Virgo's horoscope for December 2019

Written by Daisy

Many exchanges and relationships this month dear Virgo! Mercury, your planet, goes into Scorpio and reinforces your taste for discussion, here, spicy and incisive! Major influence since also receiving Mars in Scorpio. Your immediate entourage and your household, as of the 10th, are affected by this planetary influx.

The Sun of the month in Sagittarius, until the 22nd, announces an accentuation of the importance of your family or your residence. Then, your children, if you have them, or your loves, benefit from a powerful light coming from the Sun in Capricorn as well as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. You aspire to build a solid work whether it concerns a creation or a loved one, the heavens support you. Second decan, you change your sphere or it changes against your will!

Love in General:
Until the 20th, your usual reserve promises you emotional happiness, with a pretty Venus in Capricorn, in beautiful aspect of your sign, fully supporting your desire for stability, anchoring. Mars in beautiful aspect evokes an intense love that can surprise you. After the 21st, especially last decan, your heart will either beat for someone at work or for your work itself.

In a relationship:
A pleasant end of year for everything related to your feelings, especially if you are adept at love without a ring on the finger! Pure love extends its arms to you with a tendency, first decan, to dream of travel for two or a foreign culture to discover with each other.

Active and determined, you will spare no effort to find that special someone! Or rather the one you are looking for, your cerebral nature knows exactly what it is. Great! The universe favors you the whole month, think that from the 21st an encounter can be elicited anywhere!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You should complete your projects and ideas this month. Mental and physical fidgeting may drain your reserves, think of taking breaks. Know that you will be asked to share yourself between your home, your work and your loves.

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