Capricorn's horoscope for April 2020

Written by Daisy

Love: Goodwill Expressly Required!
Venus invites you to settle disputes in your exchanges. Redouble your goodwill so as not to offend anyone's feelings. Communicate gently and flexibly to be heard without causing controversy. Count on Venus but put in the work, Capricorn, to end the month without a hitch.

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd): Undertake Without Complaining Too Much About Some Constraints!

Between Saturn, which curbs your creativity or your financial means and Uranus, which makes you want to act freely, April will not always be easy to manage. Bet on Venus and your charm, but you will not escape the tension born from the desire to free yourself. Open the dialogue serenely with your family. Otherwise, at the end of the month, a feeling of frustration will win.

In a Relationship, between your thirst for freedom in your emotional life and the restrictions imposed by Saturn, you want to protest. Communicate your frustration rather than internalize it and take it out on everyone.
Single, constrained by the circumstances, you must comply with the rules. Contain your irritation. Do not blame those around you. Otherwise, you risk ending the month a little alone.

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th): A Rather Smooth Frequency!

Inspired, you get your messages across smoothly, take advantage of this almost telepathic communication to maintain a pleasant family atmosphere. You masterfully manage your home and your assets.

In a Relationship, no disruption, the current flows and your messages are well received. Take advantage of this benevolent climate to feed constructive debates and settle a case that was dragging on.

Single, you maintain cordial exchanges with your close friends thanks to your will to serve the common cause. You get everyone to agree without raising your voice, and you improve your living conditions.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): It Shakes!

You hardly have time to devote to a quest for love, which gives way to an inner rebirth. Circumstances accelerate the movement and push you forward. Take advantage of the favors of the sky to move on to something else, like a new cycle. You understand the importance of it, but as a family, we find that your thirst for expansion somewhat destabilizes the home. Do not rush anyone, at the risk of alienating everyone.

In a Relationship, a transformation is gaining momentum. If you welcome these changes with enthusiasm, your family is more reserved. You risk facing criticism from relatives who do not understand this inevitable metamorphosis.

Single, your personal change takes precedence over your collective interest. You can do nothing against this cosmic pressure that pushes you to grow. A course in relative solitude, but it is worth it.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Do not skip over the files in progress, get involved: responsibilities and duties to assume or a metamorphosis to operate. You have the possibility of gaining wisdom while waiting for love.

During the month for April 2020 for the zodiac sign for Capricorn:

The First Week,
The 4th, you have the art of making yourself understood. Take this opportunity to soften rigid barriers that limit your creativity and your budget.
The 5th, you come out of your isolation and accelerate an announced metamorphosis. If opportunities arise to express your new personality, take advantage of them.
The 7th, beware of slip-ups due to your exasperation when faced with constraints that limit your freedom of action. Use dialogue to make yourself understood and accepted by all.
The 8th, your enthusiasm and your dynamism plead your case and make people want to work or live with you. The Full Moon puts you in the spotlight. But avoid focusing attention exclusively on yourself and your performance.
The 11th, wisely managing the restraints that limit your creativity allows you to accept them.

The Second Week,
The 14th, beware of family friction, it is difficult to accept that you assert your will without taking into account the opinion of others.
The 15th, you do not lack enthusiasm, but take care that your passion does not offend anyone around you. Your metamorphosis destabilizes people.
The 18th, you get your messages across smoothly, and you use goodwill to win votes, whether with family or at work.
The 19th, your audacity allows you to develop your potential and claim recognition of your merits.

The Third Week,
The 21st, the Sun exalts your desire to enjoy the pleasures of life and seduce, but Saturn restricts your budget. Try to contend between these antagonistic tendencies so as not to end the day and month frustrated.
The 23rd, the new Moon invites you to express your creativity and makes you want to love.
The 25th, your tendency to get out of your habits disturbs playtime in your family. Dialogue is essential in making yourself understood.
The 26th, express your thirst for life but avoid loudly expressing your enthusiasm. Some might interpret it as a challenge.

The Fourth Week,
The 28th, communication is not favored. To end the month serenely, put the blockages into perspective and don't be discouraged.

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