbing your thirst for strong emotions and of living exhilarating moments with your partner. If, in 2017, misunderstandings had more or less sealed the atmosphere, they will soon be forgotten and you should then return to 2018 with a complicity that strengthens your communication and allows you to reach perfection. So let yourself be carried and guided by a state of affairs that may well take you far and wide and why not to Nirvana!

Single, if in 2017 you were struggling to identify your real needs, had trouble seeing things clearly in your heart, were afraid to make mistakes, to live in the past or to commit, then you have every chance in 2018 to win the holy grail in love. An exceptional personal influence and planets that are mostly dedicated to your cause in love and the desire to devour life. Do not deprive yourself. You could, depending on your heart's desire, find your soul mate this year and establish a heartfelt dialogue with the other and enjoy a delicious feeling of osmosis on all levels. Jupiter and Venus will often work together to offer you some great opportunities to love and to be loved in return! A golden year to get out of your lair and sow your wild oats with the quasi-insurance that a beautiful encounter could evolve and end in great love!

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd) : A Beautiful Escape!
If in 2017, you sometimes struggle to openly express your desires and often had to compose in a somewhat tense and unpleasant way with the daily living conditions that irritated you and prevented you from living in peace or living your life fully, in 2018 you will benefit from lofty allies to impose your codes in love and everywhere! Count on this giant planet of the Zodiac to plead in your favor and help you take your place between January 21st and April 25th and again between September 19th and November 8th, 2018! If, in 2017, a way to lighten your schedule or manage more rationally your expenses, such as a way allowing you to work less, had loomed on the horizon, you should in 2018 ride this little extra freedom and autonomy to take more time for yourself and why not simply ... have a good time! Jupiter expressly invites you there and will take care of boosting your charisma and your power of seduction which you will have at heart to exercise openly and more particularly this spring (around mid-April)! An exciting meeting, a flashback and the discovery of new resources and personal desires that could contribute greatly to restore color to your love life and ardor to your efforts?
Venus will work for you in January (between the 10th and 18th) if you are careful not to be impatient and are able to manage a recurring stress related to your work and everyday life. This delicious planet will put a balm on your heart and honey in the exchanges, especially within the family between February 3rd and 10th. Venus also endows you with sex appeal and a libido in trance between February 26th and March 6th and invites you to take a step towards your partner, to pamper and captivate them between April 16th and 24th, where the temperature could rise a notch, or two, or three ... Bet on the end of spring (between June 5th and 16th) to positively evolve your relationship and/or try to realize your high ambitions in love. There is room for the tender projects that enchant you between July 28th and August 7th! A little distance to take maybe between August 27th and September 9th? You will probably see more clearly in your heart from mid-November and will then be able to make the right decisions at the end of the year when Venus will put you in the limelight (between December 29th and January 7th) allowing you to close the year in style and most likely well surrounded!

In a Relationship, you probably unfolded 2017 a little stressed by events or a tense and demanding atmosphere, that did not allow you to relax and enjoy the present moment fully and calmly. However, you may have managed to impose a more respectful timing of your real needs, which finally gives you a little respite to live and love without being constantly caught up in stress. In 2018, count on a warm Jupiter and a Venus anxious for your fulfillment to make up for lost time and renew a dialogue with each other. Especially in the spring (mid-April) where all the conditions will be met to help you reignite the flame and to once again find that intense pleasure of being together!

Single, your head and your heart were a little elsewhere in 2017 and you feel primarily cornered by issues to be resolved most of the time in an emergency? You can begin to breathe in 2018 where the progress made in 2017 to free yourself (at least a little) from some alienating guardianship and an overloaded daily routine finally leaves you more latitude to take care of your loves. As a result? Intense and exciting encounters. Under the guise of Jupiter and Venus, you will indeed miss few opportunities to please, seduce and hit the bull’s eye. Then you can see if the story is worth it; and if you believe the sky, there could be at least one who wins the prize by the end of 2018, which gives you the desire to continue, or even to commit!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A year conducive to beautiful flights and the discovery of new resources within yourself that will fully make you want to be yourself and spread your wings. Not necessarily to take over but to take your place and finally shine, with all your fire. In 2018 it is no longer a question of playing the supporting role but instead of what that could cost you (1st decan?) Show who you really are when you face the world!

