Leo: your daily horoscope on the 05 of July 2020

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You are ready to make peace with everyone today. You will blossom in good company. Be careful before embarking on physical pursuits, you could well injure yourself unintentionally.



With good reason, you feel others are trying to take advantage of you. Don't let yourself be taken in by flattery.



Your need for recognition will be your biggest motivation, but you might get reproached for it if you don't show your partner more how you truly feel for them.



A possibility of promotion or change in social standing will be announced. Your confidence will be justified.



There should be less interference at work today and good humour pervades your colleagues.

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Capricorn, in position 16 degres, 36 minutes: Emotions and reactions internalised and under control, common-sense, emotional frustration but ambitious.

Let's dream a little more...

For each decan, the return to an almost normal life allows us to start again towards our aspirations, to redefine our priorities, and to evolve serenely towards a more fulfilling existence, with full knowledge of the facts.

First decan

(23rd July to 2nd August)

Expect to undergo a few small transformations that will soon be of the utmost importance. By having a little tact, things will once again become more or less positive. You should get to move up a notch, professionally speaking. Emotionally, changes are happening. And you won't be disappointed.

Second decan

(3rd August to 13th August)

Bide your time patiently. The situation will improve, a little too slowly for your taste, but improve nonetheless. Your romantic life will take an interesting turn. If you are single, even better. If you are in a relationship, your plans will see the light of day. At work, you will receive an offer.

Third decan

(14th August to 22nd August)

On the professional side, you will absolutely have to get over your sensitivity if you want to be able to be more confident and motivated than ever. If you are still hesitating to get a project going, you should give it serious consideration: it seems as if the time has now come.

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