Capricorn: your daily horoscope on the 19th of August 2019

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You need to know more before you take a decision involving your future. Take your time. There's too much upheaval going on around you to recharge your batteries effectively. It would be a good idea to keep your private life more separate.



You are touchy today...Don't rely too much on your feelings, they are making you overdo it.



Your innocence has you in for some exciting times! Surprises lie just around the bend... Just be sure to avoid making any radical decisions today; your mind will be clearer if you wait.



Money matters will not be as boring as usual, there's nothing standing in the way of your shares.



You'll have the chance to learn certain things that will be useful for your future... use your memory!

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Aries, in position 08 degres, 44 minutes: Fits of fancy, fits of impulse, fits of gloom, everything is spontaneous and no half measures.

First decan

(22nd December to 2nd January)

This climate causes heartbreaks and impulses, everything is spontaneous, and nothing is lukewarm. This atmosphere favors projects but we also risk being a victim of a shock without a future.

Second decan

(3rd January to 11th January)

You have the capacity to carry a lot of work and you are very focused on your objectives, on the concrete results you want to achieve. However, you have a little trouble adapting to an indecisive climate and your moods are affected.

Third decan

(12th January to 20th January)

Some tensions, nervousness, bad mood. Individualisms express themselves with a little too much spontaneity... The sky does not encourage ardor and optimism. These are activities in the shadows, overall, the climate is changing and the reason takes precedence over the heat.

Your guardian angel: Vasariah
If you were born between August 29th and September 2nd, your guardian angel is called Vasariah. The keyword of his energy is "rejoicing". - Click here

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