Social Life

Social Life : An Exceptional Launching Pad!
If in 2017, you had the impression of vegetating, working on the preparation of a project, or listening to your inner riches without having the opportunity to use them externally, then you will have what to rejoice for in 2018! Jupiter who has been in your sign since last October and will not leave before November 8th should indeed help you to come out of the shadows and to embark on new adventures. Whether it's to make a long-term project a reality or to open a new page in your social life, count on the resources of the largest planet in the Solar System to provide you with the explosive fuel that will allow you to thrive on all fronts. It is therefore time to dare to turn a corner. At the end of the year, you will be able to start reaping the fruit of your work and your efforts in order to develop and exploit more widely your potentials and why not to obtain a recognition of your merits in hard currency!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
A year to exploit in order to reveal to the world and to your entourage your ambitions and show what you are capable of! No more staying in the shadows in 2018 but seeking the spotlight and putting yourself front and center! It is now ( the year) or never to undertake and showcase yourself and to do everything possible to obtain the social recognition that you aspire to!


1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd) : Relativise!
Do not be overwhelmed by responsibilities, obligations and duties that could end up restraining your mind too much or blocking your communication and keeping you away from others! Do not antagonize and whatever happens stay open to dialogue and new ideas, yours and those around you!

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th) : What Dynamism!
You will be carried by the elements in 2018? Take the opportunity to go for it but not without thinking of saving your resources for later when you will have more obligations to fulfill than opportunity to free yourself and act!

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd) : Stay Cool to Stay in Shape!
Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself, in 2018, where you will certainly have the opportunity to free yourself from alienating guardianship and the hope to breathe more freely and live finally ... at your own pace!

Over the months

b>January :
1st decan :
A low morale and a tendency to be pessimistic? Then try to restructure your communication, in January, with the outside world as it should be, without weighing yourself down!
2nd decan :
Only one: Enjoy!
3rd decan :
In January, avoid excessive zeal and don’t impose anything on anyone, if you want to be understood and followed!

February :
1st decan :
A rather favorable month for your flourishing on all fronts but not without keeping a part of restraint reserved for observation and the channeling of your thoughts and a mind state that currently pilots your every action! Work on your rigor and it will ultimately prove constructive and allow you to integrate what you have understood in life!
2nd decan :
And if you find a little sense of measure; certainly, you are blessed by the gods in 2018, but that is not a reason to act like God’s gift to the world. A word to the wise ...
3rd decan :
Do you want to expand your wings, broaden your horizons and live more in line with your desires and potential? Why not? If you do not push the limit this month and begin by explaining rather than imposing your vision of the world ... on everyone!

March :
1st decan :
A month where the current passes with difficulty between you and the others. Certainly, you are looking to redefine your world based on the lessons learned (sometimes hard) and you are demanding and often picky in your exchanges! However, be careful (especially you) not to take everything so seriously if you finally want your stubbornness to be constructive!
2nd decan:
You will not have too much glibness in order to advance discussions and negotiations starting mid-March but you will have to deal with some delays from the 23rd! Bet on your good mood to wait until mid-April when you can relaunch the debates and conclude them to your advantage before May 6th!
3rd decan :
If you enjoy a clear sky in March, beware however, of the end of the month and a tendency to stir up old family quarrels and reactivate sensitive topics that could harm this beautiful harmony and cause some clashes or disputes on the 23rd and/or the 29th! To pass definitely between the drops in March, don’t look to make trouble with anyone!

April :
1st decan :
A month where the current will hardly pass between you and the others. Faced with Saturn who seems to test your relationship with the outside world and pushes you to internalize to the extreme, react and no matter what, do not get locked into in a way of thinking that is outdated or too fixed!
2nd decan :
From April 15th, the discussions started last month will resume and should be completed by early May. In the meantime, put the odds on your side so that they will soon turn to your advantage by cultivating diplomacy rather than imposing your ideas and demands on everyone!
3rd decan :
A golden month to assert yourself and open new perspectives! Feel free to surf these great trends to spread your wings and influence the world around you!

May :
1st decan :
Uranus will spice up your exchanges between mid-May and early November 2018! Count on this free spirit of the zodiac to move the lines and make important and necessary changes in your relationships with each other and others in general!
2nd decan :
The month of May is under the sign of love, creativity and intuition. A cocktail that could also be enriched with financial opportunities and fill you and further promote your development! To consume then ... without moderation!
3rd decan :
A little offensive (aggressive) in May? You must however give up laying down the law because it is by containing your disruptive moods that you will eventually make yourself heard and especially understood!

