Check your horoscope for April 2024

Written by Daisy

With Pluto as reinforcement, Venus and Mercury in Aries have more power than usual. Attractions are compelling, words are striking, feelings are intense, and ideas are great. The signs of fire and air will undoubtedly appreciate the effects that these energies will produce. However, those who are more impatient will have to give time to those who need it instead of nudging them.

As for the signs of water and earth, they have Mars and Saturn in Pisces as fellow travellers. Always associated with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus, these energies put their experience and perseverance in the spotlight. However, some may find the time long. Others may need a little fantasy. If they wish, they can take inspiration from the planets in Aries to accelerate the movement or to change their ideas.

This spring month promises to be a whirlwind for some and hyper-inspired for others! Mercury in Aries, favours innovative ideas and quick decision making but also conflicts. For all of us, it's recommended to keep your cool! Mars in Pisces, throughout the month, encourages you to act under the influence of your emotions but not to get lost in them. It would be a shame because the major pitfall will be to drown under an overflow of active sensations. So keep your feet on the ground, or the repercussions could be annoying. The beginning of the month is placed under the invigorating impulse of the Sun in Aries. From the 19th, the Sun in Taurus calms things down, so, according to your desires and expectations, plan to act. Love takes first place at the beginning of spring. The beautiful Venus will be powerful sometimes with its sensitivity thanks to Pisces' energies and sometimes by its power to love because it's also pampered by Pluto and carried by the expressive ardour of Mercury in Aries. Take heart and rejoice, this month will be rich in promises!

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