Libra's horoscope for December 2019

Written by Daisy

Charm in the family, and in your home, you will be very popular this month, dear Libra! Your Sun receives the beneficial influx of the Sun in Sagittarius, until the 22nd, bearing its influence on your neighborly relationships, your siblings, your morale. Gifted when it comes to interpersonal skills, you excel at the end of this year.

Mercury, comes to talk to you about finances, those from your job and inclines you to think about it for good, before the 10th. Mars in Scorpio generates a lot of movement in the same area. Venus, your planet, softens your family relationships or provides you with an harmonious home. From the 20th, the creative sector is favored, your taste for artistic things increases. Watch, second decan, your health or your professional sector. Neptune, here, can make a disappointment or a concern difficult to diagnose.

Love in General:
This area is frankly not activated, except starting from the 20th, when the beautiful Venus, in Aquarius, comes to awaken your emotions! The catch is that Mars, in Scorpio all month, will not be in good aspect with the beautiful and risks reinforcing your hesitation and doubt.

In a relationship:
Your relationship should follow its peaceful life, if your story works well. Otherwise, you will leave your other half for more rewarding business, your family, or getaways with friends. Your inner balance is rarely to negotiate! First decan of the sign, Uranus modifies the resources of the spouse.

Your mind is sharpened with Mercury as of the 9th in beautiful aspect of your sign, in case of an encounter you will know how to argue and convince. The 20th, Venus in Aquarius, will support this facility with a beneficial influx. Alas, as of the 22nd, the energy slips in the winter and your nature fears the low temperatures. Nothing is gained!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Continue your fundamental reforms concerning your family, your home. The planets, in square at your sign, will not make your task easy. Also, avoid bullying, you collide with your nature.

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