2020 horoscope for Taurus

Written by Absent


Starting in February, you will take advantage of Jupiter's positive aspects in Capricorn to come out of the darkness, reorganize your life, develop original ideas, and get into the middle of the action. However, with a square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in your own sign, your need for independence will make itself felt through your strong will to do only as you please. As a consequence, you will still be at risk of delving into excess, which could end up playing some nasty tricks on you and creating some real upheaval when frustration might arise with Jupiter being joined to Saturn, at the beginning of Aquarius. Despite this highly-charged environment, you will be able to get on the right path for fulfilling your aspirations.


With Saturn, you will feel the need to question yourself, which, though it might not be comfortable, will turn out to be indispensable for your personal growth, as well as for your couple's. During this time, your partner's support and useful conversation will be more important than ever. Once you find the answers you need, doubt will disappear. You will regain balance in your life and make concrete commitments.

Social Life

The year will be off to a rolicking start. You will feel inspired, your true desires will surface, and you will be enthusiastic about moving forward, but starting at the end of March, you will return to your rebellious ways due to your feeling blocked in your activities or in making a project a reality. You will have to make it through a few mishaps, and the jealousy of the people you work with could affect you. This environment will tend to annoy you, and your stubbornness will push you to force your way through. Be careful not to make waves of any sort!


Irritability, stress, too much work, and hastiness are waiting for you! It is important to channel your energy by de-stressing by playing sports and taking part in your favorite pastimes - without forgetting to intersperse a few moments of relaxation with people who know how to take your mind off things, and makes plans to fully recharge your batteries.

My advice:

Your effort will pay off as long as you have self-discipline and put aside your infamous stubborness.

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