Gemini's horoscope for December 2019

Written by Daisy

Focus on your work and on others, dear Gemini! Until the 10th, be attentive to your health, your professional relationships, your way of communicating. Mercury, your planet, in Scorpio at the beginning of the month, sharpens your speech, your thoughts or lifts the veil.

Too much dust under the carpet? Until the 22nd, the Sun in Sagittarius, facing yours, creates exchanges but promotes one over the other. Also, handle this with the intellectual finesse that characterizes you. Powerful earth energies always shake your sector relative to inheritances, bequests, sensuality. To say that you are slowly but surely moving towards more depth? Certainly! Increased acuity with regard to the money of others. The first decan starts an introspection orchestrated by Uranus in Taurus. Exit lightness!

Love in General:
Love will make you vibrate strongly, too much. Hardly used to burning feelings, it is likely that you will be uncomfortable until the 20th. Things evolve in your favor with Venus as an accomplice of Aquarius offering you the romantic companionship that you love. However, Mars in Scorpio, inflicts on you all month important desires and a tiring libido. Calm your senses.

In a relationship:
Until the 22nd you feel the presence of your other half with more impact on your life. Impossible to ignore your conjugal life. A priori, a good balance between you will have to be established in order to satisfy the two in attendance. Otherwise, beware of hostility.

Keep your eyes peeled at work or at your favorite grocer, a romance is always possible. The planetary influxes of this month are rather demanding and far from the lightness you are looking for. Keep this in mind in case of any encounters, especially after the 21st.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Very lively all month, your mind is running at full speed. Do not ask him to control everything, to consider everything. Let this spark of malice be expressed, it amuses your entourage and relaxes you at the same time!

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