Capricorn's horoscope for December 2020

Written by Daisy

Introspection and financial structuring, dear Capricorn! Your thoughts are secret, your social personality in withdrawal, until the 21st, under the effects of Sagittarius, as a preparation before you're in the spotlight on the 21st. Pluto again regenerates your sign, third decan, while Jupiter and Saturn, your master, ready to leave on the 19th, to enter Aquarius, boosts the first decan.

Your pecuniary affairs are growing in size and structure, the collective and even militancy attracts you. Mars in Aries, square in your sign, invites you to calm things down at home, with your family, unless a move is in the works? Love awakens you, first decan, you are inspired, second decan. The 22nd, the Sun and Mercury in your home, strengthen your aura. Taste the wisdom embodied in your sign. Happy Holidays !

Love in General:
Love is not your priority at the end of this year. Venus in Scorpio until the 15th, in harmony with your constellation, favors your social circle. From the 16th, Venus in Sagittarius, you inspire the taste of secrecy, Mars makes your libido a bit virile, love is not simple. Friendship will be better lived than love. It will be better next month!

In a relationship:
A complicit couple and lovers, influxes do not influence your married life, perhaps you feel a need to isolate yourself a little bit. If your relationship is fragile, Mars might start conflict at home that will need to be controlled! Humor, diplomacy and letting go will make this contrarian phase pass quickly.

Your friendly sector could favor a meeting thanks to Venus in Scorpio until the 16th. However, this concretization could be delicate, Mars provokes you and you do not like to pass for someone who is weak. A complicated atmosphere for a meeting unless the person understands that your icy-ness is only protection!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Saturn, your planet, leaves your sign as well as Jupiter. You are more than ever responsible and serious. These energies have made you stronger, more master of your destiny. Softly reboot a new cycle of your life for 2021!

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