Sagittarius's horoscope for December 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: Other Priorities!
Venus strengthens your appetites and makes you want to fulfill your desires but only indirectly influences your emotional life. You use your power of seduction for more practical purposes to obtain the material means to improve your life. This positive energy does not necessarily push you to abandon yourself to love, Sagittarius, but increases your desire to embellish your life and that of others.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Mission Accomplished!
Uranus gives you desires from elsewhere or otherwise. You aspire to renew the universe in which you evolve. Whether it's moving or relaxing the rules that govern family life, you want to break with the past. Count on Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter to achieve your goals. You will obtain the necessary funds to finance your projects at the beginning of the month and on the 15th, the doors open. You undertake at the end of the month (the 24th, 27th, and 30th): the sky rewards your efforts and meets your expectations.

In a Relationship, your eyes are on more material than emotional goals, in December. You mobilize all your energy to transform your everyday life. You claim your due and you ask for support to give yourself the means to break with a restrictive life cycle.

Single, you do better than flirting in December, you emancipate yourself from a life that no longer suits you and you enjoy a beneficial climate to end the month in style, proud of what you have achieved and accomplished to improve your life and free yourself from the past.

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Still an Effort!
Saturn advises you to be careful in your expenses and look where you put your feet. To improve family life, build a solid foundation. Venus unlocks the funds you need but spend according to your means without overestimating them to make successful and wise investments until Jupiter intervenes (from mid-January).

In a Relationship, you aspire to settle your small family in an ideal environment. You manage your initiatives so that they bear fruit without overflowing the frame. You will soon be rewarded for your efforts.

Single, in December, you end your budget restrictions. Do not slip up or set the bar too high. Act discreetly, without revealing your intentions, while awaiting the arrival of Jupiter who will reinforce your income from January.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): In Search of Your Essence More than the Other!
In full material transformation, you readjust your abilities, desires, and powers. Venus helps you better manage your assets to unlock and better express your gifts. You are not very available to seduce. You enjoy a situation that will lead to a radical change of life next month.

In a Relationship, your attention is not focused on your loves but rather on a treasure to discover, gifts to exploit, and a metamorphosis. Bet on a discreet but effective strategy to achieve your goals in January.
Single, your mind will not be focused on love but instead on your business. Express the best of yourself and start a process to turn a corner. In the end, you'll have a better expression of your gifts to enjoy life.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You have the means to begin life on other bases. By changing your principles, everything contributes to providing you with the weapons needed to win your battles.

During the month for December 2019 for the zodiac sign for Sagittarius:

The First Week
The 2nd, Jupiter invites himself into your potential and your resources emanating from your efforts. By December 19, 2020, you will have the opportunity to develop your talents, discover new ones, and increase your income.
The 3rd, you conclude debates which absorbed your energy since October by negotiating in the shadows, you take advantage of all the procrastination. You succeed in promoting your talents and getting the right reward.
The 8th, avoid imposing your vision of the world on others and put your talents at the service of the community to improve everyone's life and make everyone happy.

The Second Week,
The 11th, you escape the restrictions imposed by Saturn in 2019. You have learned from your frustrations and you integrate them to better overcome them.
The 12th, the full Moon invites you to take a step towards the other, even if you struggle tirelessly to find your place under the sun.
The 13th, you conduct offensives to improve the well-being of those around you and achieve a family ideal. Your gifts are expressed and your appetites are devouring. You break your chrysalis while waiting for the final moult in 2020.
The 15th, you get the means you needed to liberate yourself, bring new things into your daily life, change your job, and even your life.

The Third Week,
The 19th, you advance towards your goals and cautiously take actions to improve your family life.
The 20th, avoid chatting too much, at the risk of worrying an entourage who could be afraid of your surrealist comments, which are disconnected from reality.
The 22nd, do not throw your money out the window, use it wisely. Well-rounded actions allow you to express your talents and begin your metamorphosis.

The Fourth Week,
The 24th, doors open, money arrives, and you reach your goals. Transcend the limitations that hinder your expansion, it's time to go for it.
The 26th, the new Moon promotes your expansion. Do not be afraid to ride the wave of this jackpot.
The 27th, today is the day to reap the benefits!
The 30th, use your money to free yourself from the pressures of what you lack in your daily routine, which you want to manage and live as you please.

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