Aries's horoscope for December 2019

Written by Daisy

Your planet, Mars, all the month in Scorpio, ensures you a fierce energy! Fiery, entrepreneurial, tactical, determined, the whirlwind is you! Until the 22nd, the Sun in Sagittarius, another sign of fire, in harmony with yours, facilitates your life, your legal steps, your projects. Mercury, from the 9th, comes to help communication, and sign contracts.

Then, on the 23rd, the sector connected to your career receives the Sun in Capricorn, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Second and third decans, do you have any desire for change? These energies whisper in your ear that it's time to take your gaze further. Uranus in Taurus, the first decan, touches the pecuniary sector. Sudden desire for transformation? Life is a journey so what if you change your itinerary?

Love in General:
The beautiful Venus, until the 20th, is involved in your professional affairs. Mars, to the square of your Sun, makes your energy powerful but in an emotional context can cause disruption. Also, be measured in your impulses, in good Aries, always sincere but not always delicate. After the 21st, Venus, in Aquarius, in harmony with your Sun, illuminates your emotional life.

In a relationship:
First decan, you feel the shock of Uranus in Taurus. It is likely that this energy disrupts your conjugal harmony by sudden cravings elsewhere. The other decans are more serene, especially starting on the 20th, with a pleasant complicity. Experience the energy of Mars in what it has of more carnal to offer you!

You could make an emotional encounter at your workplace or through your social circle, after the 20th. Encounter does not mean relationship established. You will be glib, starting from the 9th, with Mercury in Sagittarius, to start a story. Nothing ventured, nothing gained !

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Neptune in Pisces continues in you an opening to spirituality, especially the second decan. A heckled air at the end of the year by deep planetary influxes, let yourself go, quietly, towards the acceptance of your tenderness. Enjoy the moment.

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