Capricorn's horoscope for December 2019

Written by Daisy

Friendships and destiny are on the menu, dear Capricorn! The Sagittarius Sun in beautiful aspect of your sign sends energy and enthusiasm until the 22nd! Your friendship sector, your projects should benefit from the promises of Jupiter! Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, in the square of your sign, inspire your socio-professional destiny, until the 9th, a renewal of punch, sometimes abrupt, stay Zen.

Then, Mercury changes sign and promotes, again, your friendships and your projects. Be vigilant in regards to your finances, Neptune in this sector, produces a blur that is nothing artistic! Uranus in Taurus, in disharmonic aspect to your sign, first decan, took its quarters in a sector relevant to the home, the family; changes or crises are not excluded. Stay flexible.

Love in General:
Secret enough feelings until the 20th. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto joined by Venus announce a particularly rich, intense inner life and source of questioning. Do you have Platonic feelings? Do you have a hidden relationship? Starting from the 20th , Venus, in your sign, urges you to declare yourself! Be vigilant, the energy of Mars, in excess can be a source of error.

In a relationship:
Do not implicate yourself beyond measure in possible conflicts, in the home, preserve your marriage agreement, first decan. For the others, do not wait until the 20th to express your love to your long-time partner, reassuring the other is part of the emotional contract. Your desire will be powerful but do not forget the tenderness.

The melting pot of friends could allow for the encounter of an emotional partner. Good communication can sometimes be enough to make contact. But you aspire to something else, too, do not set the bar too high, you might be disappointed. After the 20th, your charisma can trigger a festive love affair!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
More introspective than normal cosmic energies continue to produce in you stirring and changes, desired or not. You are adaptable, universal, vivid, accept the wheel of life with its highs and sometimes its lows.

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