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Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope November 2019 ! here, they are for this month of November 2019!

Your ephemeris November 2019

The Sun who evolves in Scorpio until November 22nd invites us to listen to our intuition, which is an excellent counselor on the 8th. It favors all reflections on the 11th. This is the right moment for the fundamental questions to guide our decisions knowingly, and therefore, in the right direction. From November 22nd, the star of the day migrates in Sagittarius and inaugurates a period where our enthusiasm could be reborn. Let's take advantage of Jupiter's mastery of this sign (in which the planet evolves until the beginning of December) to broaden our horizons, raise the debates, and evolve, if possible, on all fronts.

Mercury in Scorpio has begun a retrograde since October 31st, inviting us to step back and take the time to think and question ourselves on the merits. Including on the 10th, where we will have the opportunity to explore specific areas of darkness (in us, in our partner, or in society) that need to be enlightened so that an inevitable and indispensable individual and societal metamorphosis takes place. Same program on the 11th: the time is not instinctive for impulsive decision-making. It’s about a return on oneself and the serene analysis of the situations. Our prudence and wisdom should pay off as soon as the 13th when intuition, flair, and a sense of responsibility work together should lay the groundwork for our future actions on a reliable basis. From the 20th, Mercury goes live again and finally allows us to restart the debates in a constructive way and close them advantageously at the end of the month (the 28th and 30th). Nothing will be left to chance. It will be founded on a profound reflection, combined with a controlled intuition.

Venus, present in Sagittarius until November 26th, pushes us to overestimate our powers, to fantasize a little too much on the 14th. We will want to dream a little in a rather serious context where reflection seems privileged. Nothing to fear from our possible escapades that are a little far from the realities of this world, it will allow us to escape without danger of misplacing ourselves for too long. Especially since this delightful planet promises us a wonderful experience on the 24th where, combined with Jupiter, it will exalt all our desires for beauty, love, and pleasure of all kinds. From the 26th, Venus migrates in Capricorn and evolves a little less at ease in this sign, which is more analytical and thoughtful than in search of pleasure. However, let’s bet on the harmonious encounter between Venus and Uranus (the 28th) to end the month in style and to make creative changes in the emotional sphere or our activities.

Mars in Libra has few affinities with this sign. A planet of warlike nature, Mars marries poorly with the energies of this air sign, which is more inclined to commit than to fight, to legislate and compose rather than oppose or go it alone. At the beginning of the month (the 5th), we can expect that fights cloud the game and parasitize the atmosphere. Fortunately, around the 13th, Mars will join forces with Jupiter to support our activities, our enthusiasm, and our desire to move forward, push the boundaries of the possible, and surpass ourselves. However, be careful on the 24th: if the desire to break with our habits, tradition, or even the law, is present, try to moderate our anger so as not to cause tension and/or live under pressure with ourselves.

Jupiter evolves since November 8th in Sagittarius. It is a question of concretizing the evolution accomplished since the autumn of 2016. A blossoming henceforth at hand, a direction to take, an enlargement of our horizons, and an opening on many fronts, including that of the soul, likely to increase the humanistic and spiritual dimension of our lives. In November, Jupiter is a catalyst for positive energies and promotes our fulfillment by bringing us some delicious flushes of individual and collective enthusiasm, especially around the 12th and 24th, when this giant planet of the zodiac will boost our energies and our desire to undertake, launch, and dare (on the 12th). It will invite us to express our feelings openly, to exercise our power of seduction, to have a good time, and to fully enjoy the present moment (the 24th). Since it's not so common, let's avoid being begged to do so and get into the dance!

Saturn evolves since December 20, 2017 (until December 2020) in the sign of Capricorn, which he controls. At ease and in its element, Saturn materializes the changes initiated recently or under construction for a while. Not necessarily in joy and good humor but with the firm intention to build on solid ground. In November, this austere planet develops our ability to think, so we take the time to move slowly but surely towards our goals. This well-controlled energy channeled emotions, and wise decisions (the 8th) will guide our destiny in the right direction (the 9th). This trend is confirmed on the 13th and the 30th.

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