Check your horoscope for December 2018

Written by Daisy

A rather dynamic month favorable to the initiatives and projects of the 1st and 3rd decans, who will often have the wind in their sails and the desire to push the boundaries and limits of the possible. A little less for the 2nd decan who will tend to wade on shifting lands that might even be mined! They would be well advised to wait to be more inspired to go elsewhere than into the fog.

From the 23rd, Jupiter comes to team up with them and should then give them the resources and the energy needed to make sparks without necessarily spreading havoc and confusion in the ranks!

After a period of introspection and review, we will start afresh in December and push ahead on new foundations. For some, the change could be quite radical. We draw a line under past and go off into the unknown, with plans which will have just been drawn up. In some cases, this renewal will be less significant, but there will still be a few modifications applied to our usual deeds and actions. Whatever the case, a spirit of enterprise will prevail, encouraging us to get out of the house to meet the world head-on and take our place amongst others. Actions will be enthusiastic and filled with confidence in the future. A desire for discovery will be combined with the determination to assert our own personality. We will rediscover our creative flair in different areas, in line with our affinities. We will break out of our habits and routines, and envisage an early transition to the New Year, which will be shaping up on the horizon with its associated good resolutions. In this dynamic, enterprising atmosphere, we will try to keep our hands free and preserve our independence, so we can freely follow our personal goals. In this context, we could take relationships with our loved-ones to a new level, justifying our rather self-centred outlook by the pursuit of an ideal that would benefit all those around us. According to each case, we will take those involved along with us, or we will have to face opposition, requiring us to deploy all our negotiation skills.

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