Leo's horoscope for December 2019

Written by Daisy

Focus on love, well-being at your job and on an iron health! The end of the year foreshadows a complicity in love, or with your children, if you have any. Until the 22nd, The Sun of Sagittarius warms your heart! Radiating, graceful, present, everything connected with art, a universe that suits you particularly well, is favored.

Up to the 10th, Mercury in square of your Sun, second decan, as well as Mars, hampers your communication, especially in the home or with family. Do not roar right away! Dynamism is good, the nervousness is detrimental. On the other hand, you excel in your exchanges for the rest of the month. Your general destiny, first decan, receives Uranus. Suddenness, unpredictability await you on your life path. From the 20th, Venus announces emotional joy and original relationships. Deep Breath!

Love in General:
It is at your home that you risk inflicting a brutual libido. Caring and noble, you stay royal in your desires and your sensual appetites. You love more easily starting on the 20th, thanks to a Venus in Aquarius, in harmony with your Sun. Love becomes more joyful, less serious, less conventional, you ask for more.

In a relationship:
Long-time couple, you might consider having a child or it's your partner that you risk to mother a bit! Affectionate, in love until the 22nd, then, more concerned with domestic matters, your other half can satisfy it. You show solidarity.

Work and family life will be charged areas this month. A meeting can always be done at the unexpected turn of an exit, while shopping or at your place of employment and even during a cultural getaway. Your desires will be intense, even overflowing. Do not rush on the first buck to come along!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Focus on what matters to you. Do not get involved in family conflicts and you will avoid unpleasant shouting matches. First decan, enjoy the feast of the holidays reasonably. For others, love, have fun. So what if you fall back into childhood?

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