Around the Stars this month !

Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope May 2019 ! here, they are for this month of May 2019!

Your ephemeris May 2019

The Sun evolves in Taurus until the 21st, sharpening our intuition on the 9th. Let us focus on this sensitive opening to exalt our humanistic and solid vision of the future of the world. The star of the day will contact Saturn on the 11th to base our aspirations on a solid basis, lay the groundwork for the long term, and increase, on the 14th, our capacity to transform what must be in order to accompany the necessary and progressive transformations of society, both politically and economically or ecologically. From the 21st, the sun invests in the sign of Gemini. From the 1st, this marks the opportunity to launch debates and find new ideas and ways to transmit more widely around us.

Mercury ends his race in Aries but not without causing some turmoil around us. It is up to us to seize the lively and fluctuating energy of this moving planet to accelerate the movement of reform on the 1st while best contending with possible restraints that pull us back or slow our forward march. Do not fall into a deadlock on the 2nd: any proposal issued will undergo a ruthless controversy but will, however, enjoy the majority of support from the ruling power on the 3rd. From the 6th, Mercury promises to be anything but calm and mundane, it should open the field of possibilities. Proposals and speeches are inspired on the 16th and there is an opportunity to register them in the long term? Mercury will leave the sign of Taurus on the 21st, which he crossed hastily, but not without provoking important changes in our mentality on the 18th. From the 21st, with Mercury in Gemini, there is room for the debates that are favoured by the very nature of the "messenger gods" but these exchanges could be polluted by the 30th with fakes or misunderstandings. Let's avoid getting too wrapped up or taking everything at face value, and locking away the info (on the 31st) before getting on our high horses or rebelling.

Venus in Aries until the 15th accentuates a feeling of frustration on the 7th that could, however, propose interesting solutions that are likely to meet our expectations on the 9th (if the arrangements and answers found are on a clear and disinterested basis). Let's count on this delicious planet to exalt the passion and excitement on the 14th. Just before migrating to Taurus where this planet evolves by nature in her home (*) and thus at ease. Unforeseen meetings, a crush, love at first sight, and emotions to be anticipated on the 18th. Emotional exaltation is also on the program for the 30th where everything is possible, in particular, a romantic engagement which you could, from the 31st, inscribe for the long-term.

Mars in Gemini continues to powerfully energize our mind. We do not stay still and we burn with impatience to move from words to action (the 1st). We would, however, be well advised to take the time to reflect and not to rush things (the 5th) if we do not want to end in an impasse, provoke heated controversy, or rub salt in the wound. A small wind of passion and exaltation of the senses to savour (the 14th) and, from the 16th, Mars invests in the sign of Cancer. This spirited planet will be in charge of accelerating the movement of change on the 22nd where he will be associated with Uranus (in Taurus) for the better. It could favour creative impulses and elicit some flashes of genius!

Jupiter evolves in Sagittarius since November 8th. It is a question of concretizing the evolution that has been underway since autumn 2016: a blossoming now at hand? A direction to take that promotes a broadening of our horizons and an opening on many levels, including that of the soul, likely to increase the humanistic and spiritual dimension of our lives. In May, Jupiter tends to exalt our mind that will overflow with ideas on the 3rd but could also exacerbate social tensions on the 5th: the controversy will be lively. Fortunately, we can count on a wind of positive emotions, the desire to create a better world, and more creative relationships on the 9th, if we manage to see clearly in our intentions and channel our impulses, which are not necessarily good advisers. At the end of the month (the 31st), beware of words that could trigger wrath around us. Let's talk and act as calmly as possible to avoid slipping up and relaunching polemics that brood ...

Saturn evolves since December 20, 2017 (and until December 2020) in the sign of Capricorn which he controls. At ease and in its element, Saturn materializes the changes initiated in recent times and under construction for a while, not necessarily in joy and good humour but with the firm intention to build on solid ground. In May, this austere planet will sometimes blow hot and cold. If it tends to curb communication or counteract our thirst to express new ideas on the 1st and our feelings on the 7th, then it could, however, be invaluable to us on the 11th, when it comes to building any new principle or new structure on solid ground. Ditto on the 16th, where it will put us in the lead. At the very end of the month, Saturn could also encourage and reinforce all forms of commitment, especially those concerning our emotional life.

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