Free Lunar horoscope for the week of 01 June 2020

Written by Alison

This Monday, the moon is in Libra, in harmony with the sun in Gemini. This tandem in the air signs encourages meetings, exchanges and discussions, it is a good time to agree or to reconcile or to get to know each other. Tuesday evening, the moon enters Scorpio and briefly forms with Saturn a square. Some relationships can become strained between control and freedom, discipline and free will. Thursday night, the moon in Sagittarius opens minds and hearts, an atmosphere of camaraderie sets in and emotions are better controlled until Saturday night. For the end of the weekend, the moon in Capricorn calms spirits, reduces recklessness and encourages reflection about ambitions.

The mood of the Moon for this week

Monday 1er June 2020, Moon in Libra: It's a good day to improve your social and professional life. You install harmony around you: your enthusiasm and your seriousness are noticeable.

Tuesday 2 June 2020, Moon in Libra: Luck comes back strong today with happy chances, extraordinary coincidences and magical encounters. Shake off your lethargy and defeatism to take advantage of these good dispositions.

Wednesday 3 June 2020, Moon in Scorpio: The climate will be one of great passion, but all the same, there's no need to be merciless, dogmatic, domineering , manipulative ...

Thursday 4 June 2020, Moon in Scorpio: Don't make any radical decisions, especially in your love-life today.

Friday 5 June 2020, Moon in Sagittarius: It's a very beneficial day of expansion, luck and opportunity. It's a great time to improve your living conditions and your social status.

Saturday 6 June 2020, Moon in Sagittarius: You will need to make a definite decision between tradition and novelty and make radical choices!

Sunday 7 June 2020, Moon in Capricorn: An exceptional day of maturation, well-being and wisdom. You are guided by your ideals, you open to new areas and spirituality, you are very creative.

The Moon for the following week

Monday 8 June 2020, Moon in Capricorn: A day marked by great fatigue, a little pessimism born of circumstances unfavorable to your personal growth. Elders or superiors obstruct your activities.

Tuesday 9 June 2020, Moon in Capricorn: It is a day of stability for your affairs and you fully assume new responsibilities in harmony with your convictions.

Wednesday 10 June 2020, Moon in Aquarius: Circumstances are favorable to the evolution of your maturity but it risks going through unexpected events, causing stress and anxiety. Decompress!

Thursday 11 June 2020, Moon in Aquarius: Anything futuristic or new-fangled will be held in esteem. Now will be the time to show off your most quirky inventions.

Friday 12 June 2020, Moon in Pisces: You will have a knack of skipping over things that could put the dampers on your day ... Now, that's what is known as good fortune!

Saturday 13 June 2020, Moon in Pisces: Today, there is a great risk of subjective dissatisfaction, outrageous rebellions or cyclical moments of depression. It's best to focus on your work.

Sunday 14 June 2020, Moon in Aries: Action and great plans will be the order of the day. Don't hesitate to take calculated risks.

The position of the Moon is calculated using Paris time. Therefore, there can be a significant time difference depending on the geographic area where you are located.

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