2020 horoscope for Cancer: your love-life

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Our latest quarterly and annual horoscopes describe a tense period for 2020 with complicated events forcing us to change the organization of our society and our individual behaviors. Our mission, as we see it, is to decipher the movements of the planets to deliver what seems to be the astral climate for each sign, with as much precision as possible. We try to indicate the errors to avoid and the good behavior to adopt right now.

Above all, we believe that keeping in touch and creating bonds is essential in these difficult times. We are mobilized and at your side every day. May Free-horoscope.com bring you a little happy interlude of reading and positive vibes daily. We think very much of all of you, dear readers. Take good care of yourself, and see you very soon!

Love: Your Relationship is in Question!
Count on a shocking trio formed by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in 2020 to jostle your landmarks in love. You are forced to make important choices and determine if the relationship still makes sense by being honest in your exchanges. Do not worry if your relationship holds the road, but you have to redefine yourself in front of your partner. Think about ways to improve the bond, dear Cancer, and expect to be rocked in 2020 by challenges that will help you build or rebuild a good relationship or break a process that no longer suits you. Count on this sky to restore breath to your couple and, if you are single, find that special someone. This year will help renew your relationship.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): The Desire for Something Else!
Last December, Jupiter and Uranus gave life to projects to live and build. You are considering your love life differently. Until mid-January, Jupiter encourages you to commit (re-engage), and Uranus gives you the energy to renew your existence. You aspire to something else, to revisit your vision of the bond so that it inspires you for a long time. Count on Venus to accompany this upward movement. It strengthens your emotional ambitions between January 13th and 22nd and assures you of the support of those you love between March 5th and March 14th. Between April 3rd and 15th and then between June 9th and July 11th, you support and accept a period of reflection necessary for a healthy assessment of your situation in love. Take advantage of this moment of withdrawal to sort out what counts or does not matter. Between August 7th and 18th, you will experience your love by being sure of your choices, radiant and seductive. Between October 28th and November 5th, you will devote yourself to your loved ones and between November 21st and 29th, you will be looking for sensual gratifications. In December, Jupiter and Saturn will evolve together in the field of your theme devolved to your evolution. This is the opportunity (from the 21st) to define what should be improved or reviewed...

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): In Search of an Ideal!
In 2020, you restore color to your relationship, or you find that special someone. You reach certain emotional ambitions. Since 2017, you raise your requirements in love. Jupiter (between January 15th and March 3rd and between August 2nd and October 24th) promotes commitments and milestones. Around February 20th and October 12th, Jupiter and Neptune operate in tandem and Venus is your ally in this race for perfection. Between January 22nd and 30th, you push the boundaries of the possible. Between March 14th and 24th, exciting projects are topical. Take a step back from April 15th to May 3rd, May 22nd to June 9th, and July 11th to July 26th, it's essential to lock in your choices. You return to your love between July 18th and 27th. You take care of your loved ones between November 5th and 13th. You have a good time between November 29th and December 7th.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): Accept the Metamorphosis!
If you have trouble dealing with tensions that pollute your exchanges, the situation leads you to end a situation that has lasted too long. Around January 12th, you are at the end of a crisis or a questioning. You need to break a destructive pattern. You can then get out of this situation and bounce back, either by switching to something else or giving meaning to your relationship. The sky encourages important meetings around April 5th, June 30th, July 27th, and November 12th. Venus promotes creative change between January 5th and 13th, raises your level of requirements between January 30th and February 7th, and invites you to build exhilarating castles in the sky between March 24th and April 3rd. However, reflection is needed between May 3rd and 13th and between July 26th and August 7th. Think about what you really want. You will come back to the forefront between August 27th and September 6th. You are dedicated to the well-being of your loved ones between the 13th and the 21st of November then to you alone between the 7th and 15th of December.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A dense and rich year for all. It's not a question of being satisfied with little but of believing and raising your level of requirements. Do not hesitate to improve or even transform your emotional life. In 2020, if you do not skip over what gets stuck or angry, everything seems possible and allowed.

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