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Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope June 2018 ! here, they are for this month of June 2018!

Your ephemeris June 2018

Dear web surfers, we decided to give you news from Heaven every month! Enough that our dear readers in their quest for tracking the stars find themselves a little bit in the cosmos! This new section is for the curious, the zealous, the neophytes and all those who wish to flirt with the poetry of another dimension. We will now inform you about the position of the planets and their monthly journey ... above our heads!

The Sun, which evolves in Gemini until the 21st will probably encourage communication and should stimulate our neurons allowing the emergence of ideas and the development of new proposals on the 6th. But let us be careful, however, to try to apply them only after carefully evaluating them. Beforehand we should know the ins and outs otherwise the next day (the 7th) we risk to have mislead our target or to have committed some regrettable errors in our aim. A day when we will have a little trouble coping with a reality that may well call us to order by pushing us to wrongdoings, for example. From the 21st, the star of the day migrates in Cancer. The opportunity to link the imaginary with creativity, daring and respect of traditions on the 23rd. Respect this perfect alchemy in order to avoid hitting a wall at the end of the month and then having to finish the month a little frustrated, stuck in our entrenchments by restraints or restrictions that will force us, a priori, to downgrade our claims and reduce the wind in our sails (the 27th)!

Mercury evolves until the 12th in Gemini where he progresses in his element and will probably seek to overturn some codes established on the 1st where an innovative spirit could animate the debates! However, be careful not to exceed the limits on the 6th, at the risk of causing confusion and some misunderstandings that certainly will not play in our favor vis-à-vis interlocutors who are not necessarily willing to follow us without flinching on any ground! From the 12th, Mercury migrates to Cancer and will still try to move the lines and perhaps strike the right chord on the 13th! Beware of possible and foreseeable disappointments on the 16th when a form of puritanism, of conformity or of concern to preserve the balance and the direction of the measurement could come to stop our impulses and to restrain our fertile imagination! If, however, we seek to transform, or to change certain rules by shaking up the tradition, then we have a bit of success on the 19th. By showing an indisputable flair and inspiration on the 21st, this change could take time and have to deal with a collective disavowal or power struggles that will slow our impetus and could even provoke some clashes, fights, fits and tantrums on the 30th? Not easy, indeed, to innovate without raising here and there a few leagues of shields around us!

Venus in Cancer until the 13th promotes our impulses and could well boost our loves on the 1st, where strong emotions and passions seem to be the taste of the day. There is room for dreams, romance, inspiring encounters and ideal aspirations on the 2nd where we should hover in the higher spheres and hover very high! Let's try to stay, at least a little, in control of our heart so that we can face a reality that is possibly less enchanting on the 6th, or the need to reconnect with the Earth and a less poetic expression and probably a more instinctive or visceral relationship. Beginning on the 13th, Venus invites herself into the flamboyant sign of Leo and could, from the 15th, make some sparks. Jealousy, a willingness to possess the other or to escape their hold. There will be a storm in the air. This trend is confirmed on the 21st and the 25th, where passions are likely to be exacerbated but not necessarily for the better. Let's try to calm things down rather than put oil on the fire, to provoke the other or to let us into a vicious circle that it would be wiser to avoid or to try to break a way from one way or another ... as smoothly as possible!

Mars in Aquarius maintains more or less openly its pressure throughout the month! For the best on the 1st, where this warrior planet will exalt our creativity, boost our mind and push us to express our ideas without delay. A wind of innovation continues to blow and upset our habits and our codes. At the end of the month, however, some tensions could come to light if we do not succeed (whether in love or on a more collective level) to agree on what we really want and we find ourselves torn between our thirst to love and create, to shine in the light of day and our desire, no less affirmed, to settle in the heart and singularize ourselves and reserve our individuality. It is indeed a difficult mission to associate thirst for fusion, complicity for need, and it is just as important to remain oneself and claim their share of inalienable freedom! From the 26th, Mars begins a retrograde movement (*)

Jupiter evolves in Scorpion since October 10, 2017 and will not leave this symbol of metamorphosis until November 8, 2018! We must now, under the pressure of Scorpio, take and go through the new path that we have in Libra. There will undoubtedly be transformations to be made, difficulties to face, and challenges to be faced until November 2018, but we hope that our efforts will not be in vain and that we will soon (end 2018) begin to reap the rewards of a crossing that is sometimes stormy but brings infinitely positive transformations! In June this giant of the Zodiac exalts our emotions and feelings on the 1st. An ad hoc day to declare one’s passion or reignite the flame but also to meet people and hit the bull’s eye. It is also time to express our creativity and reform what needs to be done by motivating the troops and inviting everyone to mobilize and go forward together! We will still take advantage of the positive pressure of Jupiter on the 19th to communicate effectively or with enthusiasm but we could be tempted to abuse our charm and force our way on the 25th! Avoid excess zeal, passion or daring if you want to tighten links and ranks rather than make sparks!

Saturn evolves since December 20, 2017 (and until December 2020) in the sign of Capricorn which he controls. At ease and in its element, Saturn will attempt to materialize the changes that began last time and actually started a while ago! Not necessarily in joy and good mood but with the firm intention to build on solid bases! In June the "great teacher" of the zodiac will probably have more of a tendency to curb our impulses than to encourage our initiatives. So we will have to deal with his cold rigor and the realities he will throw in our face on the 16th and 27th, where whatever we do we run the risk of hitting a wall. It's up to us to think about how to get around, or rather reduce the obstacles, but not by being tricky. Rather by taking up the task with seriousness and rigor and a sense of responsibility because, with Saturn, if we try to trample without really investing in a process with a constructive view, we just risk getting caught at the turn! A word to the wise ...

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