June :
1st decan :
A month to manage as conscientiously as possible in order to avoid untimely slip ups and errors in your aim that could harm you!
2nd decan :
A month with no false notes if you give up playing with the feelings of your partner or showing off! To avoid any possible downside, do not push it too far!
3rd decan:
Between the 10th and the 21st, the Sun invites you to accelerate the process of the transformations in progress. An atmosphere that is not necessarily easy to bear and an uncomfortable and unavoidable deal but at as a result the promise of a better understanding of yourself and a more authentic and deeper fulfillment of your being!

Juillet :
1st decan :
Uranus has been pushing you, since May, to change your relationship with your significant other and the others! To get the most out of this new wave of renewal more or less consciously in July, put on kid gloves to justify your decisions rather than trigger a possible crisis!
2nd decan :
A month that rolls the dice, which you pick up next month. So put all the luck on your side this month to motivate your troops simply perhaps by fully expressing your gifts and your innovative vision of the future.
3rd decan :
Since the beginning of February, you tend to question everything and question yourself about everything! Your mentality is changing and your bearings are changing. If Pluto drops his guard a little in July, count on the "lord of the metamorphoses" to return to his duties in December. The opportunity to reveal some of your grey areas that will help you better understand and assess those of others!

August :
1st decan :
If you have some difficulties with dialogue in August, wait until the end of the month to take a stand and put forward plans and proposals that will seduce and reassure those around you. It is then the moment to engage the transformations you aspire to in order to free yourself, without doubt, from the constraints of your relationships, which weighed you down for too long!
2nd decan :
A month where your creativity and your charisma should help you to transcend the resistance around you. A summer month to use to show off your talents, impress the gallery and ignite hearts but not to exceed the limits!
3rd decan :
A month where you would be well inspired to channel your aggressiveness so that your power of persuasion will serve you in making effective decisions pronto and by the beginning of September where negotiations in progress will find their epilogue!

September :
1st decan :
Try to approach this autumn, which promises to be a little contrasted and eventful, as consciously and as gently as possible, to get the best out of it and open up a future that inspires you without necessarily creating a mess in the ranks!
2nd decan :
A start of the school year without waiting and without reservation (or almost) to finalize a winning process and attract the good graces of everyone!
3rd decan :
If you avoid stepping outside the frame and letting your regrets, remorse or passions take control on the 8th, you will then benefit, in September, from a beautiful launching pad to go ahead and begin a new cycle of expansion by November 8th!

October :
1st decan :
From the 23rd, the Sun shines in your sign. A great opportunity to get out of the shadows and dazzle while avoiding if possible, abusing your powers...otherwise it’s at your own risk!
2nd decan :
A month where you will have nerves on edge and where patience will obviously not be your forte. Try to take a step back rather than the fly off the handle if you want to unwind and finish the month gently rather than in a rage!
3rd decan :
Between the invitation to think deeply and the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon, try to think carefully, in October, in order to feel ready to start and takeoff at the end of a very promising month!

November :
1st decan :
If you agree to do it in good form and not exaggerate your powers, you should, this month, be able to benefit from your past efforts. So it's time to start ... without overstepping the mark,, however!
2nd decan :
A birthday month that should help you blossom if you agree to hold your horses and maybe just live in the moment!
3rd decan :
A month that favors taking distance from your intimate life. Enough to start on good (better) bases from the 16th, where you will be less invaded (overwhelmed) by your emotions and then more aware of what not to do and what to do in order to restore harmony between you and your loved ones!

December :
1st decan :
A month that looks promising and a year that was sometimes a little constraining ends smoothly. The openings allow you to consider the future with confidence and more awareness. So we say thank you to Saturn who, if he has sometimes damaged your morale, does not deny his reputation as "great teacher" of the zodiac!
2nd decan :
An early month when caution seems to be recommended in your exchanges. It is a story of closing the month and the year in beauty and in an excellent position to remain there!
3rd decan :
Pluto comes to titillate again (already between February and mid-July) in December! Under his tutelage you are forced to look at your modes of operation to better understand and then transform them. A priori for the best in December!

In 2019 :
Jupiter invites you to begin a new life cycle and expansion in 2018? It's up to you to seize the opportunities to showcase yourself and to openly express who you are and what you really want from life now! By the beginning of November 2018, this giant planet of the zodiac will help you to realize your progress, exploit new potentials and obtain the recognition that you deserve. Opportunities in love to fully live your desires and in business to prosper, so why not shoot for the moon?

