Check your horoscope for August 2018

Written by Daisy

This summer month is not necessarily easy! Especially during the first fortnight where everyone could have a hard time! Whatever area of your life is rocking and heckling you, try to take a little distance from events that put you or keep you under pressure and think about whether you are able to completely unplug or at least partially disconnect.

The opportunity to temporarily pause and why not go on vacation? The time will pass and business and debates will resume again from the 19th!

The square aspect between Mars and Uranus will be the only aspect to complicate things slightly at the beginning of the month. The period will be stable and subject to static elements which will balance each other out, fortunately! During this period of rest and holidays that most of us will be enjoying, it will be good to know that supportive and clement skies are looking down on us benevolently. However, it has to be noted that this square aspect will awaken problem areas that will have been recurring since May. Changes to society, new propositions, or new discoveries? These could shake up the way we operate and our lifestyles. Whatever the case, these necessary developments will be tempered, as soon as Mars moves retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn. There, he will join the combined forces of Saturn and Pluto, who will have been working away to create change for several months. So, even if we take a rest, the planets will be busy and take significant action, germinating hope and great renewal. How will that translate in individual charts? Planetary movements induce events, which will stand out or otherwise, depending on the place they occupy in the sectors of life. From the second half of the month, it will be the Earth signs that will have pride of place. Charts will show an intensification in these signs, in particular Capricorn and Taurus, which will be concerned with different proposals: consolidating relationships, their development, building a future together or new challenges (at work or at home), which will be offered as a gift from the stars. We will need to make the most of this, as anything could be possible. Even if it will sometimes involve carrying out reviews, they will be all the more favourable, as they will be very welcome.

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