2020 horoscope for Virgo

Written by Absent


Starting in February, the sextile between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces will urge you to provide for new projects. At the end of March, Saturn, moving into a square with Uranus in Taurus, will contribute to your personal fulfillment, giving you more freedom and autonomy. Afterwards, the atmosphere will be ideal for satisfying your ambitions, and you will be rewarded for your worth. At the end of the year, you will be able to bring stability to both your love-life and the office. This will then be a good year for laying solid foundations for the future or making a new start!


If you are in a relationship, you will clear out the final dark places that have been preventing you up until now from living in perfect happiness. More willing to listen, and closer to one another, everyone will throw themselves into making a new start and new plans. You will indeed retake control of your emotional life, and breath new life into it. If you are single, don't give up on your dreams - you have every chance of meeting the person you've been waiting for for so long!

Social Life

Starting at the beginning of the year, Jupiter will allow you to expand your field of expertise and be more up to your own expectations. You will, energetically, enthusiastically, and confidently, take your place on center stage and fill out your sphere of romantic influence. You will dare to open new doors and will use all of your hard-working skills to persuade and make yourself irreplaceable.


You will be stimulated by great energy, but will tend to live life in the fast lane and not take the time to relax. If you hope to remain effective over the long-term, it is important to slow down and not overestimate your energy. Get a hold of yourself and create a schedule that includes sports, relaxation, and pleasure.

My advice:

Stay the course: you're on track to being able to spread your wings, take flight, and make your wishes a reality.

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