My advice

The trigon formed (in 2017) between Saturn and Uranus has apparently opened the door to constructive reform. We learned from the lessons of the past and changed our tune. The loop should be completed around November 11th, 2017 when this aspect, conducive to thoughtful but daring transformations, will make its final lap. Then? If the year 2017 has been rather turbulent, sometimes electric, tense and violent but also a source of hope and possibly a harbinger of a way out of the crisis; 2018 should confirm this step forward and propose to us to raise the debates and open the hatches!

Count already on Pluto who shook us up a bit in 2017, provoked social movements, discontent, deep dissatisfactions, a feeling of injustice and a climate of generalized trickery (so many secrets and affairs revealed in broad daylight). Pluto should in 2018 greatly help us finally get our heads out of the sand! Let us therefore envisage some positive openings in all spheres(economy, reduction of unemployment and public deficits) from January, but also in April and September when everything will not yet be put in place and completed but where a smiling future could begin to point the tip of his nose! However, Pluto, a great "lord of metamorphoses", is acting slowly but surely, and at work in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, he took the time to move the lines, often at a high price!
Neptune has evolved in Pieces since February 2012! In this sign of which he is the master, the deep-sea planet favors awareness, great humanistic impulses and also facilitates ideological and fundamentalist derivatives and great confusion of all kinds. If it can help "drown the fish," Neptune can also light, inspire and raise up.

From the beginning of December 2017 (but also in May 2018 and August 2018), it invites us to broaden our horizons, to move towards a higher, less narrow vision of the path to be taken and perhaps to become a better person. Some limiting barriers or beliefs begin to yield to the evidence that a new paradigm is definitely put in place. Going backwards now seems impossible and undoubtedly undesired by everyone who understands the interest they have in taking this passage, to join the movement in 2018 rather than stick to your guns! Hope may be reborn in the heart of man? Their destiny is to be built, it belongs to them but can now only be inscribed in a perspective of genuine solidarity, participation committed to growth and responsible maturity!
In 2017, Uranus played the role of public agitator but if the planet of great changes in life destabilizes, upsets, provokes, exasperates and breaks our landmarks, it is always for our own good and pushes us out of the woods, to dare for novelty. In 2017, in agreement with Saturn, it played its part and offered us new choices, to reverse our codes (labor in particular) and to take calculated risks! Present in the rather warlike sign of Aries since 2011, it has often sowed chaos and launched many hostilities here and elsewhere in the world but it has finally traced a new path and made us understand that the future belongs to those who love, tolerate and include rather than those who discriminate, criticize and kill in the name of absurd ideologies, based on despair more than on the exalting recognition of our human dignity! Between May 15th and November 6th, 2018, Uranus will point his nose in Taurus before settling on March 6th, 2019 in this sign of land more placid than warlike. What to expect from this incursion in 2018? A more concrete exploitation of the potentials discovered in recent times? Between August and the end of September 2018, Saturn and Uranus will coexist unceasingly. The opportunity to anchor some recent advances? Not without some stirring and friction, but if we manage to lay the groundwork for a more solid, creative and positive world, then it could offer us some sustainable ways of expansion!

Saturn invested, on December 20, 2017, in the sign of Capricorn. It is no longer a matter of embarking on great adventures or opening new doors of consciousness but of anchoring, in 2018, our findings and initiatives in the long term! The changes put in place in previous years must now lead to concrete measures and a new way of life must emerge. If we can count on this austere planet to build on solid and secure bases, do not hope too much that it operates in joy and good humor. There will be concessions to be made, efforts to be made in order to turn lead into gold, but we will probably be well aware that no miracle will happen without having to roll up our sleeves!

Jupiter interfered in Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 and will only leave this demanding sign in November 2018 (the 8th). The new path (sketched in Libra between September 9th, 2016 and October 10th, 2017) is taken and the promised changes are underway. But if the transformation of our society now seems inevitable, let us wager that it will not always be done in gentleness. The scorpio transmutes and encourages the moult, to break the cocoon and open our wings, we must give of ourselves, stop complaining and gather strength and courage to accomplish what needs to be done for the good of everyone and for all! Fortunately in 2018, Jupiter will receive the precious support of Neptune and Pluto, great alliances that should revive the economy, boost the labor market, bailout accounts and give breath and meaning to our lives and facilitate metamorphosis! Starting November 8th, 2018, Jupiter will invest in the sign of Sagittarius, which he controls. At ease and in his (fire) element, let's bet that this giant planet of the zodiac will invite us to respect life, the world, humanity and the divine around us and in us!

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