Aquarius: your daily horoscope on the 19th of August 2019

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Good humour will prevail and you will be good at being receptive to those around you. Give yourself breaks, as you don't look after yourself well enough physically . Be careful of muscular cramps and making the wrong moves.



It's time to think of your happiness and to refuse to make concessions which are difficult to bear.



It's time to forge ahead if you're in a relationship; your love life is coming to a lasting harmony. If you're single, an encounter will break you out of your inner doubts.



Go with the flow in this great wave of reorganisation going on around you. You have absolutely nothing to lose.



Your pragmatism will know no bounds. This will be your strong point in the face of demands from eslewhere today

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Aries, in position 08 degres, 44 minutes: Fits of fancy, fits of impulse, fits of gloom, everything is spontaneous and no half measures.

First decan

(21st January to 31st January)

It is an atmosphere that favors tough negotiations, businesses, the recruitment of labor, the search for a job. It is a powerful energy to use in moderation.

Second decan

(1st February to 10th February)

You need action; you want stronger links, more exciting relationships, and new things. You make yourself available and you seize the opportunities that arise. You are passionately pursuing your goals and looking for the benefits of your initiatives.

Third decan

(11th February to 18th February)

A surge of energy reinforces your audacity, you can affirm what you are deep inside yourself, and you put your talent forward. You are working hard to move forward and progress towards your ideals.

Your guardian angel: Vasariah
If you were born between August 29th and September 2nd, your guardian angel is called Vasariah. The keyword of his energy is "rejoicing". - Click here

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