Your advice for month October 2020 for the sign of for Libra

Written by Daisy

The First Week,
The 1st, the first Full Moon of the month, invites you to take a step towards each other, listen, and stay tuned to your partner. So don't go it alone.
The 7th, you probably launched negotiations at the end of September that will continue into October. You're going to have to hold on without forcing things.
The 9th, avoid adopting a too brittle attitude as a family to make some essential changes without breaking.
The 10th, take a step back from the events and your emotions
to tame them and make good advisors.
The 11th, you want to take charge of your destiny and that of your family to contribute to its development. But remember, you are not the only master on board.

The Second Week,
The 12th, you have the opportunity to achieve a family ideal. Whether it's a child, a real estate purchase, or a happy event, you are spoiled. Use your emotional restraint to discuss money or spend it wisely.
The 13th, you aspire to be in charge but have to deal with stiff adversity. Why don't you take it down a notch?
The 14th, the current negotiations are going around in circles. Be patient, because they won't resume until November.
The 15th, your current desire is to make significant changes in your family, but don't let your ego drive the process. Don't go too far, or your actions will backfire.
The 16th, the New Moon invites you to launch a new cycle of your personal history. It is up to you to turn the page without deciding everything for everyone.
The 18th, if you do as you please, expect to be rejected by those around you who resist your pressures. You risk falling into an impasse.

The Third Week
The 19th, give up playing clan leaders and act gently, trust your intuition, and learn from the past to preserve harmony at home.
The 20th, discussions drag on, but keep them going to win the game soon.
The 21st, the best way to change things in the family, is to take time to think and sort out what to keep and what to eliminate.
The 24th, it is by taking a step back that you will know what to preserve from the past.
The 25th, if you find that the debate is not moving forward, don't let your guard down. Be patient.

The Fourth Week,
The 31st, the second Full Moon of the month, invites you to manage your finances. Whether it's claiming what you deserve or strengthening your income, make the negotiations work for you. Hang in there without making unreasonable demands.

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