Around the Stars this month !

Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope March 2019 ! here, they are for this month of March 2019!

Your ephemeris March 2019

The Sun which evolves in Pisces until the 20th will further favour our intuition (the 7th) which could find expression concretely around the 9th and 13th in work or a constructive task. It will, however, be a good channelling of our energies so that our creativity and our impulses do not overflow the frame too much! We could indeed be tempted (on the 14th) to ask too much and then risk playing against our interests! Let's not overestimate our abilities or our power if we want to reach our goals without a hitch! From the 20th, the Sun migrates in Aries! This marks the opportunity to go forward, to dare, and to lay the foundations of our ambitions and audacious projects!

Mercury in Pisces since February 10th will begin a retrograde (*) from March 5th! Perhaps the best moment to reflect on the consequences of our actions and the positions we take, as well as to weigh the pros and cons. In short, take a step back on the current events even if, a priori, the messenger of the gods could push us to exaggerate our possibilities of action and to make us see everything in big. Rather than invite us to take (after reflection) the path of wisdom, it could well stimulate our enthusiasm (too much?) and push us to a fault (the 15th)! Fortunately, we will quickly return to reason by reconnecting with an enlightening lucidity, we should understand from the 16th where our interest really is and then launch initiatives that will pay off and then build on solid ground! Starting on the 28th, Mercury resumes its live race and should then restart the debates that were pending and help us position ourselves more clearly on many fronts!

Venus leaves Capricorn on the 1st but not without having made some sparks in passing and played with our nerves and our feelings, and put our need for security to the test! This planet will then immediately invest in the sign of Aquarius where it does not necessarily have great affinities. Indeed, between this freedom-loving sign, which would never sacrifice its independence and the goddess of love, exchanges sometimes turn to deaf dialogue. Except, of course, if we leave our fusional vision of the bond to favour a more complicit version of the couple! Some tension to predict on the 21st if you cling to your achievements and require that the other responds to your wishes immediately. On the other hand, if you express your feelings with enthusiasm and without calculation, you will have more chances to hit the bull’s eye that day. From the 26th, Venus slips into Pisces and could cause some crushes, love at first sight, new encounters, or an unexpected return of an old flame around the 27th!

Mars in Taurus will generate rather constructive energy in March. We will be able to draw on the resources of this sign and use its quiet strength to move forward without getting jostled on our way. We will then know how to connect to the right frequency and will bet on an outstanding flair (the 10th) to go from dream to reality and to undertake what is important to us! We will have a background energy almost insubmersible on the 14th to sit on our positions and move slowly but surely in the right direction ... towards our goals (the 20th) The only overflow that Mars could expose us to in March? A tendency to be passionate in the debates (especially emotional debates) around the 21st! It is up to us to channel our passions so that they continue to feed us rather than make us go into a tailspin!

Jupiter evolves in Sagittarius since November 8th! It is then a question of concretizing the evolution, a priori, accomplished since autumn 2016! A flourishing now at your fingertips? A direction to take that promotes a broadening of our horizons and an opening on many levels including that of the soul likely to increase the humanistic and spiritual dimension of our lives! In March, Jupiter continues to stimulate our thirst to surpass ourselves, to carry out our ambitions and reach an ideal but he could push us to step over the limits on the 14th and the 15th, where we will not necessarily have very clear ideas or we could miss something that is right under our nose. Let us then take off without a belt and rather than rush into the movement without thinking, try to calm things down and calm our momentum, which is a little too optimistic and could make us a little "derailed" and lose a sense of the realities of this world! On the other hand, we will be able to count on Jupiter on the 21st to exalt our feelings, our thirst to have a good time, and to give free rein (but not fully) to our desires!

Saturn evolves since December 20, 2017 (and until December 2020) in the sign of Capricorn which it controls. At ease and in its element, Saturn will try to materialize the changes that have begun in recent times and actually started a while ago! Not necessarily in joy and good mood but with the firm intention to build on solid bases! In March, count on this great teacher of the zodiac to encourage reflection and calm things down! Thus we will benefit from the constructive energies of Saturn on the 9th, 14th, and 20th when we will then be able to take the necessary step back to act in good consciousness and then dig the foundations to build on solid ground. An energy that will allow us to revise our aim (and channel our impulses that are not always well controlled) and act wisely!

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